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Monday, June 25, 2018

NFL Needs to Cut Ties with Pacman Jones

When my last post on the freakin’ guy required a full paragraph worth of background material to explain all his run-ins with the law, you know things aren’t going well. When my last post on the freakin’ guy was about a drug dealer (who makes his living by selling illegal products) advising Pacman and recognizing that Jones was on the wrong track, you know things aren’t going well. So when the guy is in the news once again, this time for being the victim of a threat at a bowling alley, you know it’s been enough.

How much trouble does this guy need to be involved in before you finally say enough? How many negative stories does he need to be associated with in order for the NFL to step up and kick him out of the league? Aren’t you tired of hearing about all his problems? Haven’t you gotten sick of all the disgusting stories tied to this guy? You HAVE to be — because I’m certainly tired of writing about his issues.

The problem is that you can’t put any pressure on the Titans. What good would it do to have them cut Pacman? By cutting Pacman, the Titans would then make him available for another twenty teams salivating for an above-average cornerback who doubles as an excellent punt-returner. This is certainly not the answer.

The only solution is for the NFL to step up, declare they have had enough of this clown, and ultimately kick him out of the league rendering him useless to everyone but the CFL and Arena League. End of story.

Bottom line, it’s time to terminate the Pacman and declare him one of the biggest wastes of talent ever.

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