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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Jay Cutler Needs to Invest Himself, Trent Dilfer Says

Count former quarterback and current NFL analyst Trent Dilfer as the latest critic of Jay Cutler. The Chicago Bears quarterback was ripped to shreds after leaving the NFC Championship Game with a knee injury, and most people feel it’s because he’s not well-liked around the league. Cutler is full of cockiness and poor body language which makes a frequent target for the media and fans.

During a SportsCenter segment on Thursday, Trent Dilfer offered some level criticism of the quarterback. The topic of discussion was the Bears, and Dilfer said “Can they be as good or better? I can see this team going 8-8 if Jay Cutler doesn’t invest himself like the true pros in this league. He has to work the details. He has to go a whole other level to earn his PhD in quarterbacking for this team to meet their expectations.”

After someone else chimed in the roundtable discussion, Dilfer continued on Cutler. “He’s gotta be willing to do the boring things and that’s the thing. There is some glamorous stuff that any quarterback wants to do, but you have to do the boring things day-in and day-out. Footwork, the mental prep, the grind in the off-season that’s not fun at all, we need to see that investment for Jay Cutler and it will show on Sundays.”

I’m sure the Cutler supporters — including his teammates and coaches — will come out and defend the man, and possibly question Dilfer’s credentials to offer the critique. But you know what? What Dilfer said could apply to almost any quarterback on any team. They all need to invest themselves in order to maximize their abilities and have the best chance at leading their team to success. In Cutler’s case, I’m not around him enough to know how hard he does or doesn’t work. I sure hope Dilfer is informed about Cutler’s practice habits to say such things.

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