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Thursday, June 21, 2018

No, Tim Tebow Did Not Help Nick Swisher Propose to Joanna Garcia

Tim Tebow may have saved the manatees and he may be able to touch MC Hammer, but he did not help Nick Swisher propose to girlfriend Joanna Garcia. In a wild rumor amongst rumors, Swisher’s wikipedia page suggests “Football player Tim Tebow assisted Swisher with requesting Garcia’s hand in marriage by speaking to her parents.” Rather than blaming wikipedia for the story, the onus is probably on this June story in the Orlando Sentinel.

Even if many of us have learned better than to simply trust wikipedia (or the Orlando Sentinel in this case), a writer for Florida Today either took the bait or thought this would make for a cute story. He approached Nick Swisher armed with the story in hand to give Swish a chance at denial. And did Swisher deny!

“I’m a man! I don’t need to do that! Where’d you hear that?”

“It’s on Wikipedia,” I said.

“Dude, you’re in the media. You know better than to believe Wikipedia.”

“That’s total BS!” Swisher blurted as he stood at his locker before a recent game at Tropicana Field. “(Bleep) no! I don’t need some other dude to ask my girl to marry me. I’m a Major League Baseball player. I’m a man. I asked her on the balcony at my place in New York City. Tim Tebow wasn’t there. You need to squash that story, dude.”

Swisher did admit that he asked the Yankees to set up a special meeting at a Florida/Florida State game where Tebow could meet Garcia and her family (all huge Gator fans), but he insists Tebow had nothing to do with the proposal. Swish may have pulled the celebrity card on that occasion, but that sure does not mean he need Tebow’s assistance with the proposal. Not that it couldn’t have hurt, but Swisher can take of that on his own. We’re awaiting word from Swisher’s twitter account for confirmation. And yes, Swish does follow Lance Bass, not to mention Hot Click’s very own Jimmy Traina. Nice.

Yankees’ Swisher: Tim Tebow didn’t propose for me [Florida Today]

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