David Tyree Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead to ‘Anarchy’ (Video)

Former New York Giants receiver David Tyree had an interview with the National Organization for Marriage, an organization whose mission is “to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.” NOM was formed in opposition to the gay marriage movement. Tyree’s words are in contrast to the movement we’ve seen in sports recently. Hockey player Sean Avery supports gay marriage, while the San Francisco Giants and NBA player Steve Nash also support gays. The former Giants Super Bowl hero does not.

Here is a video of David Tyree’s interview with NOM along with the key points transcribed below. During the interview, he says that we are redefining marriage and that passing gay marriage bills is wrong. Here is his interview:

In his interview, Tyree says “I believe that marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God.” He added that he’s disappointed more players don’t use their platform to speak out against gay marriage which he termed as something “near to God’s heart.”

“It’s not about establishing a theocracy, it’s about what’s right,” Tyree says. “How can marriage be marriage for thousands of years and now all of a sudden because an influential minority has a push or an agenda and totally reshapes something that was not founded in our country, not founded by men, and it’s something that’s holy and sacred. I think there’s nothing more honorable than fighting for, especially if we really care about our future generations.”

“If they pass this gay marriage bill … this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward — it’s a strong word — but anarchy. The moment we have, and if you trace back to other cultures, other countries, that will be the moment where our society itself loses its grip with what’s right. … Marriage is the backbone of society, so if you redefine it, it changes the way we educate our children, it changes the perception of what is good, what is right, what is just.”

Explaing what gay marriage means, Tyree said “It says you don’t need a mother or father. You can’t teach something that you don’t have. Two men will never be able to show a woman how to be a woman. That’s simple common sense.”

Tyree obviously has an agenda and with such strong words, his message is going to get out there. Unfortunately, it’s a message that is extremely narrowminded and one with which we disagree.

Thanks to TMZ for the heads up

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  • Anonymous

    a lot of people thought letting blacks sit in the front of the bus would cause anarchy… but strangely enough, it didn’t…. it is sad that so often the people who should be the strongest voices against bigotry are themselves bigots. 

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    well said

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BEQWSGY6TJPDGWPGJA6536HGLI Derek

    The man is a Christian…I’m sure he is not perfect…but it is my understanding he is a Christian. He is using the Bible as his reference/point of contact. Genesis 1 & 2, Matthew 19:1-12,Mark 10:1-12 and in Proverbs when speaking of marriage it says she.  So Mr. Tyree is speaking from a Biblical prospective only.

  • Anonymous

    Being black is not a choice. How could you possibly compare being black with being gay? Black people should have a strong voice towards gay marriage because they were enslaved and couldn’t sit in the front of the bus? I bet you’re not racist or a bigot because you have 1 black friend.

  • Anonymous

    Being black is not a choice. How could you possibly compare being black with being gay? Black people should have a strong voice towards gay marriage because they were enslaved and couldn’t sit in the front of the bus? I bet you’re not racist or a bigot because you have 1 black friend.

  • Janette Lawson

    I have never heard an athlete speak so well and speak so much truth in all of my years.  I look up to him like no one else in the media.  I despise someone bringing black into this.  If you have the love of God in your heart like Tyree has, it doesn’t matter the color of the skin.  Yes my skin is white but it doesn’t matter.
    Mr. Tyree is not narrow minded.  He has a mind that is set on what is right.  History will repeat itself and our nation will be overcome with anarchy. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PFPIYAGRPKFLSNQ7AMPSZ4T3MQ Kristi

    This man is an ignorant example of the many people who HAVEN’T caught up to God yet. How many gay people does He need to make for you feeble minded people to start removing the disgusting hate in your heart?

  • http://twitter.com/GreatScottTx scott whitt

    Why are Christians so hung up on gays? Homosexuality is mentioned TWICE in the Bible. And in both times the words were not from God. Plus if they are going to be so literal with the Bible, I guess the next time we see David Tyree playing on a Sunday we can go on the field and kill him. God says that a man should not work on the Sabbath and he should be killed if he does so. 
    But that shouldn’t count because football games do not creep you out like two men having sex. Plus what about two women? Since the Bible says man should not lay with man, I guess lesbians are alright?

  • Kyle Keithley

    TMZ should not be calling someone narrow minded as all they do is report trash. The man is stating his opinion.

  • Anonymous

    ….because the bible says homosexuality is wrong…

    So, let me get this straight…he’s ok with that part of the bible…so is he okay with the part that says if a man rapes a virgin, his only punishment is 50 silver pieces & he has to marry the victim…(Deut)

    …or the part that says it’s okay to own slaves (and beat them, as long as they don’t die the same day)…(Levit)

    …or the part that celebrates the “bashing of babies heads”…(Psalms)…

    …or the part that commands parents to kill their children for talking back (Prov & Levit.)

