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Monday, May 21, 2018

CBC Pre-Game Shots of Capitals’ Dressing Room Crosses the Line

You may have read my complaints about in-game player/coach interviews before. To summarize, I can’t stand them because they take away from the real-life dramatic feel of the events and make it seem more like a scripted television production. Sometimes it’s nice to have extra graphics and camera angles, but many times it invades the sanctity of the game. Take for instance what CBC did with the Capitals prior to Game 4 of their second round series against the Penguins. Cameras were allowed inside the dressing room to put together a piece on Alex Ovechkin’s pre-game preparation. While the practice seemed innocent enough and like it would provide great access for the fans, CBC and Versus crossed the line when they went over the Caps’ keys to the game that were written on a board. If they were granted special access for a particular project, then they were breaching their agreement by broadcasting and analyzing something they weren’t supposed to. Like would it be cool for these cameras to send footage of the players dressing/undressing to Playgirl just because they have it? No, that’s not what they’re there for. Same thing with this. It should have been ignored.

DC Sports Bog has the details on all the info scribbled on the board.

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