Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns rips Ray Lewis after Ravens beat Patriots

Anna-Burns-Wes-WelkerThe Baltimore Ravens defeated the New England Patriots to punch their ticket to Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, but the conclusion of the game has not resulted in the conclusion of smack talk. Terrell Suggs blasted the Patriots after the game and seemed beyond thrilled to knock them out of the postseason. Bernard Pollard ripped Tom Brady for sliding into Ed Reed with his cleats high.

On the New England side, it’s once again the wives who are doing the talking. Check out this message that Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, posted on Facebook after the game (via The Big Lead):


That’s certainly a fair point about the NFL treating Lewis like a role model, but didn’t Burns Welker learn anything from Gisele Bundchen’s comments about New England’s receivers after last year’s Super Bowl loss — in particular her husband?

Personally, I’m dreading having to listen to Ray Lewis for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Is he one of the best linebackers to ever play the game? Absolutely, but his over-the-top drama can be too much to handle at times. Nevertheless, Lewis has earned the right to preach for 14 more days before his career comes to a close.

UPDATE: Burns Welker contacted us with an apology for her comments about Lewis:

“I’m deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook,” Burns Welker told Larry Brown Sports in a statement. “I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday’s game.

“It is such an accomplishment for any team to make it to the NFL playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the accomplishments of both of these amazing teams.”

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  • barloot

    Go to what she said in her FB post. She’s watching a game in which her man is getting his butt whipped. She can’t do anything or say anything cause it’s happening right in front of her eyes, bold truth for the world to see. So what does she do? She changes the argument to something else. Something completely different, an argument she thinks she can win. Sounds like every other women I’ve ever met.

  • Lou

    and the reason his white suit disappeared that he wore in the limo after the killings is ……………………? please do your research before spewing about your hero worshiping 

  • Lou

    she pretty much nailed it 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HGXWEVAAYWFVQ2HD4NCBL5WVHY Andre

    He was a thug that got a clue and now is an excellent role model and a man of god. And he’s better educated than you judging from your post.  Do some research and learn proper english before you share your myopic opinions.

  • Lou

    yes please lets love our elite players and worship them and who cares what low lifes they are after the game has ended , i couldnt agree more and yes football is my life 

  • Lou

    your naive if u think ray is innocent 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572746053 Peter Welsh

    Seems legit

  • midnightmoderator

    “He never went to trial for MURDER, and therefore couldn’t have been acquitted for it.” I don’t think you quite understand what acquitted means….take this line from Wikipedia for example…..”For example, O.J. Simpson was held civilly liable for wrongful death even after being tried and acquitted of murder.”

  • thelwstcmmnden

     Wow, dude.  All that anger.  Is it because life has passed you by?  Is it because the love of your life left you for a black man or did you aunt/mother just not raise you right?
    I have no horse in this race.  I couldn’t care less about Ray Lewis, Wes  Welker or his loud-mouth, sore loser wife. I’m not black either.  But I can smell your desperation.

    I feel sorry for you.  On one hand you spend your entire life watching capable, superior to you “nukking figgers” do things you can barely dream of.  And yet you resent their success.  Quite pathetic really.

    It’s okay, maybe next lifetime you can come back with a talent, besides making up really clever names like “nukking figger”.  Very clever.  Your mates in the trailer park must love it.

  • midnightmoderator

    says the person who spelled “oops” as “opps”…

  • midnightmoderator

    Two MDs yea right, one with that education would have better grammar…..boy some people go to ITT Tech or ECPI and get a degree in medical billing and think they are doctors.

  • roel gueco

    Pats fans and families are such SORE LOSERS!!Like Ex Hooter Anna Burns as we say she was Wes Welker’s LOW CATCH!! HAHAHA

  • sypriano

    Anna Burns is spot on about ray lewis.  He’s the biggest POS in the NFL…

  • pitbull1955

    George Zimmerman is a dead man walking, can’t wait to hear the day that SOB is gun down and hope your sorry azz standing beside him

  • Privacy Is Key

     If you are the same person now that you were in your youth, that’s a shame.

  • pitbull1955

    I bet you will not say that in Ray face

  • Privacy Is Key

     The comment calling Lewis’ children a “herd of monkeys”. Given the history of this country, that comment is in fact racist. Just because it doesn’t apply to you or isn’t what YOU believe in, doesn’t mean it isn’t racist.

  • RebelFlag

    Ray Lewis is a great football player & that is all. Nobody ever said he was a great human being. The Patroits take on the arrogant attitude of their head coach. No one ever said he was socialable. Who cares about any of this! 

