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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Serena Williams Goes Out on Date with Country Singer Jake Owen

Serena Williams’ love life is becoming more and more difficult to follow. Back in the day, she was said to be going out with former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington. Then she had an on-and-off relationship with rapper Common. Now, a free agent, Serena may be back on the dating scene.

X17 Online photographed the tennis star and country singer Jake Owen eating together at a Beverly Hills restaurant Friday. They say that “Serena and Jake didn’t make much of an effort to sneak out separately, but they tried to keep their exit ‘as low key as possible.'”

Serena wasted little time brushing off rumors. Realizing that she was being photographed Friday after dinner, she wrote on Twitter “Ugh paparazzi annoying. Honestly really? Like I wonder what tomm they will say.”

She also tweeted to Jake, who performed at Staples Center Saturday, telling him “had so much fun tonite! Yea can’t wait to see concert tomm! Fun time see u tomm/today!!! Lol MardyFish wish u were here!”

Serena is trying to make it clear that the two went to dinner as friends, but predictably, some gossip sites are painting it as more than that. It should be noted that Owen and tennis player Mardy Fish, whom Serena mentioned in her tweet, are close friends. Perhaps they were trying to get Serena to appear at their December charity event?

We feel we’re playing it safely by describing their dinner as a date, because a date can be between lovers, and friends, right? And if they are dating, we must ask the question: can Owen handle what Serena has to offer?

UPDATE: Serena Williams addressed the dinner date with Jake Owen. “I am not dating Jake Owen. He is a great guy with a super amazing girlfriend. It’s not fair to me to Jake or his girlfriend to say we r dating when u just hang out and have dinner with friends. So stop the lies!!”

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