Does This Look Like the Face of a Child Pornographer?

David Portnoy, the owner and creator of Barstool Sports, has been facing a media firestorm because of a controversial blog post published on his site Thursday evening. The post was titled “Check out the Howitzer on Brady’s Kid,” and it shows a close-up picture of Tom Brady’s son in profile. Portnoy then presents some commentary on the naked two-year-old child’s large member and uses it as a way to compliment Tom Brady on his latest world conquest.

The post’s title and commentary was pretty hilarious, but there is little doubt the picture crosses privacy lines often toed by Barstool Sports. That’s the thing though — that’s exactly what Portnoy and Barstool does. They’re lewd, graphic, and … (gasp) funny! If people didn’t like the smut they throw up, the site wouldn’t get the millions of pageviews it does every month.

However, just because the site throws up the rear end of a famous woman and tells you to “Guess that ass,” doesn’t mean it’s proper decency to show a picture of a two-year-old child and comment on the size of his penis. It’s plain for anyone with a brain to recognize that. I’m sure Portnoy deep down recognizes it; after all, he freely admitted the “El Presidente” alter ego is an uncouth and chauvinistic character he developed for the site.

Here’s the thing: while it may have been in extremely poor taste to post such a picture (though the idea behind it was hilarious), and it may have been an item that crossed privacy lines, the people bringing out the lynch mobs calling for Portnoy’s head are at least on the same level as him, if not worse.

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