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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Articles tagged: David Lee

Draymond Green, David Lee go hard on huge champagne bottle

What’s the point of winning a championship if you can’t celebrate it? The Golden State Warriors are certainly holding true to that maxim. Draymond Green and David Lee were among the Warriors players who partied at Infusion Lounge in San Francisco Wednesday night, and the duo did some damage on a massive bottle of champagne….Read More

David Lee to Blake Griffin: Stop flopping! (Video)

Blake Griffin takes his share of abuse each game, but he also has a reputation for acting and overselling contact. Perhaps it’s his defense mechanism against the pounding he takes. During Saturday’s Clippers-Warriors game, Golden State forward David Lee decided he’d had enough. As you can see in the video above, Lee yelled at Griffin…Read More

Nasty Picture of David Lee’s Elbow

Many moons ago we were raving about the Golden State Warriors who were 6-2 through their first eight games. That same day we also posted about the collision between forward David Lee of the Warriors and Wilson Chandler of the Knicks. Lee’s elbow got crossed up with Chandler on a rebound, and some of Chandler’s…Read More

David Lee Knocks Out Wilson Chandler’s Teeth with Elbow on Rebound

Wearing mouth guards has become an increasingly common practice in the NBA. Carl Landry learned why last year. Knicks forward Wilson Chandler just found out the hard way this year. Chandler went up for a rebound late in the 3rd quarter Wednesday night and got caught by and elbow from Warriors forward David Lee. Lee,…Read More

Is There No Such Thing as a Moral Win? Knicks Taking Too Much Heat

I guess I’ve missed a mini-issue brewing in NYC regarding the Knicks. Last week the Knicks notoriously got slaughtered by Kobe Bryant and LeBron James in two of their three losses that work week. The Knicks did give the Cavs a run for their money, falling by just five points. For that effort, David Lee…Read More

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