Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn reportedly dating

Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn

Does Aaron Rodgers have a new lady in his life? Or, more accurately, has Olivia Munn already moved on to someone new?

US Weekly reports that Rodgers and Munn are dating. This supposedly is coming just two weeks after Munn’s split with actor Joel Kinnaman was announced.

Rodgers and Munn were at a restaurant in Malibu over the weekend and stole kisses from each other throughout the meal, US Weekly reports. The two have been close friends for a while and even presented together at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas last month.

Munn, who is an actress and model, previously dated New York Rangers center Brad Richards. Rodgers has been linked to actress Jessica Szohr numerous times in the past.

Aaron Rodgers rips analysts covering Johnny Manziel pro day

Aaron RodgersLike many other NFL players, coaches, scouts, executives and fans, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took some time out of his day on Thursday to watch Johnny Manziel’s highly-publicized pro day. Manziel, who decided to put a unique spin on his workout by wearing a helmet and shoulder pads, threw for hundreds of scouts and coaches.

The workout was covered by both ESPN and the NFL Network. We don’t know which one Rodgers was watching, but he wasn’t impressed.

ESPN rolled out Todd McShay, Ed Werder and Bill Polian as its team of analysts. NFL Network had Mike Mayock, Paul Burmeister and Kurt Warner. If Rodgers was watching NFL Network, he had to have been saying Warner is the only one with knowledge. Warner has been to three Super Bowls and has a ring. There’s no way Rodgers would group him in with the others.

If Rodgers was watching ESPN, my guess is he was saying Polian is the only one who should be taken seriously. Werder is simply a reporter and McShay is a draft analyst, whereas Polian spent a number of years as a scout, personnel director, general manager, and team president in the NFL.

In any event, we love when Rodgers criticizes people on Twitter. He’s the best.

Aaron Rodgers reportedly dating Jessica Szohr again

Jessica Szohr Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers recently spent some time bowling with “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr and Taylor Swift, which prompted speculation that Rodgers and Swift may be dating. When LB heard the latest gossip, he got the feeling something is probably going on between the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Szohr. He may be right.

According to Us Weekly, Rodgers and Szhor have indeed gotten back together.

“They got back together over the holidays. They spent New Years together with a bunch of mutual friends,” a source reportedly told the gossip site. “They broke up because her schedule was crazy for awhile and they just couldn’t stay together in that situation but now they have been spending their free time together and things feel good. They fell right back into it.”

Rodgers and Szohr were supposedly dating back in December of 2010, and they later hung out at an Oscars party. Us Weekly’s source even claimed Swift was giving Szohr relationship advice when the two went to the bathroom during their bowling night.

Last month, enough rumors circulated about Rodgers being gay that he felt the need to adamantly deny them.


Aaron Rodgers hangs out with Taylor Swift, Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers spent some time bowling with Taylor Swift and Jessica Szohr during the week, which has prompted some speculation that he is dating the singer.

Rodgers, Szohr and Swift were bowling at Lucky Strike in Hollywood Monday night at the afterparty following the premiere of new movie “That Awkward Moment,” E! News reported.

E! says Swift was really nice to everyone, including Rodgers, and was hanging out with Szohr. Though Hollywood Life is wondering if something is up with Rodgers and Swift, the more likely story is that something might be going on between Rodgers and Szohr.

Rodgers and Szohr, who is an actress known for her work on “Gossip Girl,” were first linked together back in Dec. 2010. Szohr supposedly attended a Packers game in the quarterback’s box, and the two reportedly hung out at a Bucks game the next night. A few months later, Rodgers hung out with Szohr, Mila Kunis and Stacy Kiebler at an Oscars party.

Yup, if anything’s going on, it might be between Rodgers and Szohr. Though if Rodgers managed to pull off George Costanza’s dream with the two ladies, he’d be reaching idol status.


Aaron Rodgers addresses gay rumor: ‘I’m not gay, I really like women’

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers addressed the rumor that he is gay by saying the gossip report is not true and that he really likes women.

