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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jose Canseco wants to fight Shaq, have Mike Tyson face Herschel Walker

Jose Canseco is busy playing ball for the Tigres of the Mexican League, but he has an idea in mind for when the season is over.

“After baseball season i’m thiniking of holding vegas mma tourney .Beef Bash 1with me shaq tyson an herschel .any promoters interested?” Canseco tweeted Sunday.

In case you’re having difficulty deciphering the message, Canseco wants to face Shaq in an MMA fight and have Mike Tyson face Herschel Walker in the other half of the tournament.

Canseco’s faced several financial issues over the past few years so he’s always looking for ways to make money. After exhausting his wits by writing tell-all books, he resorted to brute force by scheduling celebrity fights (with limited success). Sadly, he’s looking to do even more of that (and we know Shaq is down).

About the only way this could end well (if it happens) is if he and Shaq record the coveted double knockout (and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching Shark Week on the couch).

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