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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Mortensen

Did Chris Mortensen delete Deflategate tweet because of Bill Simmons?

ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen on Tuesday finally deleted his infamous tweet about Deflategate. Mort apparently figured out where the “delete” button was around the same time Bill Simmons started chiming in on his false report. Coincidence? Most people don’t seem to think so. Here is how Simmons demonstrated what he believes Mortensen should have…Read More

Chris Mortensen getting crushed on Twitter over Deflategate

It has been more than six months since ESPN’s Chris Mortensen falsely reported that 11 of the 12 game balls the New England Patriots used in the AFC Championship Game were underinflated by two pounds per square inch each. But by canceling a scheduled appearance on a Boston sports radio station earlier this week, Mort…Read More

Chris Mortensen nixes chance to explain false Deflategate report

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was scheduled to appear on a radio show in Boston on Friday morning, but he pulled the plug after it became clear that the hosts were setting the stage to blast him for his Deflategate reporting. Mortensen told WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan Show” that he was not going to become the “centerpiece”…Read More

Trent Dilfer, Chris Mortensen aren’t feeling too great right now

We know at least two ESPN employees who must be shocked that the New England Patriots will be playing for a championship in two weeks. Trent Dilfer, who proclaimed that the Patriots just “not good anymore,” and Chris Mortensen, who published a report about “tension” between Tom Brady and New England’s coaching staff, look a…Read More

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