Jimmer Fredette reportedly leaning toward signing with Bulls

jimmer-fredetteThe Sacramento Kings bought out Jimmer Fredette on Thursday night, and he is expected to clear waivers on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. At that point, the common belief seems to be that the former Brigham Young star will sign with the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported that the Bulls have kicked the tires on Caron Butler and Danny Granger, but that they turned their attention toward Fredette once he was waived. TNT’s David Aldridge reported that Fredette is “strongly leaning” toward signing with Chicago, so the interest appears mutual.

The Bulls are currently the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference despite their inability to score points consistently. They rank 30th in the NBA with an average of 92.9 points per game. Chicago allows only 92.3 points per game (2nd in the league), which has ultimately led to a 31-26 record.

Fredette has averaged only 7.0 points per game during his two-plus seasons in the NBA, but we all know he is capable of shooting the lights out when given space. He’s shooting 49.3% from 3-point range this year, so he could give Chicago a much-needed scorer if they utilize him properly. At just a prorated portion of the veteran’s minimum, Fredette could be a nice bargain for the Bulls.

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Thunder reportedly would love to acquire Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette struggled during his rookie season and didn’t seem to be a good fit on the Sacramento Kings. Fellow rookie Isaiah Thomas outplayed him, and then the Kings further complicated Fredette’s role by signing Aaron Brooks in the offseason. If the Kings decide to move the former No. 10 overall draft pick, it sounds like the Thunder would be interested in discussing a trade.

FOX Sports NBA reporter Sam Amico tweeted the following about the Thunder’s interest in Jimmer:

Speaking of Kings, Jimmer Fredette would love to go someplace where someone other than just DeMarcus Cousins will pass him the ball. Thunder would love to pry Fredette away from Kings as replacement for Derek Fisher. Kevin Durant is a Jimmer fan.

It’s interesting to note that some teams may still ike Fredette even though he had a disappointing rookie season. Maybe the Thunder feel the Kings misused him, or that he would fit in well with their franchise in a specific role.

If the Kings don’t trade Fredette but elect to let him go as a free agent after the year (they have a team option), then keep your eye on the Thunder possibly trying to sign him.

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Jimmer Fredette got married, and DeMarcus Cousins wished him an extra special night

The Jimmer Fredette moment we all were waiting for finally came over the weekend: He got married to Whitney Wonnacott. The happy couple got engaged last August, and finally tied the knot on Saturday.

Given that Jimmer’s Mormon faith frowns upon premarital sex, the virgin jokes were in full form, including this one from his Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins:

I’m guessing their honeymoon in Hawaii was, shall we say, eventful. At least he’ll be able to avoid the same jokes Tim Tebow receives in the Jets locker room.

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Basketball stats website calls Jimmer Fredette ‘Jimmy’

Basketball genius and hardcore Kings fan Tom Ziller was spouting some insight on Jimmer Fredette Sunday morning when he pointed out something pretty interesting: The outstanding basketball statistical site 82games.com for some reason calls Jimmer Fredette “Jimmy.” We have no idea if this was done on purpose out of defiance, or just accidentally, but it’s pretty hilarious.

Jimmer developed a superstar reputation playing at BYU, and his unique name is a big part of his appeal. He’s like a Cher or Kobe when it comes to being identified by one name, so it’s pretty funny to see someone butcher it.

As for Jimmer’s disappointing rookie season, Ziller was pretty critical saying Fredette needs to do a better job getting open instead of complaining that plays aren’t run for him. You can read his entire commentary on his excellent Twitter feed.

Jimmer Fredette apolgizes for brother T.J.’s tweets criticizing Keith Smart

After Jimmer Fredette’s brother T.J. Fredette ripped Kings coach Keith Smart on Twitter earlier in the week, everyone had to expect Jimmer to be unhappy. The Kings are not having a good season, and Jimmer has played very limited minutes. That has obviously bothered T.J., who called Smart an “interim coach” and said “he should be an assistant at best.” Both Jimmer and T.J. have since apologized.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Jimmer assured everyone that his older brother would not be criticizing the team on Twitter anymore.

“When I got aware of it, I definitely talked to him about it,” Jimmer said. “He obviously regrets it. He’s sorry and I’m sorry on behalf of him as well. It’s something that will never happen again. It will be controlled, and he realizes that. We just apologize to everybody, coaches, teammates and everybody.”

T.J. also apologized on Twitter with the following tweet: “I underestimated the power of twitter and made a bad choice making my comment public, I erased the comment and apologize for my mistake.”

For whatever reason, athletes’ siblings can’t seem to learn from one another. As Larry Fitzgerald’s younger brother will tell you, tweeting criticism of the team simply creates uncomfortable situations. The siblings aren’t the ones who have to walk into the locker room the next day and face coaches and teammates. Whether they think they’re supporting their brothers or not, tweeting and saying things without thinking is extremely selfish.

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T.J. Fredette rips Keith Smart, wonders why Jimmer isn’t playing

The Sacramento Kings have lost six in a row and first-round pick Jimmer Fredette has hardly played recently. Jimmer has played 63 minutes during the six-game losing streak. He missed one game with a stomach illness and did not play in Tuesday’s loss to the Heat because of coach Keith Smart’s decision. The benching Tuesday prompted Jimmer’s older brother T.J., who has pushed Jimmer throughout his career, to call out Smart via Twitter.

T.J. called Smart an “interim coach” who “should be an assistant at best,” but later deleted the tweet. Fredette also tweeted with fans saying things like “check the games isiahs played well, all losses!! they gave up 92 in the paint one game, guess that was all jimmers fault.” Almost all of the tweets have been deleted, though a few calling for Jimmer to play remain on his account.

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Kings coaches say Jimmer Fredette is not that fast and athletic, should be more selfish

Jimmer Fredette was known in college for his pure scoring ability. He single-handedly turned BYU into a national championship contender by having an uncanny ability to hit shots from anywhere on the floor. Defenders who covered Jimmer inside the three-point line quickly realized they had to come out past it. When defenders came out past the arc, Fredette knocked down shots from beyond NBA-range anyway.  Sacramento Kings coach Keith Smart is looking for that Jimmer.

“We can work on the point guard (skills) this summer and we want Jimmer to make plays,” Smart said according to the Sacramento Bee. “But when he comes off a pick, he has to take that shot. He needs to become a little selfish.”

“He makes it tough on himself because he wants to prove people wrong,” Kings assistant Bobby Jackson added. “But I told him: ‘You’re not that fast or that athletic, but you have something a lot of guys don’t have – scoring ability. Stop trying to drive all the time.’ His outside shooting opens things up for Tyreke (Evans) and (DeMarcus) Cousins.”

Jimmer’s jerseys may be selling faster than secretly-stashed Snickers bars at a fat camp, but he has spent the past two games on the bench. Adjusting to the NBA from college is difficult enough, let alone having to do so after a lockout cancels most offseason workouts. This year has been particularly difficult for rookies and Jimmer is no exception.

If Fredette wants to enjoy the same success in the pros that he did at the college level, he needs to regain confidence in his jump shot. You can be a multidimensional player and still remain a scorer. As soon as Jimmer is comfortable with that he can begin contributing to the struggling Kings.

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