Dwyane Wade responds on Instagram to ex-wife’s shenanigans

Dwyane Wade really face

It didn’t take long for Dwyane Wade to seemingly respond to the shenanigans of ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, who took to the streets of Chicago on Friday to essentially claim she was homeless.

The Miami Heat guard shared the picture seen above on Instagram and captioned it: “#REALLY #whatyoutalkingaboutwillis #aintnobodygottimeforthat”

Wade hasn’t exactly been a hero in this whole mess with his ex, but the more she puts on crazy displays like this, the worse she looks.

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches acting homeless on Chicago streets

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches has long been believed to be a tad bit on the nutty side (and that’s putting it nicely), and it looks like she completely went off the deep end on Friday.

As Deadspin reported, Funches was hanging out in the streets of Chicago holding a sign claiming she was homeless. Deadspin’s tipster says Funches was ranting about “$90 million contracts” and “houses on the water.”

Wade and Funches were high school sweethearts who have two children together. Wade filed for divorce from Funches in 2007, and things have been rocky since then. Their divorce got messy, with Funches complaining about everything including the size of presents Wade bought for girlfriend Gabrielle Union. Seriously. Siohvaughn was so nutty she had gone through nine lawyers in the divorce proceedings. Nine.

Recently she filed a lawsuit seeking more money from Wade, whom she claimed earned more money in endorsements to which she was entitled. Wade has sole custody of their sons.

“NBA Miami Heat Star mother of his children on the streets.”

Here are more photos:

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Dwyane Wade: Miami Heat were tired in the fourth quarter

Dwyane-Wade-Loses-Five-Pounds-Per-GameThe San Antonio Spurs took a 1-0 lead over the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals on Thursday night, and Dwyane Wade said fatigue was a factor. The Spurs swept the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. The Indiana Pacers pushed the Heat to seven games, which has resulted in a lot less rest.

“Obviously I thought thatwe were a little fatigued, honestly, in the fourth quarter, looking around,” Wade said after Game 1, via ASAP Sports. “We looked like a team that came off a seven‑game series. I thought we got some shots we wanted. But we were a little careless at times as well. We turned it over.

“Like you said, we did a great job all game. I think we only had three (turnovers) up to that point. But having five (turnovers) in the fourth quarter isn’t going to win you a game, especially not in the Finals. We’ll be better prepared next time and hopefully make better decisions in the fourth quarter.”

Miami led 72-69 heading into the fourth quarter, but the team was unable to pull away with Wade and LeBron James sitting to begin things. LeBron didn’t enter the fourth quarter until there were nine minutes remaining with his team still leading by three. Wade entered with 7:47 remaining, and the score was tied at 76-76 at that point. San Antonio took the lead after Wade entered and never looked back.

The fact that James and Wade started the fourth quarter of such a close game on the bench shows you that Erik Spoelstra knew his team was tired. Both teams will get two days off before Game 2 in Miami on Sunday. For the Heat’s sake, I hope the extra rest helps. They can’t afford to be down 2-0 heading to San Antonio.

Pat Riley reportedly served legal papers by Dwyane Wade’s ex during Game 5

Pat-Riley-My-Girl-KaraokeMiami Heat president Pat Riley was reportedly served legal papers during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on behalf of Dwyane Wade. According to Gossip Extra, the team’s in-house lawyer accepted a subpoena for an upcoming trial involving Wade and his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches.

Earlier this week, Gossip Extra reported that Riley and the Heat were ducking the process after Gotcha Legal Services process server Chris Yeoman alleged that team was “unprofessional” and would not accept the paperwork.

“When you serve one of the Miami Dolphins players, the head of security always makes sure you are allowed to do your job,” Yeoman said. “The Heat are a bunch of nasty people. It’s obvious they want nothing to do with this case.”

Apparently the team changed its attitude during Game 5.

“I guess the Heat read your story,” Yeoman reportedly told Gossip Extra. “We figured we’d try it again and we went back to the arena. This time, their lawyer came out and was very nice and polite, and accepted service for Riley. Everything suddenly became very easy.”

Funches is seeking to determine what portion of the marital assets she is entitled to, and Riley is expected to have to provide information about Wade’s financial situation during the trial. The two are already legally divorced.

Personally, I tend to agree with our friend Robert Littal at Black Sports Online about Funches’ chances. The fact that she’s using a company called Gotcha Legal Services has to create some skepticism.

Dwyane Wade wears tango-colored outfit to Game 3

Dwyane Wade tango outfit

Dwyane Wade treated fans by wearing another delightful outfit to an NBA playoff game.

On Sunday, the Miami Heat guard arrived to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals wearing an orange outfit. Check that — Wade clarified in an interview with TNT after the game that the color of the outfit was “tango.”

He had on a tango cardigan, tango pants, and a reddish-colored undershirt with matching red headphones and European men’s carry-all. His shoes were not to be forgotten, either. They came in a Neapolitan look — white, black, turquoise, and pink.

Charles Barkley killed Wade in their interview after the game for his ridiculous playoff outfits.

“Are you actually paying for the clothes you wearing, or is somebody paying you to wear that stuff?” asked Chuck.

“I pay for some of ‘em, and some of them I have relationships,” Wade answered.

Then as Barkley proceeded to clown him, Wade playfully defended himself.

“I look good in it all, Chuck. Whatchu talking about?”

Another look at Dwyane Wade’s tango colored outfit below:

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Dwyane Wade has a giant Gatorade fridge in his house (Picture)


Dwyane Wade is one of Gatorade’s most recognizable endorsers. Like any other major corporation that sponsors a superstar athlete, Gatorade compensates Wade with a lot of money and a lot of sports drinks. And by a lot, we mean D-Wade has a fully stocked Gatorade fridge in his house.

“Just came home to a packed #gatorade machine,” Wade wrote along with the photo above that he posted on Instagram. “I give it 2 weeks b4 we need a refill..#kidsdrinkupeverything.”

Now all the Wade household needs is a machine that will yell at Dwyane before he leaves the house wearing something like this. If they can get one of those bad boys installed, what more could they need?

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Dwyane Wade passes between Birdman’s legs to Ray Allen (Video)

Pass through Birdman's legDwyane Wade threw a pretty creative pass during Game 5 between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night.

Wade was being guarded by Carlos Boozer in the second quarter when he slipped and fell to the ground. Since he was being double-teamed, he decided to pass the ball from under the basket, but it’s unclear exactly to whom he was directing the pass. His pass went between teammate Chris Andersen’s legs to Ray Allen who was waiting in the corner. Allen missed the three, so Wade didn’t get credit for the assist, but give him credit for the creative pass.

Now the question must be asked: was Wade intending to throw the pass to Birdman or Allen?

Thanks to LBS contributor Gene for the tip