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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Moms Form Cheerleading Squad for Successful Michigan High School Team

A football team without cheerleaders is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on an onion roll — it just doesn’t make sense. The St. Ignace Saints, a high school team in Michigan, have no cheerleaders because of a lack of interest and a small student body of only 215 people. They do, however, have mothers who care.

According to UpNorthLive.com, a bunch of moms got together several weeks ago and formed a cheerleading squad for the St. Ignace football team.  In addition to standing on the sidelines on Friday nights and jumping around with their pom poms, the group of roughly 16 mothers have also been holding pep rallies at the school on Thursdays.  Check it out:

The Saints lost Saturday and narrowly missed a trip to Detroit to play for the state championship.  The team’s coach, Marty Spencer, said this is the first time he has seen a group of moms get together and form a cheerleading squad (shocker). He also said while the coaching staff and players normally tune cheerleaders out, it’s hard to ignore the mothers’ 1970s chants like, “Hold that line!”

“Most kids do anything for their mother; I know I would, so if it gives us that little edge, that’s a great thing,” Spencer said.

While I would probably be humiliated to have my mother holding pom poms on the sidelines and cheering for me, the St. Ignace players seem just fine with the idea.

“I could ask for a blonde, a brunette, but my mom will do,” senior Nate Monte said sarcastically.

Hey, any cheerleaders are better than no cheerleaders.  I think…

At least these mothers are helping their sons’ football team, unlike this one.

Chest bump to The Post Game for passing the story along.

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