  • Privacy Is Key

     Billy, you missed the point. What does Ray Lewis’ life have to do with Tom Brady and Co. stinking it up on the football field? What she said was in poor taste and unnecessary as the RAVENS beat the patriots, not Ray Lewis defeating Tom Brady. Playing in the NFL Wes Welker’s job and what she said was the equivalent of a wife barging into her husbands office space acting a fool. She made their organization and Welker (who has YET to gain a contract long term) look absolutely sour.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y6IPHVRFFUXXQAARASFWSRFR7U Tony


    Most of you people who call ray lewis a murderer have no
    idea what you are talking about. The only thing Ray was guilty of back in
    1999-2000 was rolling with too large of an entourage. Anyone who actually
    believes Ray stabbed either of those 2 victims is a moron. He was a 19-20 year
    old rich black male who ran with a bad crowd at the time. Ray co-operated with
    prosecutors (which I don’t necessarily agree with ) and The prosecutors STILL could
    not even convict the other guy who actually purchased the knife. If you believe
    Ray Lewis killed someone…..then come see me because I have some beachfront
    property in Nevada that I would like to sell you.

  • aslannn

    Man of God?  Hmmmm.  6 children by 4 women.  Which of these is not like the other?

  • aslannn

    “He witnessed a murder and refused to testify against the people who committed the crime.”  Yup.  A fine, upstanding, pillar of society right there.

  • USA123

    Women getting men in trouble. That’s the price you pay for marriage folks. Can’t live with ‘em and can’t live without ‘em!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSZ3VI6I7G6E3AHXEUPKV4GZTI Dick

    Her comments were made when she, as a supporter of her husband, was understandably upset. They were, however, right on. He was incicted for murder, he did buy his way out and paid no price for his crime. As a role model, Ray Lewis is horrible.

  • sypriano

    I thank your brothers for their service and they indeed are true American heros in my book.  But, Pat Tillman turned down a chance to make millions to enlist in the military.  I think he merits a little recognition.

  • puffadder1

    for everybody who doesnt get it, burns does not care about ray lewis, the people that were killed,or anything else that includes you all she cares about is the patriots lost and now shes trying to put a stick up lewis ass by whatever means available, that doesnt means shes a racist just an absolute idiot,  i feel bad for wes cause hes has to try and apologize for her big mouth

  • http://twitter.com/rooftopwill Will Rankins

    Name ONE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000835260771 Kade McDonald

    Why get mad at her?  She’s just speaking the truth!

  • TANE555

    You know, this really has to cease where we take the comments of a little girl as serious sports.  Why she felt it necessary to say something about Lewis who said nothing deragatory about her husband or the PATs is beyond me, but there it is. 

    Suggs even said the PATs were the measuring stick for the rest of teh conference, and if you beat them, you beat the vest, so what’s all the baloo?

    Tine for us to stop taking a “game” so seriously,that  we take the emotional outburst of one little girl like it was the first shot of the Second World War.

  • sweatdog

    It might help his redemption in my eyes if he had ever paid the price for his involvement in those murders.

  • sweatdog

    It pisses me off that someone has to apologize for saying the truth.

  • johnnyjunior

     In many ways I am.   The decisions you make in your 2o’s will usually effect the rest of your life.   I was never arrested because I had/have respect for the law and other people.   Heez a thug and held to idolatry by idiots!

  • BROMAN87

    Wow the hate level is at an all-time high. What is with the Patriot’s wives and their willingness to let their mouths write checks their husbands butts have to cash?  Anna you showed how classy you really are. As for those who judge the man who is a role model in that he has changed his life and uses his past transgressions as a way to keep others from making the same mistakes. I have said it before people who write such comments find little value in their own lives.
    He discusses the fact that he has had kids out of wedlock yet he is a committed father who provides for his children. I don’t hear Anna commeting on Brady and him having two (2) kids by two different women – even if they are high priced models.

     People want to bring up the murder charge yet he was acquited of all charges and/or involvement. This issue has been beat to death and the fact is that the unfortunate victims were the intergaters in the event and were in possession of firearms at the time of the shooting. Stop with all the hating and give respect where respect is due.

    As usual adversity reveals the true character and/or class f individuals and dare I say the Patriot’s wives are 0 for 2 in this category.

  • Mark Myers

    and there are twice as many who have fullfilled there little girl trailer park dreams and got themselves a pro ball player, no education required.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2MWB2ZTUNXVXLOM3SRHFCI7KJY Mike Gordon

    Ray has done all of the things you have said here,for sure. However it appears he has done well with his second chance,I hope so,I hope he is sincere. I am white and I tell you for a truth I dont think about what color a mans skin is when forming an opinion about him. Absolutely never enters my mind. The racial issue is constantly brought up by blacks and whites,and it is so freaking tiring.  Yes there is racism to some degree in the USA by blacks and whites as evidenced on this board. But the level is FAR overplayed in comparison to what I see in everyday life. Its never going to be over until you let it go,and that includes message boards,LOL.. 

    I see racist in everyday life,but not anywhere like what is portrayed by people on message boards. In in Texas (yall say were backwards)but I have black friends,Mexican,Chinese,just whatever,I derive my thoughts about a man by his actions,nothing else. Its time to let it go,and until you do,it will always be alive.

    Peace brothers…….and good luck Ray on your road to redemption.

