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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reggie Jackson on Jets Trash Talk: Shut Up and Play Football

The New York Jets talk more trash than arguably any football team in history. That’s their style. Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but it certainly annoys plenty of people. I’m sure it bothers their opponents, but we don’t really have a large enough sample size to determine if that helps or hurts the Jets on Sundays.

One thing is for sure — at least one New York Yankee legend has had enough it. Reggie Jackson has never been afraid to speak his mind, as we’ve shown you in the past, but he was speaking for a lot of people when he ripped the Jets Thursday on 1050 ESPN Radio.

What are you talking about? What are you doing? Shut up, play football,” Jackson told 1050 ESPN Radio. “What are you talking about [Patriots coach] Bill Belichick and these people for? Spend your time looking at film, spend your time knocking down a pass. What are you doing? You’re not affecting Brady; you’re wasting time.”

“Go look at the hardware, dude. Walk through the lobby up there and look at the stuff that’s there,” Jackson said. “You don’t have that, you don’t have anything close to that. You might want to shut up, you might learn something. Read, you might figure something out. Watch film, you might get educated. If not, you have a chance to get embarrassed on Sunday. I hope you don’t, because I like the Jets.”

That’s pretty heavy stuff coming from a New York guy.  Jackson is right, but the bottom line is the Jets have nothing to lose by ragging on Tom Brady for two weeks.  If New England wins the game, it will be because they are a much better team.  If New York pulls out the victory, the media will have a field day talking about how Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie got into Brady’s head and the Jets’ trash talk finally got to the Patriots.

Side question: what are the odds Cromartie calls Jackson an a-hole the next time he has a mic in his face?  I’ll say 4-to-1.

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