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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dez Bryant Thinks Deion Sanders Is Getting Kickbacks from Under Armour

Deion Sanders prides himself on working with young athletes and serving as a role model and father figure for them. One of his prized youngsters was Dez Bryant, who actually was suspended by the NCAA for the season for lying about his contact with Deion. Deion defended himself after Bryant was suspended saying he doesn’t prostitute kids.

The relationship between the two continued after college when Bryant was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and given the sacred #88 jersey. But things changed to the point that Deion gave up on Bryant and stopped talking with him and advising him. Bryant says it was all related to him backing out of an endorsement deal with Under Armour.

“I never knew the reason for Deion not saying anything to me,” Bryant told ESPN Dallas. “The only thing I can believe is that when I stopped talking to Under Armour, Deion stopped talking to me. I never knew what Prime’s problem was.

“That’s my decision. That has nothing to do with Prime. That made me feel he must be getting something from Under Armour.”

Bryant’s response came after Deion ripped him on the radio for his whole sagging pants at the mall fiasco. Deion said that Dez needs help, and that’s when Dez said Sanders had an agenda due to Under Armour. Between the two of them, it’s hard to know what to believe. Deion is right in that Dez needs some help to avoid trouble, and Dez is likely right that Deion has an agenda to push despite his denials.

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