Kate Upton bags on Notre Dame, Jets in same tweet

kate upton jets

Notre Dame was so embarrassing during the BCS National Championship Game on Monday night that even Kate Upton was making fun of them. The best part about the joke Upton cracked on Twitter was that it mocked the New York Jets and Fighting Irish in the same tweet:

Now that’s a low blow. If not for Darnell Dockett hilariously hitting on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Upton would probably be in the lead for tweet of the night.

And yes, she has said in the past that she is a fan of the Jets, which is probably what inspired the comparison between the two.


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  • Seahawkman

    Who cares who Kate Upton says. Who is she,  but another so called celebrity shooting off her mouth

  • oldsportsfan1

    Hear hear,  just another celebrity mouthng off.  Too bad everyone goes ballestic over everything they say.  I guess if you look like they do, and command enough money,  it makes them golden and everything they say should be important.  Yeah,  important!!!

  • blackkettle1

    celebrities will keep talking as long as we keep listening. Who’s got the problem?

  • wearshoesthatrock

    Am i suposto to know who she is and does it matter what she tweets?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.fitzgerald.94617 Tom Fitzgerald

    Guys it’s not what Kate Upton is saying, it’s how good she looks saying it. Hell I’m reading all of your tweets and some of you can’t even Spell.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JRNO727XKRHVW22JA27D6FBIFY Punisher

    If your a guy and don’t know Kate Upton, where the heck have you been, or are you blind or what?

  • blackkettle1

    Have you checked the grammer on the tweet you wrote?

  • Eric Smitheman

    Don’t you mean grammar?

  • Brain_Waves

    Wow.  It would really be nice if they would include an auto spell check on this forum.  It seems as though social media has all but abolished a person’s ability to spell and punctuate.  We already butcher the English language enough.  Now people are so lazy they don’t even know simple grammar and spelling doesn’t even matter anymore.  Have some pride and go to school…never mind.  They don’t even teach it in school anymore.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XACVHYDUJKLIJF3KKL7DEMFZU Bldaz1

    Absolutely pathetic, Scarcasim banter rules the world. And if that wont work show T&A. When did it become okay to critisize everyone and complain like there is no tomorrow. This isnt news, is it just another blurb to get your attenttion and keep the hate train running. Pathetic

  • John Gould

    Don’t get mad becasue the messenger spoke the truth, lets face it the fighting Irish are not a top ten football program. They are just live VA Tech, while they get ranked high they cannot compete on National level.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C77ZBMN2LQDBXYMSV53TE7CP4Y JS

    I see all the Jets fans have their panties in a bunch.  I like this woman even more now.  F the Jets and Notre Dame.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kimberly.grant.73594 Kimberly Grant

    Why in the world would ANYBODY care what this t-watt thinks about ANYTHING that isn’t related to her own T&A…? Her only “talent” is apparently taking off as much clothing as possible whenever there’s a photographer nearby. I’m sure that both Notre Dame and the Jets are shaking in their collective shoes because they’ve been dissed by a swimsuit model……! But I guess both groups could use a good laugh, and that’s all this twinkie is good for.

  • lakawak

    No…she simply stated a fact. Pointing out that Notre Dame got crushed is not “ripping them.” And everyone would agree with her statement on Sanchez. Including Woody Johnson.

  • Grey Wyman

    Actually, I think happened is the proper tense given that as of Jan 7, the season was over for the Jets.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jkully John Kuleszynski

    Upton is nothing but useless dog crap.

  • bumsrush

    Kunt Upton needs to keep her ugly face out of football.

  • dmx1744

    define national level.  do you mean beating pac12 champion and co-big12 champion?  like that national? just because they lose to the best program in college football the last four years?

  • dmx1744

    somebody just needs to leak a sex tape of her, that’s all that we really want to see/hear from her