Morning Paper: Hmm, Chocolate Milk

Washington Huskies secret to success: chocolate milk [Deuce of Davenport]

Imagine that, a steroids scandal in Japanese baseball [With Malice]

Joe Paterno, still an a-hole [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Ivanka Trump‘s spread in Stuff, looking good [Popoholic]

What the heck is going on with Darren McFadden? [Foul Balls]

Flava Flav roast on Comedy Central going sports [You Been Blinded]

The Derek Jeter herpes tree [Our Book of Scrap]

Elisha Cuthbert looking fresh in the bikini [Egotastic!]

I was wondering what the big deal was about Derek Kinder [FanIQ]

Trent Green is already getting booed by Miami fans [Blown Coverage]

Wow, and you thought dogfighting was animal cruelty? [100% Injury Rate]

Bobby Jenks‘ streak is ridiculous [Obscure Sports Quarterly]

***8 Days Until Hayden Panettiere turns 18 ***

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  • Paul L.

    That Derek Jeter Herpes Tree is pretty scary dude. I’m talking about the pictures of the Vegas strippers and non celebs the dude’s been with. Jeter’s poisoned all the hot babes nobody’s left but Trumps’ daughter thank god.

  • Robert G

    wat a biatch, some one ought hang that bitch from the top of fucking Yankee stadium, I would imagine 3/4 of all of hoolwood babalon, have some stink ass shit and a ton of make up and cologn hiding there rank ass deseases! Jessica Albas was my only pure hope for the whole state of california, cycos,fags and lesbians, and stupid ass actors for governer! all those bitches are corrupt and fowl! Damn!