Chaz Schilens on Warren Sapp: Everyone on the Raiders Thinks He’s a Joke

Warren Sapp has made a living off trash talking. He did it during his playing career for the Bucs and Raiders, and he’s doing it now as a broadcaster. He’s made explosive comments about LeBron James and Keyshawn Johnson and received the type of attention he was seeking. But Raiders receiver Chaz Schilens sees right through the act, and so do his teammates.

“Warren Sapp is a fool,” Schilens said, apparently bothered by Sapp’s disrespect of the Raiders. “That dude is stupid. He played for the Raiders 20 years ago, no one cares what he says, nobody likes him, he’s a joke … Everyone on this team thinks he’s a joke. So, he can make his predictions next week, and we’ll watch ‘em and we’ll go out and win. … That’s about it.”

Sapp had his feelings hurt and went on the offensive. He responded via his Twitter account.

Ok Just Woke Up From My Tuesday Slumber. Who’s Chaz Schilens ?? Oh Wasn’t He Just On DWTS? Did He Win??”

My Bad! I Looked Ole Chaz Up, 8 & 6 Starts His 1st Two Yrs. ONE Start In Last 2yrs, Better Start a Career Before It’s Over!”

And someone tell Chaz I left High School 20yrs ago! And in my 4th year I had Pineapple in my Diet!”

By pineapple, Sapp was referencing the Pro Bowl in Hawaii he earned.

What’s funny is the way both guys try to discredit the other, but each spent time going out of their way to respond. Schilens isn’t even close to half as accomplished as a player as Sapp, but that doesn’t mean what he says is inaccurate. Sapp regularly makes incitive comments and has alienated his former playing homes doing so. It’s also made him popular as a broadcaster, so it’s a choice that’s worked out for him. It’s just funny that he’s getting upset when someone points it out.

And if you want our thoughts on how little we think of Sapp as an analyst, just read this and note the date of the story.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how short of a career this guy has had. I’m just glad that someone else has publicly admitted to what I’ve known about Sapp for years: he’s a blowhard has-been. He is so irritating that I can no longer stand to watch the NFL Network when he’s on. I used to hate Michael Irvin when he was with the Cowboys, but I can actually tolerate him on the network. It’s Warren Sapp who I can no longer bear, with his overly simplistic “analysis”, if it can truly be called that, and his smug know-it-all attitude. They should get rid of him.

  • Steven Jones

    I turn the station and discount any sponsors I see when Sapp comes on. Steve Jones

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LQGUWNSMQX7KBZXTZQY4274F7Q jeff

    i like warren, he lightens things up.keep up the good work sapp

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XIGUBTMBHJEL7CBK2J5YZA7BH4 Rocky Mountain


    What Chaz is saying has nothing to do with what he’s done on the field or DWTS.  It’s just that Sapp can’t and won’t shut up.  Even the ball boy might get upset about that.  I’m sure you’ve had your detractors and if they were outrageous enough you most likely felt compelled to respond.  I hope you’re not saying that if one person had at least a credible career and another hasn’t progressed to some ‘legendary’ status then the latter person really hasn’t earned the right to speak out?

  • Anonymous

    When Warren was with the Raiders I flew from Florida on 3 different occassions to catch their games in Oakland. one thing I noticed was as the teams were stretching and warming up before the start of the game warren was standing alone in the end zone doing diddly squat. Never stretched, jogged or anything. when the teams lined up for  team drills he would always go half a** through the motions. Then he has the nerve to talk about how bad the team was when he was there as if he provided some kind of leadership. Somehow Warren has forgotten he did nothing to help those teams get better, all he wanted was to collect those last few $$’s and ride off into the sunset with a mic in hand. I can respect a man that gives his all and then talks smack, but not one that talks smack and did not give his all to improve the team. Yes, warren those years when you were there the Raiders were pitiful, but remember you were part of that pitiful. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you honestly earned the money that Mr. Davis gave to you. Richard Seymore came from a winning orgainiztion (not happy about it) but still yet tried pumping some pride in the Raider Players to get them to believe in themselves, all you did was come out to Oakland and pump money into your pockets. Al deserved better, your teammates deserved better and to be honest your pride should have deserved better . So stay a Buc for life and stop bragging about the Raiders when they are winning like you brought some hope there, all you brought was baggage that should have stayed at Tampa International. Chaz may not be a household name but I respect the fact that he knows fake when he sees it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BIPES3B6SJHG7SC3REP73SRHRU Naughty Eskimo

    Warrens mouth has only been surpassed by his ‘rotundity’

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YE5TIP5MNF5L7TFWFJVF5VTO5A Denise

    Hey Warren, it’s sad to think that, I once respected the player you were, and you are among elite players, but now, you are discrediting yourself, true football fans like to listen and take in your views and comments. The trash talk needs to stop!! try and be unbiased and factual, and regain the respect you have earned. Don’t lose it over cheap shots! especially the Raiders,who are trying to get their act together. All the teams make the NFL the great league it is, so lighten up on the teams who are struggling.

