Excess TV Cameras Ruin Suspense of Draft Pick Announcements

There’s that saying, “less is more.” Somebody needs to tell that to both ESPN and NFL Network whose coverage of the draft went overboard. This was the first year in a long time where I got to sit at home and actually watch the draft and enjoy the coverage. The problem with the coverage on both networks was pretty glaring — it was excessive and overwhelming. I could have done without the second set for each network; give me one team of analysts, four guys max. For ESPN, just stick with Kiper, McShay and only two other guys, that’s it. For NFL Network, just give me Eisen, Mayock, Gruden (love Chucky), and one other guy. No duel sets, no casts of hundred analysts, keep it simple, stupid.

While the amount of people on set was excessive, nothing was worse than the suspense of the picks being ruined by the TV cameras. Both networks had cameras on location for the draft parties of several players. Additionally, they had cameras on players who were at the draft in Radio City Music Hall. Normally I wouldn’t complain about this because it’s always cool to see player reaction to getting selected (watching Aaron Curry cry was priceless), but when we see players celebrate prior to Roger Goodell announcing the pick, it ruins the moment. Some easy advice to the networks: delay the footage of the players reacting to being picked until after Goodell makes the announcement at the podium. What’s the point of having the commissioner there if you’re just going to show us Mark Sanchez putting on a Jets hat three minutes before Goodell steps to the mic? You guys trying to show up the commish? Less is more, fellas, less is more.

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  • SpinMax

    ESPN’s first round coverage was brutal. The first half of it they kept blathering on then went to commercial breaks with under 3mins left
    in the pick. I have my computer on ESPN draft tracker and while they’re
    still away at commercial it updates the pick or trade. So they kept coming
    back to ‘tell you what just happened’. Awful coverage. After a while they started
    going to break with about 5min left in a pick and managed to get the rest of
    the picks/trades live. Horribly done.