Tony Stewart on Joey Logano fight: He’s a little girl, I’m gonna bust his ass (Video)

Joey-Logano-Tony-Stewart-fightJoey Logano has not made many friends in the Sprint Cup Series over the past two weeks, and the 22-year-old doesn’t seem to care. Last weekend, Logano was spun out by Denny Hamlin near the finish of the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Logano went after Hamlin after the race (video here) and some mild shoving took place.

Coincidentally, the two drivers found themselves fighting for position on the last lap at the Auto Club 400 in Fontana on Sunday. This time, Logano returned the favor by drifting toward the top of the track and bumping Hamlin, causing him to lose control and crash head-on into the wall. Hamlin had to spend the night in the hospital because of back pain, but Logano said “that’s what he gets” after the race when referencing what happened a week ago.

However, Hamlin isn’t the only enemy Logano has made. During a restart following a caution with a few laps to go on Sunday, he also angered Tony Stewart by ducking below the white line to block Stewart’s No. 14 car from passing. Stewart confronted Logano on pit road after the game and a few swings were thrown.

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Joey Logano confronts Denny Hamlin after race (Video)

Joey Logano Denny HamlinJoey Logano confronted ex-teammate Denny Hamlin after the Food City 500 Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway following an incident between the two on the track.

Logano was challenging Jeff Gordon for the lead on lap 348 when Hamlin nudged him. Logano’s No. 22 car went into the wall and spun out. Logano managed to get back into the top 10 despite getting spun out by Hamlin. He finished 17th while Hamlin finished 23rd.

After the race, Logano, who was teammates with Hamlin at Joe Gibbs Racing from 2009-2012, confronted Hamlin by the 11 car.

“I meant to run into him,” Hamlin told FOX’s Matt Yocum. “I didn’t mean to spin him out, but his day was fine. He still had a bad day, anyway, for whatever reason. We finished bad and he finished bad. It’s even.”

Hamlin also says Logano told him he was “coming for” him.

Logano kept the details of his conversation with Hamlin private, though he did tweet at Hamlin and receive a response:

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Joey Logano: Kevin Harvick’s Wife ‘Wears the Firesuit in the Family’

Sunday’s finish at Pocono involving a crash between Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick was reminiscent of the way their Nationwide Series race ended in March. In Bristol that weekend, the two drivers were battling for fifth on the final lap when Harvick dumped Logano who ended up 14th. Almost the same thing happened on Sunday at the Pocono 500. Fighting for positioning, Harvick nudged Logano on the 198th lap, sending him spinning into the wall. Harvick wound up 4th while Logano finished 13th. If there was anything positive to come from the collision on the track, it was Logano’s priceless reaction. The 20-year-old unloaded on his counterpart after the race. Check out Joey Logano’s comments ragging on Kevin Harvick:

Without question that crash could have been avoided and it sure seems to me that Harvick is trying to send Logano a message on the track. Joe Gibbs, for whom Logano races, is saying he won’t interfere with the two drivers and he’ll just let them work it out. While Joe appears to be patient, something tells me this will take a while before it’s all settled. I’m glad Joey didn’t back down and allow Harvick to push him around.

ESPN’s Who’s the NEXT Athlete in ’09?

Each year ESPN The Mag runs a “NEXT” edition in which they try to select four major athletes who will be the next superstars. They usually select young athletes who are early in their careers thus leaving the future to chance. Some of the athletes they got right include Kobe, LeBron, and Randy Moss. The bad calls? How bout the likes of Kordell Stewart, Keith Van Horn, and Kaz Matsui. No doubt that prognostication and fortune telling is a matter of difficult conjecture leaving much up to chance. That being said, I had no hesitation in giving my opinion of who’s NEXT for ESPN the Mag. The four candidates this year are Matt Ryan, Joey Logano, David Price, and Ricky Rubio. Aside from Rubio, I’ve had lots to say on each particular athlete. Some things were positive, other commentaries, not so much. Anyway, I got to defend one of the athletes for ESPN the Mag and make the case that he was NEXT. You can probably guess who it is and hopefully my argument was strong enough to have him bring home the honor. Check it out at ESPN the Mag.

Get Ready for Joey Logano Overload

In case you haven’t heard of him until now, let me bring you up to speed. Joey Logano is an 18-year-old race car driver for Joe Gibbs Racing. He’s currently competing in the Nationwide Series and won his first race on the series Saturday night. It’s pretty impressive when you consider it was only his third time racing in the series and that he became the youngest person to win a race on the series at 18-years-old and 21 days. The achievement becomes slightly less impressive when you realize that JGR has won 10 times on the series this year, and seven times with the No. 20 car (with four different drivers). Translation: stick any driver in the No. 20 car for JGR, and he’s winning the race. Any coincidence Logano has taken two poles in the last two weeks? I think not.

Anyway, getting back to it, the kid seems like a prodigy. A young, stud racer, who’s won at every level he’s competed. Now it appears as if we’re going to be dealing with a guy who will be overhyped like a Danica Patrick. He hadn’t even yet competed on the Nationwide Series when I first saw him making the rounds, getting pimped for no appropriate reason on ESPNEWS. It’s pretty clear the JGR is trying to develop a product here and market this guy as one of their racing faces. So while Logano seems to have earned some attention because he’s young and already has won, I’m advising you to be leery and to brace yourself for the overload. It’s going to come fast and furious and just keep in mind when you’re sifting through all the hype and attention that Joe Gibbs Racing is setting this guy up for success. After all, if three other drivers can win in the same exact car in the same exact series, how special can he be?

Oh yeah, and is this kid even old enough to have a driver’s license???