  • sweatdog

    He was not cleared of any involvement in the murder. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the incident. Just because he had the money and power to have avoided a murder charge, and to pay off the victims families doesn’t mean he’s innocent. 

  • Bernadette Forman

    First off Ray Lewis was not the only Raven that played the Patriot’s, most cowards pick on just one (hit and run)   if there was something to say because you are mad than be mad at the whole team not just Ray, regardless how we may feel about anyone one person’s  he was not the only one that beat the Patriot’s on Sunday. I do not know who she saw on the field but I saw Bouldin, Pitta, Suggs, Flacco, Nata, Smith, Williams, Koch,  Reed, and so many more players and coaches.  Making those kind of remarks because you are upset think about the Patriots  past first  accuse of cheating using binoculars to see the other teams play calling, coach not giving post game interviews  when he loses in other words if you do not live in a glass house please do not throw any stones, and think  before opening mouth and inserting  foot. Also  think about who it may affect, in most cases its the person who made the statement, and all others who is involved with that persons.  And by way apology not accepted.

  • lepasc

     Are you comparing murder with a facebook post….
    Both are the same in the eyes of your god?

    A “public persona” putting is life in god’s hands after a misstep (murder!!!)…..In the States,IMO,its known as” PR 101″!Am I wrong?

    Btw,thousands of ppl ,mostly black mens(its a fact),are in jail FOR LIFE for having done the same thing as Lewis!

    PS; Whats wrong with working at a Hooters? Its a honest way to earn a living,plus its pretty smart since you make good money while going to school.My cousin paid for her Master’s degree and most of her PhD by doing just that in Boston.So,again,whats wrong with that?

  • Hoggy

    Paying 4 women for 6 kids will give anyone religion. 

  • lepasc

     If you have a high IQ,you mosdef have a perfect grammar right? And you dont make any typo….you have a high IQ.
    Some ppl should learn the definition of IQ.Lots of “genius” (according to the IQ standard,which are SO over-rated) are dyslexic!!!Playing the role of the grammar police on the net…lolQue puis-je dire de plus sinon que c’est ridicule.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frederick.naborowsky Frederick Naborowsky

    Right on Mrs. Welker—–I couldn’t have said it better—cept to throw in a few more rants—–who’s he going to pray to when he loses—-(Lewis) he is the big mouth here—-Further the powers that be have decided there had to be a super bowl with the Harbaw grinners playing against each other for the benefit of Ma & Pa Jacks.

  • reconmarine1

     Ray Lewis actually was investigated for murder very early in his career.  The media portrayed him as a tough luck kid who learned how to be a man by running with the gang in his neighborhood.  A member of his gang and entourage actually pleaded guilty to murder charges and at one time, Lewis ws the ONLY suspect named by the Atlanta police.  On February 1, 2000. Lewis was actually charged with the murder of TWO people in Atlanta after the 2000 Superbowl.  Makes for good reading if you take the time to look for it.  Never hear about this anymore do you?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7IWEEEQEVNVLPA6ZIFIJOIHA6M SeanR

    It’s 1 step away from stripping, just like there are many strippers working their way through school!

  • refriedbean

    You forgot O.J. Simpson.

  • refriedbean

    Anna Burns?  What the  hell kind of name is that?

  • ohaialii

    I’m not a Patriots fan or a Ravens fan, I like both Lewis and Brady. Straight up Ray is the most overboard ranting fool  I’ve ever seen, and thats what allot of people are sick of. All that other stuff about murders and kids thats ancient history Ray just tone it down, we just want to watch you play football. Heaven forbid if the Ravens win the Super Bowl they will have to cut to commercials if Ray gets hold of a mic..and all you people on here talking about real hero’s and the marines etc etc, you need to get on a different forum, and STF up..

  • midnightmoderator

    Not playing grammar police, dummy.  Only reason I brought it up there was because he was insulting someone else’s intelligence, not because I was trolling for bad grammar.  Why are you telling me about how IQ is inaccurate/overrated? I’m not the one that mentioned IQ.  My point was, if you are going to insult somebody by saying they have low intelligence, then you shouldn’t show lack thereof in your own comments.  Because THAT would be ridiculous.  And YES, there is a positive correlation between verbal/written communication and intelligence, but that doesn’t mean every person who has bad grammar is not intelligent, nor did I state that it did, so your loose counterexample is irrelevant.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFKZW3TCCYS7WB5LSMFCO2SF3A shawn m

    I wonder how she feels about her husband’s
    quarterback, who knocked up one broad, then left her pregnant and went
    and knocked up another broad. Then, at his wedding, had his “security
    men” aka posse/entourage fire shots at photographers who were outside
    taking pictures? 


    NO.  You are.  Wait.  You aren’t in the NFL.  You are just a POS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.durika Joe Durika

    He paid off the victims’ families? Really? Must be a sweet deal for them to both profit from the deaths of their family members AND be able to continue to rant against “that murderer Ray Lewis.”