David Lee hilariously attempts to flop against Tim Duncan, fails miserably

David-Lee-flopThe Golden State Warriors were in need of some momentum as they trailed the San Antonio Spurs by five points in the fourth quarter on Saturday night. David Lee tried to provide that spark during an in-bound play, but he failed miserably.

As you can see from the video above, Lee tried to make it look like he was fouled by Tim Duncan while the Spurs were waiting to get the ball inbounds. Duncan didn’t even move — before or after Lee acted like he just stuck his hand in a pot of boiling water. Neither player was called for a foul, but the league could review the play to see if Lee deserves to be fined for trying to embellish.

The Warriors went on to win in overtime. But the real irony here? This is the same Lee who became frustrated with Blake Griffin for acting last year. You can see Lee yelling at Griffin to stop flopping in this video. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

David Lee to Blake Griffin: Stop flopping! (Video)

Blake Griffin takes his share of abuse each game, but he also has a reputation for acting and overselling contact. Perhaps it’s his defense mechanism against the pounding he takes. During Saturday’s Clippers-Warriors game, Golden State forward David Lee decided he’d had enough.

As you can see in the video above, Lee yelled at Griffin to “stop flopping” during the fourth quarter of the game. Lee had pushed Griffin out of the key, and then gave him a forearm shove to the back, so he certainly seemed to initiate the contact, and it really didn’t seem like Griffin was acting on the play.

The Warriors won the game 114-110, so if you subscribe to the “ball don’t lie” notion, then you know who the real culprit was. This also isn’t the first time he’s been warned about flopping.

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David Lee Asked Cleveland Store if they Still Had LeBron James Jerseys for Sale

Think the people of Cleveland have gotten over LeBron James abandoning them?  We’re talking about people who burned LeBron’s jersey and put his bobblehead doll in a urinal. Of course they’re not over it.  For those of you who thought they might be, Golden State’s David Lee claims he got a feel for things on Monday.  The Warriors are taking on the Cavs Tuesday night, so Lee decided to do some shopping on Monday in Cleveland. Check out this hilarious tweet:

He’s lucky one of those giant boxing gloves didn’t pop out from behind the counter and lay him out the second he mentioned the L-word.  I’m guessing they didn’t have a jersey for him.

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Nasty Picture of David Lee’s Elbow

Many moons ago we were raving about the Golden State Warriors who were 6-2 through their first eight games. That same day we also posted about the collision between forward David Lee of the Warriors and Wilson Chandler of the Knicks. Lee’s elbow got crossed up with Chandler on a rebound, and some of Chandler’s teeth got stuck in Lee’s elbow (see the video). We had no idea at the time that the injury would end up derailing the Warriors’ season.

Lee wound up missing the team’s next eight games and the Warriors struggled going 1-7 without him. They won his first game back but have lost six in a row since then. Knowing how valuable Lee is to the Warriors, you’re probably wondering how a tooth to the elbow kept him out for over two weeks. Now you know why:

That is one freaking hideous picture. My apologies to you David for wondering if you were soft.

David Lee Knocks Out Wilson Chandler’s Teeth with Elbow on Rebound

Wearing mouth guards has become an increasingly common practice in the NBA. Carl Landry learned why last year. Knicks forward Wilson Chandler just found out the hard way this year. Chandler went up for a rebound late in the 3rd quarter Wednesday night and got caught by and elbow from Warriors forward David Lee. Lee, the former Knick, came away with teeth marks in his elbow:

Chandler was a gamer and just spit his tic tacs out to continue playing. A search party was sent out looking for the teeth that had been stuck in Chandler’s mouth all along. As for the game, the Warriors came out with the win 122-117 and improved to 6-2 on the season. Lee went for 28 and 10 against his former team while Chandler poured in 27, nailing four threes. The double-double machine from Florida has seen his scoring average go down but the rebounds are still strong at 11.3 per game. Through eight games, Golden State is showing that they’re no joke.

UPDATE: Now with video

Is There No Such Thing as a Moral Win? Knicks Taking Too Much Heat

I guess I’ve missed a mini-issue brewing in NYC regarding the Knicks. Last week the Knicks notoriously got slaughtered by Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in two of their three losses that work week. The Knicks did give the Cavs a run for their money, falling by just five points. For that effort, David Lee wasn’t as somber as some people apparently thought he should have been:

Lee called it “the best 0-3 week I think I’ve ever had.” [Al] Harrington referred to the Cleveland game as “a feel-good loss.” Jeff Van Gundy, a former Knicks coach and now a television analyst, chastised Lee during a national broadcast.

Lee said he was merely trying to stay positive.

“I didn’t say, ‘Man, that was a fun week.’ It was an awful week,” Lee said. “It’s terrible we were 0-3, but at that point, it’s not about looking back on the week, it’s about looking forward.”

Mike D’Antoni backed his player up with some reasonable comments, saying about losses “you also don’t have to go home and slit your wrists. You don’t have to dramatize it.” I agree. If you do that, how do you bounce back to win your next game? And seriously, anyone who says Lee and/or Harrington aren’t playing or just giving up needs to get their head examined. Would they prefer if the Knicks laid over and lost by 30 instead? Watch a game why don’t you? As far as “moral wins,” people used to say there’s no such thing as one. I beg to differ. I believe one of the greatest moral victories of all time occurred in week 17 of the 2007 NFL season. New Yorkers should be able to figure that one out pretty well.