JJ Redick snubbed on handshake by DeMarcus Cousins, has classic reaction

JJ Redick DeMarcus Cousins handshakeDeMarcus Cousins seems to have some sort of a no-handshake policy going for his Sacramento Kings when they play the Los Angeles Clippers.

On Friday night, Clippers guard JJ Redick extended his hand to give Cousins a shake in the first half, and Cousins straight up snubbed him. Redick just gives a classic “what the heck is his problem?” face, which was perfect.

Cousins was called for a loose ball foul when Redick fell to the floor trying to get a rebound, which probably explains why he was in no mood to shake his opponent’s hand.

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DeMarcus Cousins won’t let teammate Isaiah Thomas shake Chris Paul’s hand (Video)

DeMarcus-Cousins-Isaiah-ThomasLos Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul must have done something to offend DeMarcus Cousins during his team’s win over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday. Otherwise, Cousins has no explanation for stopping teammate Isaiah Thomas from shaking Paul’s hand.

Cousins literally grabbed Thomas and pulled him away twice when Thomas attempted to have a friendly exchange with CP3 at the end of the game. DeMarcus was in an understandably bad mood after missing a jump shot that could have won the game for Sacramento with seconds remaining, but it’s unclear why he insisted that Thomas snub Paul.

“He’s young, man,” Paul said when asked about the incident after the game, via The Point Forward. “He don’t know no better. He needs some guidance. It is what it is.”

Cousins must have had some sort of motive, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t act like a child. Refusing to shake an opponent’s hand after a game is one thing. Forcing your teammates to do the same is immature. Then again, there’s a reason Cousins has been benched multiple times in the past. The 23-year-old just can’t seem to grow up.

DeMarcus Cousins benched after taking low blow from Hawks rookie Dennis Schroder

Dennis-Schroder-DeMarcus-Cousins-low-blowThe Sacramento Kings are only a handful of games into the regular season, but DeMarcus Cousins has already earned himself his first benching of the year. On Tuesday night, Cousins was angry after Atlanta Hawks rookie Dennis Schroder hit him below the waist while running through a screen. Cousins bent over to try to get the attention of an official, but it didn’t work. Shortly after the play, Cousins was assessed a flagrant foul for shoving Al Horford in the paint.

The flagrant was later downgraded to a personal foul, but Cousins clearly lost his temper. That was enough to inspire first-year head coach Michael Malone to bench him for the final six minutes of the game.

“I took a cheap shot to my lower area,” Cousins told reporters after the game, via Cowbell Kingdom. “They (the refs) just blew it off. I guess because it was me. But as soon as something happens on the other end, because it’s me, they run to the camera.”

Cousins still needs to learn to control his temper. If he was able to remain more focused, he could easily be one of the best big men in the league. Instead, he has a tendency to clash with coaches and loaf it when things aren’t going his way. If he doesn’t get off to a solid start with Malone, the Kings could be in for another long season.

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DeMarcus Cousins benched to start game for first time all season

DeMarcus-Cousins-interviewDeMarcus Cousins continues to have issues with the Sacramento Kings, but he found himself in a new position Friday: on the bench to start a game.

Cousins was informed after shootaround Friday that he would not be starting the Kings’ game against the Dallas Mavericks that night. It appears that he was not given a reason for the benching.

“I don’t have to be given a reason. He’s the coach,” Cousins said, per Cowbell Kingdom’s Jonathan Santiago.

Cousins only played nine minutes, recording six points and two rebounds. He did not enter the game until early in the second quarter, and he did not play after being removed with 2:51 remaining in the first half.

Cousins reportedly was in a good mood after the game despite the benching. Fans were chanting “we want Cousins” late in the game, and Santiago says the big man even participated in the T-shirt toss during a timeout.

Cousins seemed to have a casual response to the whole thing.

“Am I surprised? Oh, not at all,” he answered when asked about not getting back into the game following the second quarter.

Cousins has been benched during a game for arguing with coach Keith Smart, and he’s been ejected by referees mid-game. But being benched to start a game is something new. I’m guessing something happened that he isn’t openly discussing.

Sacramento lost 117-108 with him playing limited minutes.

DeMarcus Cousins attempts 3-pointers with game on the line (Video)

DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus Cousins needed only one possession to solidify his growing reputation as one of the biggest boneheads in the NBA.

The Sacramento Kings were down to the Los Angeles Lakers 101-98 in the final 20 seconds of their game Saturday. Cousins, for some reason, was hanging out beyond the 3-point line and decided to attempt to draw a foul by leaning in to Dwight Howard while shooting the ball. His shot was blocked by Howard. Howard did fall on Cousins, meaning a foul should have been called, but it was not. Cousins proceeded to ask the referee why a foul wasn’t called — while the play was still going on — and then when he got his head back into the play, he called for the ball from John Salmons and attempted another three!

Cousins’ second 3-point attempt went off the front of the rim, and Steve Blake secured the rebound. Kobe Bryant took the ball from Blake, was fouled, and made both his free throws to give the Lakers a 103-98 lead, which was the final score.

Cousins entered the game as a 17.6 percent 3-point shooter for his career.

We’ve shared many stories about Cousins’ stupid behavior on the court, and this is right up there with all of them. In fact, the sequence reminds us a little too much of what another boneheaded center did last year.

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DeMarcus Cousins ejected at halftime for cursing at referee (Video)

DeMarcus Cousins was ejected at halftime of the Sacramento Kings’ 98-91 overtime loss to the Utah Jazz on Monday for reportedly cursing at a referee. The ejection did not come while the actual game was in play, but at halftime. Halftime. You can’t make this stuff up.

Cousins was called for a technical foul with 2:23 left in the half. He tried approaching a referee as soon as the second quarter ended to find out why he got the tech, but things did not go well.

Here’s Cousins’ explanation of what happened, via Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

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DeMarcus Cousins takes shot at Keith Smart

DeMarcus CousinsThe Sacramento Kings are a mess. The team’s majority owners reached an agreement to sell the team to a Seattle-based group, meaning the franchise will be moving. The team is one of the worst in the Western Conference and trying to wade through the season, but that’s never easy when DeMarcus Cousins is your top player.

Cousins is known for being a head case, but he’s also talented. He clashed with head coach Keith Smart earlier this season, and he’s unhappy with his coach again. Following an embarrassing 120-81 loss to the New York Knicks on Saturday, the third-year center took a shot at Smart.

According to Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee, Cousins said in a sarcastic tone that the solution to the Kings’ problem is to listen to Smart. Jones says Cousins also said he’s sacrificing his game by going along with Smart’s plan.

Cousins is no doubt frustrated. Not only did the team get blown out Saturday, but they have also lost three in a row and seven of eight. Cousins’ numbers have been down in the past week, and he probably is upset that Smart singled him out this week.

Smart said one of the problems with Cousins is that he is not running the floor. As a result, Cousins faces double-teams when he gets the ball in the half-court offense.

“I’m shared with him sometimes you’re trailing,” Smart said, via The Bee. “You need to get down the floor right away. If you get down the floor right away you just created a post up game for us without me calling a play.

“You may run the floor 10 times and only get the ball once but you can’t stop running the next 10,” Smart said. “These things have to become habits to keep yourself involved in the basketball game. Because you can’t slow the game down too much where you’re calling the play 5-down, 5-down over and over again.”

The only good news here is that there are only 33 games left in the season for the Kings. You have to figure the new owners will consider changing coaches or moving Cousins once they assume control.

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