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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon wipes out on way to clubhouse (Video)

Bartolo Colon did not pitch for the New York Mets during their Game 2 NLCS win over the Chicago Cubs Monday night, but somehow he just narrowly managed to avoid suffering an injury. You see, Colon is a clumsy guy. An argument could be made that he has gotten even clumsier in his old age,…Read More

Mets sport ‘Big Sexy’ Bartolo Colon T-shirts

Bartolo Colon is love. Bartolo Colon is life. And now Bartolo Colon is a T-shirt. Perhaps to celebrate the team’s first NL East division title since 2006, the finest merchandising haul known to man recently arrived in the New York Mets clubhouse: shirts proudly touting the jolly 42-year-old right-hander as “Big Sexy.” #Mets player, who…Read More

Bartolo Colon carries bat down to first base (GIF)

Watching Bartolo Colon try to hit is easily one of our favorite things about the 2014 MLB season. You would think the New York Mets would tell their portly pitcher to simply stand at the plate and not swing, but we’re thankful they don’t. On Wednesday night, Colon brought us two more fantastic at-bats. In…Read More

Bartolo Colon swings and his helmet comes flying off, again (Video)

I am choking. Seriously choking right now. Can’t breathe. Can’t even write this post. All I have to say is god bless Sandy Alderson for signing Bartolo Colon and bringing him to the National League. Without that, none of this awesomeness would be possible. And if those couple of terrible swings look familiar, it’s because…Read More

Mets boycott New York Post over Bartolo Colon fat jokes

The New York Mets boycotted New York Post writer Mike Puma on Friday after he and his newspaper wrote some unflattering things about overweight pitcher Bartolo Colon. Puma tweeted the following line about Colon on Thursday and then used it as the lede for his article later in the day following the Mets’ win over…Read More

Bartolo Colon makes funny attempt to field ground ball (GIF)

The fact that Bartolo Colon still has a spot in an MLB rotation at age 41 is impressive. You wouldn’t expect an overweight, 16-year veteran to be effective, but Colon has actually pitched well over the last year or so. While he has shown good command of his pitches, Colon struggles with other parts of…Read More

Bartolo Colon jiggles his fat, does some sort of truffle shuffle

Bartolo Colon has been looking fatter than ever over the last year or so, but the 40-year-old veteran is somehow still pitching effectively. He’s off to a solid start with the New York Mets this year after posting an 18-6 record and 2.65 ERA with the Oakland A’s last season. On Tuesday night, Colon pitched…Read More

Bartolo Colon attempting to bat and bunt yields fantastic meme

We’re only a few days into the 2014 MLB season, but it’s already unanimous that the best thing about the New York Mets this year will be watching pitcher Bartolo Colon attempt to bat. See, Colon has spent all but half a season of his 16-year MLB career in the American League. Dude probably hasn’t…Read More

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