Rodgers discussed the rumor on his radio show Tuesday.

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay. I really really like women,” Rodgers said on his radio show on 540 ESPN Milwaukee.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lori Nickel, a fan asked Rodgers about the positives and negatives of his fame. Rodgers says he got a text message from Justin Timberlake after the Packers’ win over the Bears. That was an example of the positive. Then he brought up the gay rumor as an example of the negative aspect of the fame.

Here’s the audio from the show:

If you’re unaware of the story, about a week ago a website posted a story stating that Rodgers was gay. They said Rodgers’ personal assistant — a man named Kevin Lanflisi — was also Rodgers’ boyfriend. Lanflisi also lived with Rodgers.

The Fame Driven posted a bunch of subliminal tweets and photos from Lanflisi as their evidence. That was all circumstantial evidence at best. But the report said Rodgers was one of the handful of gay athletes who was prepared to come out over the summer as a group before backing out. You may recall that ex-Baltimore Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo mentioned this story in April. The site said Rodgers backing out upset Lanflisi and was part of the reason the two split. That’s where the report went from being circumstantial and speculative to authoritative.

We can confirm that Lanflisi was Rodgers’ assistant, but we have no idea about the extent of their relationship beyond Lanflisi being a valuable member of Rodgers’ team off the field until their recent split..

Though the report was published over a week ago, it gained traction on Monday and was legitimized by Radar Online. Radar Online is major gossip outlet that reported about it, citing the report from The Fame Driven as its source. Rodgers-related search queries about him being gay or having a girlfriend dominated the Internet on Monday, so it’s obvious the rumor spread. And that brought us to this point.

We have no idea about Rodgers’ sexual preference, nor do we really care. What we can tell you is that a woman named Destiny Newton has long been rumored to be Rodgers’ girlfriend. She is from his hometown of Chico. Rodgers has also been linked to actress Jessica Szohr and sports reporter Erin Andrews.

H/T Deadspin for the audio

Aaron Rodgers throws touchdown pass to Randall Cobb to win game (GIF)

The two players who returned for Green Bay in Week 17 after missing several weeks because of injuries combined for the touchdown that sent the Packers to the playoffs.

The Packers were down 28-27 to the Chicago Bears with the NFC North on the line and had a 4th-and-8 from the Bears 48 in the final minute. Aaron Rodgers eluded the rush, rolled to his left, and found Randall Cobb wide open for a 48-yard touchdown pass to give the Packers a 33-28 lead.

Though they missed the 2-point conversion attempt, the Packers held strong and intercepted Jay Cutler on the final play of the game to win it 33-28 and receive a berth into the playoffs.

Rodgers finished 25-of-39 for 318 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Cobb, who returned from a fractured leg, caught both of the TDs.

Aaron Rodgers Packers Bears

GIF via GIFD Sports

Aaron Rodgers to start against Bears

Aaron RodgersThe Green Bay Packers have a simple formula for winning the NFC North division this season. If they can beat the Bears in Chicago on Sunday, their 8-7-1 record would be enough to capture a division title after a mediocre season. Good news, Packers fans — Aaron Rodgers will be there to lead the way.

After various reporters noted that Rodgers was practicing with the first team on Thursday morning, Mike McCarthy announced that Rodgers is indeed expected to start against Chicago.

“We are preparing for the Chicago Bears with Aaron Rodgers as our starting quarterback,” McCarthy said, noting that Rodgers has felt good for a few weeks. “It’s time to play football. He just wants to focus on playing football.

There had previously been speculation that Rodgers might shut it down for the season, and that probably would have been the case if the Packers fell out of playoff contention. However, the inability of the Detroit Lions to win important games has set the stage for Green Bay.

Most of the talk around the NFL this week has been about Tony Romo and his bad back, but Rodgers is just as important — if not more important — to his team. The return of No. 12 not only gives the Packers a chance to sneak into the playoffs, it could also make Green Bay a surprise contender in the NFC when the postseason begins. They’ll have to get through the Bears in a tough road environment first.