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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Only $193,000 to Get Gisele Naked

I don’t know how Tom Brady is letting people get away with this. Back when it was announced that a black and white nude photo of Gisele Bundchen was going to be sold, it was anticipated it would fetch around $30,000-$40,000. HG at You Been Blinded had a great suggestion that Eli Manning step in for the bidding to swipe the photo, that way he could own Brady both on and off the field. Not a bad concept if you ask me. One problem however — Eli must have been outbid:

A black-and-white photo of Tom Brady’s girlfriend was auctioned yesterday for $193,000, nearly five times the expected selling price. Irving Penn’s stunning shot of Gisele Bundchen was one of dozens of pics from the collection of Gert Elfering that were sold at Christie’s International in New York.

Eliot Spitzer approves. Talk about whoa though — who pays $193K just for a photo? For that type of loot, you better be getting lunch with Gisele followed by a sensual massage where she’s rubbing you down with bath oils — or vice versa, depending on your preference. Man, I know Gisele’s a great looking girl, but seriously, $193 g’s just for a picture? Are you kidding me? (here’s the photo, NSFW)

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