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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pacman Done as a Titan? Done in NFL?

Probably the funniest thing I’ve heard about Pacman Jones recently came from my buddy Ben Maller who said it’s like a cartoon — one of those black clouds must follow Pacman around. How does he get into so much trouble? Well, everything has snowballed for Pacman, and things are completely unraveling. He’s now being sued by the stripclub bouncer who got shot and paralyzed. Based on Jeff Fisher’s recent comments that Pacman’s problems are no longer their issue, I figured Tennessee had moved on. Matt Mosley reinforced the issue with this nugget on Hashmarks:

I did talk to a member of the organization last night who said Jones would never play another down for the Titans.

That’s pretty interesting. I can go for that. As for being done in the NFL, I had a brief chat with FanHouse’s finest, Michael David Smith regarding this issue. He mentioned that between the possibility of prison, the possibility of his sentence being extended, and the likelihood that coaches won’t want him, that Pacman could be done in the NFL. I tend to disagree with that notion. The initial team cuts bait to rid themselves of the black eye. But just like Lawrence Phillips, there will always be teams willing to take a chance on talent. Funny to think that Pacman’s done in Tennessee however, I’ll admit that.

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