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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels Backs Kyle Orton on Titans ‘Dirty’ Talk

No, no, no.  Not that type of dirty talk, you pervs.  We’re talking about Josh McDaniels agreeing with his quarterback that the Tennessee Titans played dirty during the Broncos 26-20 victory over them on Sunday.  If you hadn’t already heard, Kyle Orton accused the Titans players of throwing cheap shots at his offensive lineman and…Read More

Josh McDaniels Drops F-Bomb During Broncos Game, NFL Network Airs it

The NFL Network had a major screw-up in a big moment on Thursday night. Still trying to grow in terms of popularity, ratings, and viewership, the NFL Network hosted an evening game on Thanksgiving for the second straight year. Whatever excitement the game lacked because of the horrid play by the Giants was made up…Read More

Josh McDaniels’ Newest Project: Fixing the Broncos’ Cafeteria

If you were wondering what Josh McDaniels’ next big step was as the first-year head coach of the Broncos, we now have the answer. You follow up chasing your franchise quarterback out of town by changing up the team cafeteria! The Denver Post has the details: Among [McDaniels’] discoveries were that Broncos players collectively lost…Read More

Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

This probably was not the way Josh McDaniels wanted to kick off his era as head coach of the Denver Broncos. Apparently trade winds blew their way to quarterback Jay Cutler, who found out that the Broncos were fielding phone calls and entertaining the thought of dealing him in a three-way trade. Those rumored trades…Read More

Someone Explain to Me the Broncos’ Hiring of Josh McDaniels

Another year down in the NFL, another year of new hot head coaching candidates. I can’t fault coordinators for jumping at jobs knowing the way things work in this league. Just last off-season Jason Garrett was one of the most highly sought coordinators, now he’s just another name. Same thing with Ron Rivera not long…Read More

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