Derrick Williams Drank His Muscle Milk Before the Duke Game

This moment of madness brought to you by Muscle Milk®. It’s powerful protein. Drink. Evolve™

If there’s one player who has made a name for himself this NCAA Tournament, it would be Arizona forward Derrick Williams. The man his teammate Momo Jones once called a “skinny bum” muscled his way to 13 rebounds and 32 points against the vaunted Dukies, and helped ensure his team was in the game at halftime.

Williams had 25 points at halftime and tied a season-best performance by going 5-6 from the three-point line. Everything possible that a player could do in a game, Williams did. He played 35 minutes, went 11-17 from the field and 5-6 at the line while opening everyone’s eyes to the type of player he can be. All throughout the evening the television commentators and pundits on twitter were raving about his skills and ability. After his standout performance — the type that can happen in March and forever raise a player’s profile — people were saying Williams is a lock to be the top overall pick in the draft.

That’s not a joke either.

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I Guess Tim Floyd Is Arizona’s Band-Aid

UPDATE: We can thank ESPN for posting the story up on Wed night that Floyd was gone to Arizona, no questions asked. Instead, Floyd decided to remain at USC so this wasn’t even an issue. I’m guessing I was right about Arizona treating him like a band-aid otherwise he would have signed had they rolled out a sweet deal.

I’m having a really tough time digesting the news that Tim Floyd will be the next basketball coach at Arizona. I’m not surprised that Rick Pitino turned them down — I don’t think Arizona’s overwhelming enough to make him leave the good thing he has going at Louisville. I’m not surprised Mark Few turned them down since he seems to turn down every job offer that comes his way. And I thought they were settling on Jeff Capel. And then bam! next thing you know Tim Floyd is the new coach. After mulling over the news for quite some time, I think I finally figured out what’s going on (congrats if it took you two seconds to figure it out, I’m not too sharp) — Floyd’s just a band-aid.

Though Floyd has recruited his share of talented players to USC in the past few seasons, the Trojans haven’t done anything too remarkable since he’s been there. Yes, they’ve had three 20+ win seasons and made it to the tourney three years in a row, but they haven’t been past the Sweet 16, and their record in conference play hasn’t been overwhelming. He has strengthened the program, but not to the point where I would think Arizona would be interested. The Wildcats are striving for 1st or 2nd in the Pac-10 each year, Sweet 16 appearances, and 25+ win seasons. It never struck me that Floyd’s that guy since he’s never done anything better than what I just outlined.

The only logical conclusion to which I can arrive is that Floyd will be a quick-fix for a program destined to go in the crapper otherwise. Arizona’s likely losing Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, and Nic Wise to the NBA, and they already lost their recruiting class when Lute Olson stepped down. Maybe they’re hoping Floyd can bring his recruits with him from USC to Arizona, get some addition by subtraction going, stay respectable in the Pac-10 for two seasons, and then go out and get the real, long-term guy they’re looking for. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Brandon Jennings Making a Euro Trip

In an incredible and unprecedented move, Brandon Jennings has decided to skip college to go play a year of professional ball overseas in Europe. In case you’re unfamiliar with Jennings, he’s the top rated point guard in the country, and he had committed to Arizona. Unfortunately for Arizona, Jennings recognized that his future is as a basketball player and not a scholar, so won’t be around to help their team. While Arizona certainly didn’t want to lose Jennings, they’re at least lucky to have Chase Buddinger back next year who originally declared for the draft. Still, losing Jennings hurts — remember what Rose did with Memphis? Exactly.

So what kind of flood gates will this open up? I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen now. I bet plenty of other 18-year-old talents would have preferred to play a year of pro ball elsewhere instead of going to college, but I’m guessing most hadn’t even thought of it. I’ll admit the idea never even occurred to me until I first read about it. While I do have to say that I’ll miss not having one of the better American players playing at one of our colleges, I don’t think Jennings is making a bad move. I also have to say that this does help keep integrity in the college game instead of having another jock mock the student-athlete system. I really wonder how many other players in the future will follow Jennings’ lead and whether or not the NBA will try to amend their rule to curb the exodus. Mostly though, I’m just going to miss not seeing that hair for an entire year. Does it get any better than Jennings rocking the Kid hi-top fade? I think not.