Rex Ryan voted most overrated coach in NFL in players poll

Rex Ryan has done very little since he took over as the head coach of the New York Jets aside from making sure his team stays in the spotlight. Sure, you could argue that Ryan led his team to back-to-back AFC Championship games and achieved more than a number of coaches before him. But if you ask players across the NFL, he’s simply overrated.

In a recent Sporting News poll, 103 NFL players from 27 different teams were asked who the most overrated coach in the league is. Ryan came in first (last?) with 35 votes. Bill Belichick finished second (to last?) with 16 votes.

Considering Rex has guaranteed his Jets will win the Super Bowl almost every year and instead has them fighting just to stay in playoff contention, it’s no surprise the players feel that he is a lot of hype with very little result. Perhaps the more puzzling revelation from the poll was Belichick receiving the second-most votes.

There are several players around the NFL who feel as though Belichick is a jerk, so that could help explain where he finished in the voting. There is also the fact that the Patriots have been unable to win a Super Bowl since they were caught videotaping their opponents signals. Many have referred to Belichick the greatest coach of all-time, and the 16 players who called him overrated could believe his inability to win the big game over the past several years makes that an overstatement.

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  • Gene

    He should have won the 2007 Super Bowl when Tyree made the helmet catch after Samuels dropped a sure interception. That team would have been 19-0 and finished 18-1, so that is not overrated.  The Giants did beat him much more convincingly last year.  He has been to five Super Bowls in the fixed salary cap era.  That is an amazing feat in itself, as there is no more stockpiling talent.

    Thaat being said, he is a jerk in many ways, but his record speaks for itself.