Giancarlo Stanton belts 470-foot home run to concession stand (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton home runThese gigantic home runs by Giancarlo Stanton will never get old. And Stanton was at it again on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

The Miami Marlins outfielder went deep in the game twice, including a 470-foot shot in the fifth inning that cleared the bleachers and bounced in front of a concession stand. It was a bomb.

Stanton has four home runs on the season, including a 484-foot shot against the Padres last week. He also hit this ridiculous blast in spring training that hit the batter’s eye in the opposite field.

The season is only two weeks old, and Stanton already has a couple of home runs that will surely be among the biggest bombs of the season.

Watch Giancarlo Stanton launch a 484-ft home run (GIF)

There are a handful of players in Major League Baseball who are worth arriving to the ballpark early for to see them take batting practice because of the show they put on. Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins is in that group for me.

giancarlo-stanton-484Few players can hit a baseball farther when they make solid contact.

Back in 2012, Stanton launched a ball at Coors Field that landed 494 feet from home plate. Yes, that’s in Denver and we know about its distance above sea level, but still.

During Friday’s game against the San Diego Padres, Stanton came pretty close to equaling his feat in Colorado when he got hold of a pitch by Eric Stults. The result was a 484-ft blast to left field.

According to ESPN’s Home Run Tracker, there have now been 11 home runs measured at 480+ feet since 2010, when Giancarlo Stanton made his major league debut. Only he has more than one.

Giancarlo Stanton crushed a home run to the next field (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton home runWatching Giancarlo Stanton absolutely destroy pitchers with massive home runs will never get old.

On Monday, the Miami Marlins slugger unloaded on a two-strike pitch from some poor chump with the Mets and drilled the pitch off the top of the batting eye on the next field over in the Port St. Lucie complex. The ball easily had to travel over 450 feet.

The guy Stanton hit it off of is a 23-year-old former 5th round pick named Jack Leathersich. Leathersich actually has some pretty impressive strikeout numbers in the minors, but now he can add that ridiculous bomb to his list of memories.

Giancarlo Stanton is clearly not afraid of alligators


Giancarlo Stanton is pretty much all the Miami Marlins have at this point, so the team is hoping he stays healthy through spring training. If he happens to suffer an injury swinging a bat or chasing down a fly ball, so be it. If he loses his hand because he got too close to a massive alligator, the team would probably be pretty frustrated.

Stanton looked like he was on a golf course somewhere over the weekend when he spotted an enormous alligator sunning itself. He saw it as a photo opportunity.

He’s probably not as close to the reptile as the camera angle makes him see, but that is too close for my comfort. All I can envision is that thing its head around and locking onto Stanton’s ankle. We’ve heard of golfers getting dragged around by gators on the course before. Stories like that would be enough to make me keep at least 50 feet away.

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Photo: Instagram/Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton hits home run over scoreboard (Video)

Giancarlo StantonGiancarlo Stanton waited until the Miami Marlins’ 24th game of the season to finally hit a home run, but he sure made it count.

The Marlins slugger took a 3-1 pitch from Travis Wood in the first inning of the Marlins-Cubs game deep to left field. Really deep. The ball cleared the scoreboard beyond left field with ease and traveled 440 feet according to ESPN’s Home Run Tracker. That’s what happens when your catcher sets up outside and you miss by half a foot over the middle.

Unfortunately for the Marlins, the home run didn’t get them a victory; they lost 3-2 to fall to 5-19.

Stanton is off to an incredibly slow start. He is batting .209 with one home run and five RBIs on the season. If there’s any good news for Marlins fans and Stanton’s fantasy owners, it’s that the slugger didn’t homer until his 20th game of the season last year and still wound up with 37. Hopefully this will get him going, although I think he needs to get out of that horrible baseball environment in Miami in order to do his best.

Hall of Fame Hopefuls: Giancarlo Stanton

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Giancarlo Stanton is only 23 and has already become one of the top power hitters in baseball. Known for his prodigious blasts, the Marlins outfielder was an All-Star last season and led the league in slugging.

SUBWAY® is celebrating “The Boys in the Hall” and has asked us to write about Stanton’s Hall of Fame chances. Since we’re big believers in his ability, we were delighted to take on the project.

Stanton was drafted in the second round, No. 76 overall, by the Florida Marlins in 2007. He was just 17 at the time, and he even got 56 at-bats in the minor leagues after signing that season. The Marlins started Stanton at Single-A Greensboro the next year, and he played a full season for the team. It didn’t take long for him to show what he could do.

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Giancarlo Stanton wows Mark Teixeira, Jimmy Rollins with power at WBC

Team USA held its first official workout on Monday in preparation for the World Baseball Classic, and Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton reportedly stole the show. The 23-year-old Stanton is one of the MLB’s brightest young stars. Comments from some of his Team USA teammates, who happen to be some of the game’s best players, reminded us of that.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mark Teixeira said when asked about Stanton’s batting practice session, via Eye on Baseball. “I’ve played with a lot of guys headed for the Hall of Fame, but I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Stanton reportedly sent towering home runs into the parking lot behind the Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training facility. The cars were parked well beyond the fence, but the slugger came close to hitting them.

“I think I was OK because my car is in Tampa,” Teixeira said. “Although, with the right wind, he still might be able to hit it.”

Jimmy Rollins was also amazed by the power Stanton displayed.

It’s one thing for the fans and media to talk about how incredible Stanton is, but these are MLB All-Stars who you would think are used to seeing balls fly out of the park. Apparently Stanton stands above all the rest, which isn’t exactly a surprise given his 37 home runs and .608 slugging percentage last year. What is a surprise is that he is only 23, meaning he could be one of the game’s elite players for well over a decade. The Marlins may be listening to offers for Stanton, but they might as well enjoy him while they can. It seems inevitable that he’s going to price his way out of Miami.

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