Dez Bryant catch overturned because his fingers were out of bounds

The officials in the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game overturned what would have been a go-ahead touchdown catch by Dez Bryant after determining the receiver’s hand was out of bounds before his body landed in.

Bryant made a beautiful leaping grab on a 37-yard pass from Tony Romo in the end zone. The touchdown had the Cowboys up 30-29 on the Giants, but after reviewing the play, the officials correctly determined that Bryant’s fingers were on the sidelines before any other part of his body touched the ground and they overturned the call.

Dallas attempted three more passes but was unable to score and lost a heartbreaker 29-24.

Fans had been waiting for Dez Bryant to have a huge impact for the Cowboys, and it looked like he finally had come up with a big catch to save the team. Unfortunately, he missed being the hero by a matter of inches.

Bryant finished with 5 catches for 110 yards. Tony Romo had one touchdown and four interceptions, yet he almost pulled it out. Almost doesn’t count for squat though. The Giants are now 6-2 while the Cowboys are 3-4.

Photo via Michael David Smith

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  • SpinMax

    Braindead morons. All of them. The worst was 2nd and 1, 90 seconds left, 3 timeouts…and you call 3 low percentage pass plays?? WTF?! They went into panic mode for no reason. Throw on 2nd an 1 to the endzone. Run for the 1st on 3rd down. Run again on 4th if you have to. You’re gonna have a 1st down in the redzone with timeouts.Way to screw it up just like against baltimore

  • latopian

    Lol. Here’s another pic of the same moment as reviewed by Mike Pereira for Fox Sports. Bryant’s fingers are *clearly* out-of-bounds.  http://twitpic.com/b8ea9y/full  (Pereira’s complete review -> http://bitly.com/UX9E5Y )