Browns cornerbacks wore kickboxing gloves to avoid holding in practice

joe-hadenThe stats quarterbacks and wide receivers have been putting up has been on the increase as the NFL has shifted to a more pass-happy league.

With even more of an emphasis placed on pass interference, illegal contact, and defensive holding for the upcoming season, we can expect more big numbers in 2014.

NFL officials have been making their way around to training camps to meet with teams in an effort to go over how penalties will be called this year, which will seemingly put defensive backs at even more of a disadvantage.

While there will be an adjustment period, the Cleveland Browns have taken measures to drive home the point to defensive backs to minimize the grabbing of receivers. The team had Joe Haden and the cornerbacks wear kickboxing gloves during practice.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Seattle Seahawks, whose secondary has become the poster child for committing contact with receivers, came up as a possible reason for the renewed emphasis.

There are more than a few who feel the scores of NFL games will soon resemble those of the Arena Football League with the way the NFL is now being officiated. How quickly defensive backs cope will help determine if point totals remain at a reasonable level.

Joe Haden kicked out of practice for being too physical

Browns cornerback Joe Haden was kicked out of his team’s morning practice on Wednesday for reportedly being too physical with his teammates. The story sounds quite odd because you figure a coach would encourage physical play, but the reason actually makes sense.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Haden had just allowed a touchdown to receiver Travis Benjamin in a 7-on-7 drill and dragged the rookie down by the back of his jersey. Haden had been previously warned about being too rough with his teammates, and it doesn’t help matters that Benjamin has been bothered by injuries.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur ordered Haden off the field after the incident, but the two reconciled and Haden participated in the afternoon practice.

Although the story may make it seem like the Browns are being wusses, this probably was a good response by Shurmur. Not only does he not want to condone behavior that would lead to personal foul penalties during games, but he also likely feels the need to discipline Haden, who is also facing a possible four-game suspension for reportedly failing a drug test.

Browns cornerback Joe Haden takes high school senior to prom (Video)

When people dish out date requests to athletes such as Ricky Rubio or Tim Tebow over the Internet, they often turn up fruitless. But that wasn’t the case when Ohio teen Joyce Grendel — through Twitter, no less — managed to get Browns cornerback Joe Haden to take her to her senior prom on Friday.

When Haden pulled up in his white Lamborghini, Grendel, 18, started freaking out: “Oh my God, oh my God. Mom, I’m scared.” The anxiety was mutual.

“I am nervous, t00,” Haden told Fox 8 in Cleveland. “We were taking pictures with me and her family. I feel this is very legit, like I was getting ready, ‘Does this look cool?’ when I’m getting ready. I feel like I’m very legit. This is my prom, too.”

Haden, who didn’t attend his own prom, was more than happy to oblige a fan’s request.

“I knew her because she tweets me a lot, and she’s been a really good Haden Nation supporter,” Haden said. “All my autographs, all my signings, she always shows up.”

This wasn’t the first time a member of the Browns has gotten their slow dance on during prom season this year. Last month, Trent Richardson, before he was drafted by Cleveland, accompanied a leukemia patient to her prom.

Those Cleveland Browns sound like a bunch of stand-up guys. So, if you’re from Ohio and out of options for a prom date, maybe you could give Colt McCoy a call. I’m sure he’d love to know at least somebody in the state still cares about him.

Joe Haden gets massive tattoo commemorating his draft day (Picture)

Browns cornerback Joe Haden just completed his second NFL season. The former 7th overall pick has turned into somewhat of a shutdown corner in Cleveland, and he recently got a tattoo commemorating the day he was drafted (4/22/10), which is when he realized his NFL dream. WFNY believes the tattoo is on the inner part of his right arm, and it looks like it reaches from the elbow to nearly the wrist.

The last time a player got a tattoo commemorating their draft day, it didn’t work out too well. Let’s hope it’s a different story for Haden.