  • Mark Eicholtz

    Sapp delivers a verbal beat down to an unknown NFL player !

    Well done Warren.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7ZHCWWK6X2UQGOIRHA6LGKWKWA KeepItRealEveryone

    Warren Sapp is quite possibly the most obnoxious, annoying, d-bag I have ever seen!  When he played for Miami, the NCAA created a “do not remove your helmet” ruling after his senior year, because this jerk would take his helmet off at mid field and scream like the fool he is!  Someone please tell me why networks hire idiots like this? Ratings? Really?!!  I turn the channel when he starts to talk. He adds absoultely nothing to the discussion…

  • http://www.sportsreviews.com/blog Brandon Williams

    This really isn’t an argument that should take off. A man no longer on the field vs. a man who can’t get on the field. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7ZHCWWK6X2UQGOIRHA6LGKWKWA KeepItRealEveryone

    One more thing…. Does anyone remember when Sapp grabbed Jerry Rice by the facemask and torn his ACL, ending his season and shortening his career?  When asked why he didn’t reach out to Rice, Sapp said, “I’m a bad guy. Bad guys don’t apolgize for anything….”  I’m sorry, Warren, but you are a baffoon!!! GFYS!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Dorminy/100000550090232 Tom Dorminy

    Sapp is a first ballot HOF and Pez or Saz whatever his name is , is a part time player and should be glad that he’s even playing Pro ball . Shut up , don’t worry about Sapp and get over yourself . It’s not like Warren is the first broadcaster to say something controversial to get a rise out of someone . Get over it !

  • Anonymous

    Sapp ,first ballot hall of fame-get real.There are far more better players out there that are not in yet that do belong there.Take Jerry Kramer for example,he belongs.Sapp dont even deserve consideration.

  • Anonymous

    Warren is Warren and is a popular broadcaster and was an esteemable player, but what makes a dollar, makes a dollar.  We’ve all heard of Warren, I don’t even know who this kicker is……

  • Anonymous

    All you wannabes ought to quit whining. Warren Sapp was a great player!  He gets paid to comment! If you don’t like his comments don’t watch. If you have a career as accomplished you can run your mouth too if you’re lucky maybe someone will pay you! but first you need the career

  • Anonymous

    warren sapp is a well known rasist

  • Anonymous

    warren sapp is a well known rasist

  • josie perez

     i dont even follow american football, but Sapp’s twitter comebacks are pretty funny. now i see why he was hired. his hiring is obviously an attempt to get a charles barkeley type for the nfl. maybe he’s pretty light, but thats the attempt. that dude on CBS is unintelligible. I can understand a cockney accent better then that shannon sharp guy.

  • Anonymous

    sapp is a joke cannot beleive he is still on tv

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is Jerry Kramer?…LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    who is chaz schilens? must be a real standout. the raiders are thugs. they lead the league every year in penalties

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3QCQ7S4DMOY56GHTPGW76HA2EY T

    LC Greenwood started in and won 4 Superbowls, Dwight White started in and won 4 Superbowls.  Now you tell me Warren Sapp is better than those guys?  The HOF stopped inducting the 1970’s Steelers because they’d have to add a Steeler wing to the building.  First ballot, right.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe that NFL network cannot find a broadcaster with some level of inteligent and profesionalism, so the public may learn something about the game. This Warren guy is patethic and have “CERO” analytical skills. I don’t even go to this channel when Warren is around. This guy have no class and he doesn’t belong in the broadcasting business. What a Shame.

  • April Leftwich

    Warren Sap is a Walking Talking trash can liner. He’s almost as hhorrible as Charles Barkley. Both have horrible mouths and give opinions that no one cares to listen to. When   iether of those clowns are on the air……. I CHANGE THE CHANNNEL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ca-Grimes/100001625262509 C.a. Grimes

    I can see Sapp as a first ballot inductee. I’m a 49er fan and have no problems with the guy one way or the other. I find him reasonably funny and insightful. You may not like what he’s got to say but he does give you the Defensive mindset that is often lacking from most pre and post game shows.

    T, be happy your Steelers get love. 9ers greats get overlooked because “the numbers aren’t there” or because “they were loaded with stars”. Lynn Swann got into Canton but John Taylor is sitting on the outside looking in because he only played 9 years. That guy could have been the 1st string on MANY teams but he played 2nd fiddle to Rice. Of course the numbers aren’t there. There is only ONE ball and most of our greats played for the last of the Gentleman Head Coaches in Bill Walsh. He never believed in running up the score unless like the Bears, it had been done to his team. Joe often came off the field when the game was well in hand. Tell me that Craig, Rathman, Taylor and many other 9er greats don’t belong…

    Anyway, people are making too much of this imho. Who the hell is this Receiver? What gives him the authority to speak for his team and anyone else in the league? I think that’s all Sapp is saying. The only joke I see is a 4th year Receiver who has done NOTHING going after a guy who was dominant his entire career. That’s where the joke lies in this story.

