Marlins not looking to trade Giancarlo Stanton, but will reportedly listen to offers

Ever since the Miami Marlins decided to basically start from scratch and throw most of what they did this past offseason out the window, no one has been more unhappy than Giancarlo Stanton. The 23-year-old outfielder is one of the brightest young stars in the game, and he is not thrilled about having to be part of a rebuilding project.

When Miami traded Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes to the Blue Jays, Stanton immediately took to Twitter to rip his team for the move. He offered no apologies several days later, reiterating the fact that he is unhappy with the team’s approach and feels sorry for the fans. Many believe Stanton wants to be traded, but the Marlins are unlikely to deal him. That doesn’t mean the phone lines aren’t open.

“We’ve never not listened to a deal on any player,” assistant GM Dan Jennings told Jim Bowden on SiriusXM radio, via the Palm Beach Post. “We’ve always been willing to listen… But what we are not going to do is move a player for less than what we value their ability. And Giancarlo Stanton, you’ve got a 22-year-old guy we think going forward has got a chance to be a .300 hitter and (hit) 50 home runs and be a guy who is a big-time run producer.

“While we are not shopping him, certainly not looking to move him, yeah, if someone knocked on our door and said, ‘Hey, will you guys consider this and this and this,’ you have to listen.”

Stanton belted 37 homers and drove in 86 runs last season to go along with his .290 batting average. He’s under team control for several seasons, so any team that wanted him would have to offer — at minimum — a boatload of top prospects. That being said, players generally get their way. If Stanton puts up enough of a stink, there’s always a way he can force himself out of town.

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Giancarlo Stanton rips Marlins for trades: ‘I do not like this at all’

If you thought Giancarlo Stanton was thinking irrationally when he ripped the Miami Marlins on Twitter earlier this week and would later apologize, think again. The 23-year-old outfielder is still upset, and he was not shy about making his feelings known when speaking with MLB.com’s Peter Gammons on Thursday night.

“I do not like this at all,” Stanton said. “This is the ‘winning philosophy?’ Then to say it’s not about money? What is the motivation? There comes a breaking point. I know how I feel. I can’t imagine how the city and the fans feel.”

“Jose, Bonifacio, Hanley … all three are gone now. I had people warn me that something like this could happen, but it runs against the competitive nature every athlete has, that nature that everything is about winning. This kind of thing is what gets talked about all the time around this team. Former Marlins come back and they warn us. It gets talked about during the stretch, in the clubhouse, after games, on the road. Again, I do not like this at all.”

Last offseason, the Marlins made a high-profile managerial hiring in Ozzie Guillen and spent a ton of money bringing in guys like Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes and Heath Bell. Stanton is one of the best young players in the game, so you can understand why he was excited to receive some veteran assistance that should have made his team a contender. Instead they flopped, and Miami has traded away Buehrle and Reyes in addition to young superstars Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson. They also fired Guillen.

The Marlins had a plan and they completely blew it up after one disappointing season. Stanton, who belted 37 homers and drove in 86 runs last season, is under team control for three more seasons. Why shouldn’t he be pissed?

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Giancarlo Stanton ‘pissed’ about Marlins trade

Miami Marlins stud outfielder Giancarlo Stanton summed up the feeling of the team’s fans in one tweet:

Who can blame him? The Marlins traded away their top players in a surprise deal. They have decimated their payroll, and are now firmly entrenched in rebuilding mode. This all comes less than a year after the team moved into a new stadium and showed signs of promise by adding many high-priced players in free agency. It didn’t take them long to blow up the plan after a failed first season.

Nationals Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper has an idea:

Unfortunately, Stanton is still under the Marlins’ control for at least three more seasons. He might have to demand a trade.

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Ozzie Guillen: I need the FBI or DEA to protect Giancarlo Stanton

There are very few pitchers in baseball who look forward to facing young Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton. The 22-year-old outfielder is hitting .292 this season with 22 homers and 66 RBI. Whenever an opponent gets the opportunity to pitch around him, they almost always cash in. This leads to some tricky lineup decisions for Ozzie Guillen, who has recently been criticized for not giving Stanton enough protection.

“I need the (expletive) FBI to protect that guy because anyone on this (expletive) team, he can’t,” Guillen said earlier this week according to the Sun Sentinel. “No one. I need the DEA, the FBI and a swat team to protect him.”

Stanton was intentionally walked twice on Sunday against the Rockies while hitting in front of Donnie Murphy. He was 5-for-12 with three home runs and five RBI in the first three games of the series when hitting in front of Donovan Solano and rookie Rob Brantly. Guillen’s argument is that Murphy is a better hitter than Solano and Brantly, which proves that the so-called “protection” has nothing to do with the outcome.

“Why you not protecting Stanton?” Guillen said. “Wait a minute. Did you see him hit three home runs…and you don’t know who was behind him? Now (Sunday) he walked twice and I think Murphy is a little bit better than Solano and the kid. That’s why people think they know about baseball and they’re full of (expletive). They make a (expletive) excuse to second guess the manager.”

While the person a player is hitting in front of certainly affects the pitches he sees in some way, Ozzie’s point is that it is more situational than anything. If runners are on second and third there’s a good chance Stanton is getting walked regardless of who is on deck. While he may only know how to explain himself in typically graceful Ozzie fashion, I tend to agree with Guillen that people are overreacting.

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Giancarlo Stanton nails Marlins home run sculpture with dinger (Video)

Giancarlo Stanton continues his best to take down anything and everything in the outfield of Marlins Park. Days after a grand slam he hit broke the left-field scoreboard, Stanton sent a solo blast off Tim Lincecum on Friday that ricocheted off that crazy LSD-trip thingamajig in center. For those hoping the sculpture suffered a similar fate as the scoreboard, I’m sorry to report the flamingos still fluttered their wings and that fish on the top still irrationally somersaulted. Almost mockingly to rub it in our faces.

Stanton’s shot was the latest instance of the tear he’s on this week, during which he’s shown little to no mercy for inanimate objects or his own teammates.

Giancarlo Stanton nearly takes out Logan Morrison with throw home (Video)

The Marlins may have been demolished by the Giants on Thursday night, but Logan Morrison dodged a major bullet. In the top of the seventh with a runner on second, Buster Posey singled to right. Morrison was lucky to leave with his head still attached to his shoulders after what came next. Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton fielded the ball and went to fire it home to prevent the runner from scoring. Stanton was shallow enough that his throw could have gone directly to the catcher, but he nearly took Morrison’s head off with it instead.

Stanton has had some issues finding cut-off men this season. Morrison had shifted over because of the ground ball through the hole, but he wasn’t the cut-off man on the play. Fortunately he has cat-like reflexes. When you’ve been attacked by a praying mantis at some point in your life, I guess your skills tend to be sharpened.

Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam broke the Marlins’ LF stadium scoreboard (Pictures)

Giancarlo Stanton is only 22 years old, but he already has accounted for four career grand slams and one broken scoreboard. The slugging outfielder, who is recognized as one of baseball’s most powerful hitters, bashed a grand slam off Jamie Moyer on Monday that sailed beyond the left field foul pole and broke the scoreboard at Marlins Park. The homer was Stanton’s ninth of the season and gave him 28 RBIs on the year. Its estimated length was 438 feet.

It didn’t take long for the team to fix the board; less than a half hour later it was all patched up:

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