Cancel the ’07 NFL Season

Because the Patriots have already won it all!!!! Why even bother playing the thing? We should just give them a bye to the Super Bowl. Screw it. Hand ‘em the Lombardi Trophy right now. Tom Brady, MVP. It’s over. It is OVA!

Are you serious? Did they really just get Randy Moss? Did they add him to the already outstanding mix? They were already the Super Bowl favorites BEFORE the trade. Now? 16-0. Actually, 20-0. They will win every single game. Rather, they WILL NOT lose. They cannot lose. They are unstoppable.

Let’s see, best defense in the league, and now they just added the best wide receiver in the league. Actually, they just added the best wide receiver of all time (yes, this is something I’ve already documented on the site). Randy Moss to the Patriots? After they already scored Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker? Are you kidding me? How does that happen?

And on top of everything, Moss is taking a pay cut to make it all happen. And people say he’s a bad seed, pfft! Look, Randy Moss is not a cancer. Randy Moss is not a bad apple. Randy Moss is not T.O. He’s in a completely different category. He is harmless. He is still the most talented receiver in the game. And now that he’s taking a pay cut to escape the Black Hole in favor of New England, it also makes him the smartest receiver in the game.

Think about it — Brady has never had a playmaker to throw to — let alone two of them. Brady to Moss, touchdown! Brady to Stallworth, touchdown! Brady to Graham first down! Brady to Welker, first down! You catch my drift? I’m talking 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns for Moss, 4,400 and 40 touchdowns for Brady. It’s over, OVA!

20-0, 20-0. Cancel the ’07 season, because the Patriots have already won it.

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  • http://justcallmejuice.blogspot.com Marco

    I still can’t get over the fact that he could be had for a freaking 4th round pick…….why not just trade him for a new goalpost?

  • http://mylifeandredsox.wordpress.com/ Derek

    And they get the 49’rs first round pick next season so I am hoping they have a crappy season but I doubt that will happen

    Red Sox Patriots welcome to the new title town now only if we could get the Bruins and Celtics worked out

  • Eric J.

    If you ever wondered if Tom Brady can read your mind and fly and manipulate lopsided trades while you can’t pay a parking ticket on time….wonder no more.

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