    ..or the part that says those who commit adultery should be killed (Levit.)

    …or the part…or the part….or the part…

    Yeah…great book to get your morals rules to live by…this book isn’t okay with two people expressing their love for each other, even though they are the same sex…yet…it promotes murder, rape, slavery, infancide, genocide, etc. etc….

    Seriously…WTF….how can anyone with half a brain actually read the bible and say…”yeah…that sounds good, I’ll believe that!”

  • Anonymous

    What hate? As Derek wrote: “Genesis 1 & 2, Matthew 19:1-12,Mark 10:1-12 and in Proverbs when speaking of marriage it says she. So Mr. Tyree is speaking from a Biblical prospective only.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_C2HNPSLMGZ3PVAK3TO3EXQJEVE chris

    Passing the gay marriage bill will lead to anarchy? That is laughable. I thought Christianity teaches us to treat others as we wish to be treated. If two people love each other deeply enough that they want to commit the rest of their lives to each other through the act of marriage then let them do it. Don’t deny them that opportunity because you do not approve of their sexual orientation

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4UK4R2S7REYLFHOZZPQI62Q3BE Tony L

    We all have a right to our opinions but we don’t have a right to determine what absolute truth reveals.
    The Bible is replete with warnings against homosexuality.  If Americans choose to turn their backs on God then so be it. Many of us believers will choose Life  with Him instead of the slide down to the depths of the cesspool our society is rapidly sinking into.

  • Anonymous

    everyone is entitled to their opinion.larry brown didn’t just report the story he became part of the story by calling tyree narrowminded.who is larry brown?what does he contribute to better mankind?tyree is right about one thing for sure.a woman can only teach a small girl how to become a woman.TOO MUCHof anything can cause harm.we here in america need to search our souls because we are rapidly coming to a fork in the road.one road will lead to happiness and a world that is at peace.the other is unhappiness and turmoil.america was moving forward and people were becoming better citizens and had respect for others.now we are moving away from that and respect for others is fading.values and ethics are being eroded.our educators don’t teach any longer about respect and ethics or values.instead they indoctrinate to their own way of thinking which in most cases they are in the minority.respect for others can only raise you up.education can only enlighten you to respect for others.this country was founded by people who believe in a higher being.without that belief and respect this country wiill be destroyed from within.these are my thoughts after nearly 71 years of living.without respect for others there is only YOU.      

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The Bible is just a book … written by people. So you saying everyone in the entire world should live based on the way one book is written?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYBCHH6MWFJYWB3WABNVV2LHKU MATTPS

    We all do have the right to our opinion but one thing religious people finally need to understand is that it is not ok to take certain parts of the Bible literally for your own agenda or personal beliefs but forget about all of the other dated, ridiculous passages such as beating your wife, owning and beating slaves and so on and so on… There are dozens of idiotic passages in the bible that people of today do not consider morally acceptable. 
    And to Tyree himself, great that he is a devout christian but for him to state that “all of a sudden because an influential minority has a push or an agenda and totally reshapes something that was not founded in our country”  Hmmm… That sounds very familiar, maybe very much like if slavery was never abolished and he was picking cotton instead of catching footballs because an influential minority pushed an agenda or spoke out to a societal ignorance.  African American people have a very large percentage of their people who against same-sex marriage.  It just does not make sense considering their history and fight for freedom and equality.  But often the very religious make the most ignorant comments because they hide behind the biggest collection of folk tales written by the best car salesmen of the past, or as some call it, the Bible… 
    Tyree it is none of your business what others do behind closed doors or who they choose to love..  And being gay is not a choice people, we are born that way and make the world go round just like anyone else.. Good luck with the ignorant attitude and either follow every single lesson in the Bible and own it or shut up live your life by treating others with respect….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XYBCHH6MWFJYWB3WABNVV2LHKU MATTPS

    He is speaking from a biblical perspective but chooses to ignore all of the other dated and ridiculous things the bible says you should do.  Either own it all and live by the entire bible or quit spouting certain passages that work for you.  So man should not lay with another man? So you can own a slave and beat him? So you can beat your wife or you should be killed for adultery? C’mon people, smarten up and realize that great book of yours was created by agendas over a very long time and is not a way of life.  It needs to reside in the fiction dept at your local library right next to folk tales section and anything written by Glenn Beck….

  • Mehran Jafarian

    Being gay is not a choice either there are plenty of people who are born gay.  I have seen it myself.  I have more black friends than white and I am safe to say that I 100% agree with Shev’s statement.  David Tyree is an idiot.

  • Ellen Podolsky

    I couldn’t agree more.  Very well-written. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNGEITQFAV2GAOC3VCOSXNVPHQ Elrhynn Hammerbow

    People are not born gay. They are born with the tendency to sin. Homosexuality is a sin. People choose to act on a sinful instinct. I get really tired of hearing this excuse–that people are born gay. They are not born gay–they are born sinners. The question is, how will we choose to live? The right way or the wrong way?

