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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Steven Jackson Blames Offensive Line Shuffling for Rams Struggles

When you play for a team that is a whopping 2-11 on the season, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong. A record that poor is the result of many issues, not just one or two. For that reason, it does a player no good to start rattling off excuses for poor play. Steven Jackson decided to go down that road anyway after the Rams lost to the Seahawks, pointing to inconsistency on the offensive line as a main reason for St. Louis’ struggles.

“It’s hard to win in this league when you’re constantly shuffling the offensive line,” Jackson said according to the Washington Post. “You don’t have any chemistry there. When you’re shuffling a lineup, trying to get guys to do things and when you have to go back to Week 1 stuff, coaching that up, it stalls you from trying to move forward.”

Jackson is understandably frustrated with the way things have gone this season in St. Louis, but playing the blame game is never the best idea.  Everything has been an issue for the Rams offense.  Sam Bradford has been a major disappointment and the injury to Danny Amendola at the beginning of the season hasn’t helped.  As for the offensive line, teams with horrible records usually have a weak O-line among other problems.  Basically what we see here is an attempt to rationalize another season that has gone terribly wrong.  Sometimes that’s just impossible to do.

Helmet bash to Pro Football Talk for passing the quote along.

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