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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Articles tagged: Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman: Tom Brady is ‘ticked off’

Tom Brady is still awaiting a ruling from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to determine how much — if any — time he will miss next season. While the four-time Super Bowl champion may seem as calm, cool and collected as ever this offseason, there has been some indication that he is furious over the Deflategate…Read More

Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman have (fake?) Twitter fight

Everything was going fine for the New England Patriots this offseason until Rob Gronkowski traveled to Los Angeles and didn’t even take time to hang out with Julian Edelman. Edelman, who makes his offseason home in California, was downright offended on Thursday that Gronk was in his neighborhood and snubbed him. @RobGronkowski I love how…Read More

Julian Edelman goes WWE on Richard Sherman sign (Video)

There was only one person who enjoyed himself more than Rob Gronkowski at the New England Patriots Super Bowl parade on Wednesday, and that man was Julian Edelman. Edelman, who could have been named Super Bowl MVP over Tom Brady with very little argument, stood on top of a duck boat the entire time and…Read More

Julian Edelman reportedly passed concussion protocol

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman reportedly did not sustain a concussion during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Edelman caught the go-ahead touchdown with just over two minutes left in the game. Prior to that, he appeared a bit wobbly after taking this huge helmet-to-helmet hit from Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. That…Read More

Julian Edelman may have scored touchdown after concussion (Video)

Did Julian Edelman catch the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday after sustaining a concussion from a helmet-to-helmet hit earlier in the drive? That is what many are wondering. Edelman caught a 9-yard pass on the third play of the Patriots’ winning drive in the fourth quarter. On the play, he was leveled…Read More

Julian Edelman wears 2Pac middle fingers shirt (Video)

Julian Edelman on Monday wore a T-shirt featuring Tupac Shakur flipping a double bird, but he sort of forgot about that when it was time for his media interviews and had to apologize. Edelman’s shirt said “trust nobody” on it, which was a reference to the deflating balls investigation. Once Edelman realized what shirt he…Read More

Rob Gronkowski goes Macaulay Culkin on Julian Edelman

It only took one day for Rob Gronkowski to prepare his T-shirt response to Julian Edelman, and it was everything we hoped for. If you missed it, Edelman on Monday wore a T-shirt featuring a picture of a shirtless Gronk. That was Edelman’s way of taking the Ryan Gosling role in the ongoing Gosling-Macaulay Culkin…Read More

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