  • Chris Hess

    Anarchy? Really? If gay marriage works anything like straight marriage, it will lead to less sex and more minivans.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to be technical…..the Biblical Sabbath was on Saturday, not Sunday.  Your point is void.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNGEITQFAV2GAOC3VCOSXNVPHQ Elrhynn Hammerbow

    When people say that the Bible is full of ridiculous things, it just shows that they haven’t read it or studied it. To what, exactly, are you referring? Are you referring to the Old Testament and the convenant God made with the Jews? I’m assuming you are, because people just love to bandy that around and say, “Look, how crazy is that???” The rules and regulations in the Old Testament pertained to the Jews, because they were doing all sorts of crazy things when God led them out of slavery in Egypt. God had to spell out the rules to them, to get them to focus on something and guide them. Seriously, study the Bible, read it, before you lambast it. Otherwise, your argument carries no weight.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNGEITQFAV2GAOC3VCOSXNVPHQ Elrhynn Hammerbow

    Kristi, there is no hate on my part and no hate on this athelete’s part, as far as I can tell. He is simply not giving credence to sin. Again, homosexuality is a sin. God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God hates sin, and homosexual marriage is not a bid for equality; it is a bid for acceptance of something that is completely sinful.

  • Anonymous

    i love when people who clearly have no understanding of the Bible, misquote and misinterpret scripture.  check your facts before posting please.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNGEITQFAV2GAOC3VCOSXNVPHQ Elrhynn Hammerbow

    Again, you haven’t studied the Bible. You are taking the Bible completely out of context. What, did you copy and paste this from some ignorant website?

  • Anonymous

    Tyree does not approve, because according to Scripture, God does not approve.  You cannot fault Tyree for that. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNGEITQFAV2GAOC3VCOSXNVPHQ Elrhynn Hammerbow

    Because it’s a sin… and we are not to accept sin. Still, all the morality in the world won’t help if people don’t know Christ, so it really is a moot point. And just for the record, it is not only mentioned twice. Geez, I really wish people would read the Bible instead of just regurgitating the ignorance of others.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t confuse bigotry with righteous indignation. 

  • Anonymous

    Person: “I was born gay….”
    Jesus: “You must be born again!”

    End of discussion.

  • Anonymous

    He is not choosing to ignore anything.  The discussion is about gay marriage, so that’s what he addressed.

  • Anonymous

    To the homosexual “Christian”:

    If you accuse Tyree (or anyone else who is not a LBGT ally) of only using a part of the Scriptures to support their own beliefs against homosexuality, then you are guilty of the same thing.  You can’t accuse them of ignoring the Levitical laws without also accusing yourself of ignoring the Scripture’s disapproval of homosexual relations.  If your argument is for opponents of homosexuality to take or leave the whole Bible, then you must hold yourselves to the exact same standard.  You cannot call yourself a Christian and discredit Scripture at the same time.  Attempting to endorse homosexuality by discrediting Scripture, only further proves the wickedness and perversion of the homosexual agenda….i.e. ANARCHY! 

  • mamnai mamnai

    On what basis have you made this assertion that people are not born gay?

  • Anonymous

    Out of context?  

    There is nothing to clear up or put into context.  Under what “context” do you justify that RAPE, SLAVERY or MURDER is acceptable?  If I missed this “life lesson” that god is trying to pass on…please, let me know the CONTEXT of it.

    All three of those things are wrong under any “context”.

  • Anonymous

    Out of context?  There is nothing to clear up or put into context.  Under what “context” do you justify that RAPE, SLAVERY or MURDER is acceptable?  If I missed this “life lesson” that god is trying to pass on…please, let me know the CONTEXT of it.All three of those things are wrong under any “context”.

  • Anonymous

    “Hmmm… That sounds very familiar, maybe very much like if slavery was never abolished and he was picking cotton instead of catching footballs because an influential minority pushed an agenda or spoke out to a societal ignorance.  African American people have a very large percentage of their people who against same-sex marriage.  It just does not make sense considering their history and fight for freedom and equality”      -So you’re saying that african-americans should support same-sex marriage because at one time they had to fight for freedom and equality? Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t imagine going through what afircan-americans had to go through but that doesn’t call for fighting the government regardless of the cause. I’m not going to get biblical but that comment makes it seem as if it’s more about rebelling from the norm than anything.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to reflect, If you don’t know what you are talking about you shouldn’t talk. I was born GAY and not a sinner. HOW dare you call gay people sinners. Now after reading your comment Elrhynn you are an idiot!! Do you realy think that some one would wake up one day and say that’s it from now on im going to be gay?? come on GET A GRIPP  you need to get out more. Im amaized at how many people are clueless.

