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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Mother’s Facebook Post Costs Tennessee High School Team Three Wins

Allow me to preface this post by saying I feel badly for the two high schoolers involved. I really do. Sure, they were doing something they should not have been, but when you are a minor, certain things are out of your control. You just have to go with the flow of your family.

That being said, the absentmindedness of this high school mom is absolutely hilarious.  According to USA Today, two Tennessee high school players were declared ineligible recently because of something their mother wrote on Facebook.  Not only that, but their third-ranked division Class 1A high school team, the Perry County Vikings, was forced to forfeit the three wins in which the young men participated.

Ryan and Rodney Belasic apparently do not live in Perry County full-time, which is required to be eligible to play on the football team.  As Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association director Bernard Childress pointed out, their mother revealed their little secret in a light-hearted post on her Facebook account.

“But the mother actually works in Henry County, and she posted on her Facebook page that she sent the kids back to Perry County for the week and that she would not see them again until Friday night,” Childress explained. “Then, later on her Facebook page, she posted, ‘How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they’re only here on Saturday and Sunday?'”

Unfortunately the Belasics’ mother spelled it out about as clearly as she possibly could.  Her carelessness created a paper trail of information that otherwise would have more than likely remained a secret — a harmless one at that.  Damn that Facebook.

H/T to Sports by Brooks Live for the story.

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