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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Even in Loss, Mike Tomlin Still Wins

The Pittsburgh Steelers were gracious after their Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers, not offering up excuses for their defeat but speaking solely about the facts of the game. Most of that no-excuse, take responsibility attitude comes from their coach, Mike Tomlin, who never messes around (except when he’s watching Jersey Shore.”

After his team suffered the crushing defeat, Tomlin showed no bitterness and was only complimentary of his opponent. He also took responsibility for what his team did not achieve, saying “They made plays. It’s probably less about what we were unable to do and more about what they were able to do. We can sit here and make excuses, I will not. What I will do is say Green Bay played a really good football game and made the necessary plays to be world champs.”

Tomlin refused to make any excuses, conceding that “we had injuries, they had injuries, we had a plan, they had a plan. We tried to execute ours, they executed theirs a little bit better.” He also refused to blame the refs, instead saying they did a “really good job” in the game.

We also learned during his one-on-one interview after the loss that he greeted each player personally at the locker room, explaining that it was “standard operating procedure” for the Steelers.

With a coach who handles his business as professionally as Mike Tomlin does, it’s no surprise the Steelers have had the success under him that they have. Professional, responsible, courteous, and straight forward. Mike Tomlin truly gets it and he has proven to us that even in a loss you can still win.

And to think, somehow this man was supposedly “too hip-hop” for the Dolphins. What a joke.

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