Video: ‘Pretty Boy’ Matt Leinart MMA Training with FOX’s Jay Glazer

I first read about Matt Leinart doing MMA training with FOX NFL reporter and MMA announcer, Jay Glazer, last week at Pro Football Talk. I understood everything from Glazer’s angle — here he gets to assert himself as an alpha male and boss around a Heisman Trophy winner — that has to be a good ego boost. Plus, imagine all the breaking news stories he’ll get having Leinart in his back pocket. As for Matt, I still don’t get what the guy is doing. Spending his off-season doing MMA training shows me once again just how lost the guy is because he’s obviously more concerned with his image than his on-field play. Take a look at the training:

When I see this video I can’t help but think of Matt Leinart as a pledge in a fraternity just getting bossed and bitched around. I can almost feel the other guys in the video saying to themselves, “Check out what I’m going to make this NFL golden boy do. I ask him to fetch and he does.” I know Leinart’s trying to change his image, but rather than changing who he is maybe he should just be comfortable with what he is and just try to make the best of himself. I still don’t see how this will help him read defenses and target receivers and last time I checked, knees to the chest of the defender elicit 15-yard personal foul penalties.

(video via Shutdown Corner)

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  • http://larrybrownsports J

    What Leinart is doing is nothing new, mma, wrestiling, those type of work outs do nothing but improve your skills on the football field. Your article just shows your ignorance when it comes to mma. You should probably research about how many other football players do this or have done this in the past, or even how many that did both in high school wrestle and play football. I’ve did both for years and wrestling will put you in way better shape than any football practice. And as far as Leinart only doing it for his image, the fact he’s putting the work in during the off season says something about him as a person. The guy seems like a douche which is true but he’s putting the effort in and bettering himself.

  • Dustin J. Pulido

    What he is doing is good, honestly you cannot really tell how good someone is going to be their first couple years, I mean honestly look at Titans quarterback vince young he did horrible his years as quarterback and thought about commiting suicide. Brady Quinn was a good quarterback but in the pros hes below average. Its because in the pros guys are their forever, and they get paid, publicity, meet celebrities, ect, honestly in college your good at the rules that you have to abide by. When they step up to the big leagues it takes awhile to get used to the way things are. I mean kurt warner is awesome and comparing him to leinart is going to be tough. Warner has been there awhile, and these dudes in the NFL lift like ol southern folks popin beer left and rite on their free time. They don’t stop lifting and working out to be better. Here Leinart has to grow up, and by doing MMA what better way, its kind of considered cheating if your looking to “become a man” but hey it toughens you up, and your attitude changes. I mean when he steps on the field and sees some strong lineman that weighs alot giving him the “Im gonna take you down” look Leinart will say so whatever, you ain’t going to stop me from getting up, and keep on going, Im just going to keep on coming back.” Don’t believe me just ask Dana White what MMA does to you, or go to youtube and look at some of Fedor’s fights and see how he is. Overrall this guy is taking the right step to toughen up. Good call, now bring that mentallity and work ethic to practice, and you’ll see some improvements.