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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Patriots Rookies Better Keep Their Heads on a Swivel

As you can probably tell by looking at the above photo, I’m not implying the New England Patriots rookies should keep their heads up so they don’t get flattened in training camp.  That would also be a smart idea, but in this case I’m advising them to stay on their toes so they don’t end up with a bad haircut.  These Patriots rookie shaved head pictures are an amusing example of the type of behavior that goes on across the NFL and has started quite the stir in Dallas.  I know Dez Bryant is already annoyed with the media coverage surrounding his refusal to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads, but if I were the Cowboys rookie I’d gladly do it if it meant keeping all my hair.

Of course, the Pats veterans are denying any type of hazing is going on in Foxboro.  Here’s what Matt Light had to say about the shaved heads, courtesy of Extra Points:

Lots of peace and happiness here at Patriot training camp,” Light joked. “It’s like a brotherhood. We don’t want to single anyone out. Have you ever seen any hazing out here?”

“I can’t think of an example where we’ve ever done any kind of hazing to a rookie. I mean, those guys cut their own hair. So if you want to bring up those examples, that’s never been a veteran-led push. That’s really for aerodynamics and sweat control.”

Training camp is a tough time to be a rookie in the NFL, but it’s normally all in good fun as we can see here.

Watch your back, rookie!!! [Extra Points]

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