  • Anonymous

    Players that are succeful and have career after their playing years like Mr. Sapp should be respectful to those that are still playing, escpecially if you make coment(s) about former teammates and their team.  Mr. Sapp was a great player in his palying years, sure he did some questionable things on the field, but it’s a competitable sport.  When you make coments on Ntional T.V. about your former team/teammates, they/he will respond, iether he is popular/heard of him or not, his coment about bad guys don’t apologize, Mr.Sapp needs to check his heart and his soul if they are still in his body, great leaders make mistakes, everybody  makes mistake because we are all human and we apologize, please don’t think that you are better then everone else.  Keep up the good work that you are doing.  Have a great day 

  • Tim Davis

    lmao……it seems you might be as clueless as Sapp, for saying such an ignorant comment.
    WTF do penalties have to do with being a “thug”?
    Please, enlighten the rest of us with your brilliant wisdom on “thugs” and penalties, and how the 2 are connected in the game of professional football?
     Its people like you that have prompted the NFL network to hire ignorant players like Sapp, and allow him to spew absolute garbage out of his lazy fat mouth to begin with.
    It’s pathetic that they are more interested in controversial comments, than insightful football coverage.

  • Anonymous

    Your stupid a$$ comments reflects your knowledge of Football.  Penalties equate to thugs???   Youre about as bright as Warren Sappless

  • http://twitter.com/Don_Giambi Don_Giambi

    Warren is a decent broadcaster, although I believe his bias bleeds out into his analytical presses and undermines his ability to reveal both sides of the coin. Pipe down and take it easy and don’t be vengeful.

  • Anonymous

    seb aka idiot,

    Your stupid a$$ comments reflects your knowledge of Football.  Penalties equate to thugs???   Youre about as bright as Warren Sappless

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1455849924 Tony Cutri

    Sapp is a Professional Bozo want a be Sportscaster !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i cant watch him i turn it off

  • Cesar Vazquez

    warren sapp is the man dont hate cuz he speaks the truth…. who is this guy to even question sapp… first of all he is high school college and nfl hall of famer… went to probowls and has a SB ring is second all time in sacks as a DT and 28th overall…. please what r u carson palmers water boy gtfoh…i think hes qualified to be an analyst

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QH425K26OAMN34RL3W3NOUTB6E Joe

    there’s fault on both sides of this thing. sapp is just being real and he call it as he sees it. but at times he need to lighten up and try to be an encouragement to these young players. i can see some one like a deshaun jackson getting ragged on,he really is a little arrogant bonehead.but to go out of your way to rag your former team who give you a paycheck isn’t right.sapp just like shannon sharpe i feel need to slow down when they are commentating because they talk like they have a mouth full of mush. now this raider player he need to shut up and stop tweeting and concentrate on his career,because like sapp said it’s half way over and he’s really done nothing.after that 4th year in the league these players really need to start preparing for life without football to earn a paycheck. say what you want about sapp,but he’s earning a nice paycheck now after football.

  • Anonymous

    You know what kills me is here we have people who think they know Warren Sapp saying this and that the fact is people are jealous of how successful he was and is leave the guy alone and go on with your lives and as far as Chaz when he ever does get in the pro bowl then  he may comment about whoever he wants but for now focus on your career and not making a name for yourself by calling out a legend and future hall of famer

  • Tim Davis

    LMAO – Part II…. You start your post with what appears to be some insightful knowledge of the game of football, and what it takes to be a HOF coach or player.
    Then you follow it up (in your second paragraph), with stating an active player has no right to defend his team, let alone use his first amendment rights.
    As well, I’m pretty sure that Shillens  was referring to Sapps remarks of the team he used to play for, not “anyone else in the league” as you stated.
    Hmmmmm…..is that you Sapp?

  • Anonymous

    Enough already with the talking heads… Let’s go back to the old days with half time entertainment:  marching bands and cheerleaders…. Screw these has beens and their ANALysis of the game…. Who cares anyway?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CM4QWL4MSW2PG7L5IANDXBZ3PM Robert

    Sapps a blow hard, give somebody coming out of school a chance with one of those big time jobs.

  • http://twitter.com/Cornerss william

     the thing is i actually think Barkley knows what hes talking about. He may seem foolish sometimes but hes nothing like Sapp.The guy has had a lot of vices and is open about them, sapp not so much.