Niners Starting Chris Weinke, Yikes!

I had my share of fun with the Panthers when they brought Vinny Testaverde in to play QB. Now, the Niners have completed the circle of embarrassment by naming Chris Weinke their starter this week. (Note: if I were around, I most certainly would have hammered the Rams for going with Brock Berlin). This is quite a commentary on the state of quarterbacks in the NFL. In fact, it only speaks to the legacy of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and the few other quarterbacks who never miss a game. Not only is there a shortage on good quarterbacks, but the violent nature of the game isn’t helping matters either.

So can we just chalk up an extra mark in the loss column for the Niners already or what? Weinke-dinky-doo is what, like 2-17 in his career as a starting quarterback? If I’m not mistaken, the dude was winless in his career at home for Carolina. Good thing for him the Niners are on the road at Cleveland this week. Man, any of you gamblers out there, load up the moneyline on the Browns. Come on, Chris Weinke starting at QB? Gimme a break. Next thing we know Craig Krenzel’s gonna be making an appearance in the league. Yikes.

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  • http://www.UCLAradio.com The driver

    LB guess who his back up is…none other than UCLA’s favorite son Drew Olson. Would you ever guess that Drew and Matt Moore could both get pt in the same NFL season. How rediculous is that?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    After the way Drew dominated NFL Europe I would’ve thought he’d be starting over Weinke. That’s almost an insult. I always had faith in Moore though, nice to see him doing well.

  • SpinMax

    QB recycling is worse than coach recycling. There are a lot of QBs who never get a shot, never get to practice with the starters. There are other Kurt Warners, Tony Romos and Derek Andersons out there.

    After we signed Romo a few years ago, I would chat on message boards with Cowboy insiders who go to all the camps, practices etc and report what they see. From the time Romo was brought in, they praised him as looking great with the practice squad, looking great at camp, etc, but he still sat for years.

    QB evaluating is just as bad as the QBs themselves.