  • Lavernior White

    Being gay is a sin and it’s time more Christians speak against this gayism.  It’s unholy and these people will never enter the kingdom of God.  It’s Satanic in every respect.  Only polticians goes to bed with evil doers.

  • Anonymous

    The Bible records rape happening, but where is rape endorsed?  How do you define slavery?  Biblical slavery is not the same as American slavery.  Different context.  Is murder the same as capital punishment?  Your worldview shapes your interpretation, which is fine…..just understand that it does.   So the challenge is to understand Scripture within it’s own context and not our own.  I invite you to further study the Scriptures that you seek to label as evil.  You don’t possess as good of an understanding as you think that you do. 

  • Anonymous

    What you don’t understand is that when Christ came in the New Testament, he fulfilled the Law of Moses.  Many of the old traditions God’s people were to abide were fulfilled in Him and he brought a higher law to live by.  However, the approving of homosexual relationships never had any part of what the Savior brought with him in his higher law.  All the way back to Sodom and Gomorrah, homosexuality is something that God does not approve of.  He loves all his children, and provides a way back into His presence through Christ, if they choose to repent. 

  • Anonymous

    To say that the Bible is just a book written by people, makes you just as much as an absolutest as those who say that the Bible is divinely inspired and a basis for all people to live by.  You make the same type of argument, just at the opposite end of the spectrum. 

    And if to you, the Bible is just a book written by men, then you will never see it to be authoritative in your life or the lives of others.  It is not a source of morality for you.  But it is a guideline of morality for others, and I invite you to seek to understand why Christians believe what we believe. 

  • Anonymous

    So because someone is Black, they must support the gay rights movement?  Ridiculous.  To equate slavery and the African American experience in America to the current gay rights movement is ignorant, insensitve, and disrespectful.  They are not the same, and should not be compared.  People of any color have every right to not support gay marriage according to what they believe the institution of marriage to be.  Marriage is God’s institution between man and woman.  But of course if the Bible is not authoritative to you, then you won’t agree with that.  But you cannot fault someone who believes and expresses the tenets of their faith.  After all, is that not what you’re doing?

  • Anonymous

    less sex and more minivans?….sounds like anarchy to me.

  • Anonymous

    We are all born sinners…imperfect, sinners with whose very nature is contrary to God.  Nobody has to teach a child to lie.  They come out the womb already knowing that.  We teach children to not lie.  We don’t teach children to steal.  We teach them to stop stealing.  Some are born womanizers, etc.  But everyone under the banner of Christians accepts the challenge to work out their flawed character and nature….everyone accept the homosexual.  Why is that?  To know that something is contrary to the Word of God, yet justify it, is the epitome of wickedness. 

  • Anonymous

    Why does being “born gay” even matter?  Just because I was born with a strong attraction to more than one woman at a time….doesn’t make womanizing right.  And since I understand that it isn’t right, I don’t act on those instincts….even though I was “born that way”. 

  • Anonymous

    So…. since there are a lot of gay people in the world…it must be right.  gotcha :)

    OR maybe biblical prophesy is right and there is a huge influx of people turning their hearts FROM God, and pushing an agenda that is clearly contrary to the Word of God. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZLNEPCY7LDX4HQKMQIAAZW74U Deb
  • Anonymous

    Random thought: Why is it that homosexuals who don’t believe the Bible to be accurate, speak as though they’re Bible scholars?  Sit down! 

  • Anonymous

    gay people aren’t trying to get married in christian churches!
    satanic weddings are legal.
    christians are opposed to them, but have to tolerate them, and they will eventually have to tolerate gay marriage.

    it’s not a religious issue.
    it is only a religious issue with regards to gay marriage in christian churches, which christians can oppose and prevent. that is their right.

    but, this is an issue of equality in the eyes of the government.
    if you are religiously opposed to it, great, but that has nothing to do with the government.

    and, anyone who says being gay is a choice is admitting that they made a choice to be straight.
    i don’t know anyone, gay or straight, that made that choice.
    if you chose to be straight, you are probably gay, and making a choice to be in the closet, you are not straight if you think you have a choice.

  • Anonymous

    not everybody believes in your god.
    satanists certainly don’t share your beliefs and they are allowed to have marriages.
    because it isn’t a religious issue, it’s a government issue, and the government has to treat ALL people equally.

    gay people aren’t going to be getting married in your church, just like satanist aren’t.

    christians that are opposed to gay marriage would end all marriages that were not christian if they could.  And, they do not recognize any marriages other than christians marriages, which is their right.

    the state does not have that option, everyone must be treated equally.

    “christians” spending millions of dollars to fight gay marriage, that could be used to help help thousands of people, are wasting money on a losing cause.