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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Terrell Suggs: You Can’t Buy Bling When You Have Kids

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs had a monster game in his team’s season opener Sunday. The pass rushing specialist had three sacks in a blowout win against the Steelers. On Wednesday, he joined The Rich Eisen Podcast to talk shop.

The best part of their interview was when Eisen asked if Suggs still had the same bling that he showed off during his first visit to the NFL Network studios in 2004. Suggs said that while he still has the bling, he no longer wears it or buys it. His reason is great.

“Of course I still got [the bling]. It’s in the vault though — I don’t wear it too much. We got kids now — you can’t buy bling when you have kids,” Suggs said.

“I just don’t buy it anymore. I’m buying more like 529s now, college funds, CDs, trusts,” Suggs explained. “Things like that, put credit in my kids’ names.

“It sucks. I wanted to be a Toys R Us kid forever!” Suggs joked.

The entire exchange was pretty humorous and it actually says a lot about Suggs. Here is a man who may have thrown around his money and wasted it on jewelry earlier in his career. Now that he’s older and has a family, he’s much more responsible. I can think of several NFL players who could stand to learn from Suggs’ maturity. If JaMarcus Russell had heeded the message, maybe he wouldn’t have some of the problems he has now.

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