New Allen Iverson shoes look straight out of an old age community


Allen Iverson has a new pair of Reebok sneakers coming out next month, and they are very … unique. The new kicks, which I would love to see worn on a basketball court, feature pastel colors that highlight a predominantly white sneaker. I think my grandmother has a pair that look exactly like them.

Seriously, these things look like something Morty Seinfeld would be showing off to Jack Klompus at the retirement community in Del Boca Vista.

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LeBron James’ shoes leave skid marks on court (Video)

LeBron James skid marks shoes

Remember how we told you that LeBron James had issues with his new “LeBron 11″ shoes from Nike? Yeah, well you can see why.

LeBron slipped as he went to change directions during the third quarter of the Miami Heat-Golden State Warriors game on Thursday, and his shoes left behind black skid marks on the court.

His shoes clearly failed him:

The Heat crew tried to scrub the court, but their efforts didn’t work:

You may recall that LeBron had problems with his own shoes last month when they were first released. He wasn’t wearing them because of his issues with them, but Nike got to work on “redefining” them.

Image via Twitter/NikeFaller

LeBron James has a problem with his new Nike LeBron 11 shoes

LeBron James mediaLeBron James apparently isn’t a fan yet of the latest version of his own Nike shoes.

“I could wear them, but they don’t feel as great as I want them to feel,” James told ESPN.com on Thursday. “So we’re redefining them, and I feel like this next round is going to be perfect.”

James apparently is uncomfortable with the fit of the shoes, the LeBron 11, which are cut lower than previous designs. He has worn the sneakers in only two games so far, according to ESPN.com. Before Thursday night’s blowout loss to the Chicago Bulls, James addressed the shoe situation.

“I just want to be able to wear them,” James said, according to ESPN.com. “It has been a frustrating process. But obviously, I know that Nike wants to do what’s best. They’re not going to put me out there in harm’s way. So we’re redefining the shoe to fit what’s best for my foot.”

Despite James’ indifference, sales of the LeBron 11, which retail for more than $200, are up 18 percent compared to sales of his LeBron X at this time last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Gilbert Arenas got custom shoes for his Grant High alumni game

Gilbert Arenas Grant shoes

Gilbert Arenas has shoes for all occasions. He even got some shoes custom made for Wednesday’s alumni game at his alma mater, Grant High School in Valley Glen, Ca.

Arenas shared a photo of the shoes on his Instagram account, and he says he had them made by Kicks or Die. The shoes are Nike Foamposites customized in Grant’s orange colors. He has a lancer — the school’s mascot — on the side — and it says “lancers” and “Gil-matic” on them as well.

Gil later shared a few videos of his play at the alumni game:

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LeBron James’ new sneakers call him a ‘2-time champion’


LeBron James is one loss away from falling short of winning his second NBA title, but a certain group of people is convinced that the Miami Heat have already defeated the San Antonio Spurs. That group of people would be the folks at Nike, who decided to manufacture a shoe that already labels LeBron a two-time champion.

Those of you who are looking at the photo above that Kix and the City passed along (via NikeTalk.com) and thinking, “Well, it’s bound to be true at some point,” are probably right, but…

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Michael Jordan forced Bow Wow to get rid of his Reebok shoes

michael-jordanMichael Jordan is one of the best businessmen in the basketball shoe and apparel game. That’s partly because of how passionate he is about his brand.

During a recent interview with Montreality, rapper Bow Wow elaborated on that passion.

Bow Wow was asked to share a Michael Jordan story, and he recalled the time he wore some Reebok Allen Iverson shoes to Jordan’s house.

“I’m actually real cool with his sons, Marcus and Jeffrey…I would say, we kinda grew up together,” said Bow Wow, via Ball Overall. “Being on tour, every time we came to Chicago, even at the age of like 15, they would come around and we just clicked.

“There’d be times I stayed over at the family, ya know, Mr. Jordan’s house…actually a funny story, I actually wore some Iversons to their house…and Michael Jordan woke us all up and was like ‘Whose is these?’…and I was like ‘they’re mine’…and I never saw My A.I.’s after that moment. I was in some Jordan’s going down to play some basketball.”

Classic MJ. Based on his competitive drive on the court, is there any surprise the legend is that strict about enforcing a shoe code in his home? Heck no. The only shocker is that he allows himself to go out in public looking like this.

You can watch Bow Wow tell the story in the video below:

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Oregon basketball has Nike shoes with customized Jumpman Duck logo

oregon nike basketball shoes

Oregon doesn’t keep its incredible fashion statements limited to the football team; the basketball team is also getting in on the fun.

Oregon unveiled the shoes you see above for their game against Arizona on Thursday. They’re fresh from the Nike factory, and they’re the new version of the Jordans but with a unique Duck logo replacing the Michael Jordan Jumpman silhouette.

In addition to the customized Duck logo, the shoes also feature an Oregon “O” on the tongue.

Given that the members of the student “Pit Crew” fan group got special shoes a few years ago, it was only time before the players got something even better.

Wearing the sick shoes, Oregon beat No. 4 Arizona 70-66.

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Photo credit: Twitter/Arik Armstead