Chiefs to draft a quarterback, interested in Derek Carr?

Derek Carr wrestling belt

With the NFL Draft only a few days away, the rumors about teams’ plans will be flying like crazy. We obviously won’t know whether they’re true or not until after the draft, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pass along some of the reports until then.

For instance, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday that the Chiefs will consider drafting a quarterback in the first round. Rapoport says the team’s negotiations with Alex Smith are not progressing well and they will work to keep their options open.

The thought that they might take a quarterback in the first round could be a leverage tactic from the team into scaring Smith’s camp into agreeing to a deal.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that he keeps hearing Derek Carr’s name in connection with the Chiefs. Though KC has the No. 23 overall pick, the more likely scenario would see them trading down for him. This would make much more sense to me; Andy Reid is known for taking quarterbacks after the first round in order to develop them, just like he did with Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles.

Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 but not real contenders

Andy ReidThe Kansas City Chiefs are surprisingly 3-0 after beating the Philadelphia Eagles on the road 26-16 Thursday night. Kansas City’s defense has been particularly impressive, allowing just 34 points in three games. They have given fans a reason to be excited, but don’t get carried away thinking that they’re real contenders yet.

The Chiefs don’t look dynamic enough on offense to be a real threat as a playoff team. Their offensive limitations have been obvious the past two games.

While most top offenses are posting big numbers and points, the Chiefs chip away a little at a time. They had several opportunities to score early in the game against Philly and turn it into a blowout, but they were unable to take advantage. Quarterback Alex Smith hardly ever throws the ball downfield, and instead throws short passes and hopes for long runs after the catch. They don’t have an intermediate-deep passing game, which is pretty necessary. Dwayne Bowe only has nine catches for 90 yards and a touchdown through three games. He’s becoming as underutilized in the offense as Michael Crabtree was in San Francisco with Smith at quarterback.

Even though Kansas City didn’t throw the ball downfield on Thursday, they still totaled 395 yards against Philly, compared to 292 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and 313 yards against the Dallas Cowboys. The big difference was they rushed for 147 rushing yards, which was easily their highest mark of the season.

The real strength of this team is the defense.

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Andy Reid reportedly close to being hired by the Chiefs

andy-reidAndy Reid is reportedly close to agreeing to a deal that would make him the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Earlier this week, we heard an extremely similar report about Reid being on the verge of signing with the Arizona Cardinals, but according ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen things have changed.

On Thursday morning, Schefter tweeted that he and Mortensen had spoken to sources who say Reid and the Chiefs have agreed on all of the major issues regarding a contract and are now in the process of ironing out minor details. Schefter said during an appearance on SportsCenter that the “feeling and expectation” is that the two sides will be able to reach a deal.

While nothing is certain and Reid has reportedly yet to cancel scheduled meetings with the Cardinals and San Diego Chargers, the ESPN report sheds some light on the Twitter beef we showed you between NFL reporters Mike Florio and Jason La Canfora earlier in the week. Florio questioned La Canfora’s report about Reid meeting with the Cardinals on Wednesday, saying that he believed La Canfora’s information came from Reid’s agent, who simply wanted other potential Reid suitors to present their best offers sooner rather than later.

Should Reid indeed end up agreeing to terms with the Chiefs, Florio would come out of this whole thing looking pretty good. So would the Chiefs.

Report: Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher shoots and kills girlfriend, himself

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend and then committed suicide on Saturday morning, according to Kansas City police. Early reports indicated that an unnamed player had killed his girlfriend and then driven to the Chiefs practice facility and shot himself. Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com later reported that the player was Belcher.

The first shooting reportedly took place at around 8 a.m. in a neighborhood about five miles away from Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs were preparing to take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, and sources say the team has been told to travel to Charlotte as scheduled.

The team issued a statement on Saturday morning confirming that there was an incident but witholding any details while an investigation is underway.

“We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning,” the statement read. “We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

To make matters even more disturbing, ESPN 980 in Washington, D.C. is reporting that Belcher may have shot himself in front of Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli:

Our thoughts are with Belcher’s and the victim’s families. We’ll have more on this as details unfold.

Romeo Crennel on Chiefs dancing: ‘I don’t expect it to happen again’

The Kansas City Chiefs have been featured in several headlines already this week, and as you know there is nothing positive to say about their on-field performance this season. During Monday night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Chiefs were dancing machines. They were penalized for excessive celebration on a touchdown that ended up not counting. Dwyane Bowe was penalized for taunting after scoring another touchdown — which also didn’t count. And then there was the Kid N’ Play dance that a couple of Kansas City players busted out after sacking Ben Roethlisberger.

The now 1-8 Chiefs obviously planned some of these antics before the game began, and head coach Romeo Crennel is not amused.

“I have no idea,” Crennel told the Kansas City Star when asked what inspired the dance party. “It was a surprise to me to see some of those celebrations, per se. The rules are explicit about no celebrating, particularly group celebrations. You cannot have those. Our guys, they know the rules and they should not have done it. I will talk to my players about that, and I don’t expect it to happen again.”

The Chiefs are so bad that they couldn’t even take advantage of an ice-cold Byron Leftwich being tossed into the lineup after Roethlisberger went down. They ultimately lost in overtime, cementing themselves as one of the worst teams in the NFL. No team should be dancing as much as Kansas City did on Monday night, let alone one that’s season has been over for several weeks.

Helmet knock to Around the League

Chiefs penalized for excessive celebration on touchdown that didn’t count

The 1-7 Kansas City Chiefs were penalized in their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night for excessive celebration on a touchdown that didn’t end up counting. I didn’t even know that was possible.

The Steelers had a third-and-seven play from their 26 during the third quarter when backup quarterback Byron Leftwich had the ball come out of his hand as his arm was finishing a throwing motion. Linebacker Justin Houston recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown. The real fun happened when Houston began swaying back and forth in a celebration. He was surrounded by his teammates who formed a little dance circle and joined in on the fun.

Unfortunately for the lowly Chiefs, the scoring play was reviewed and overturned because it was deemed an incomplete pass rather than a fumble. That reversal didn’t stop the referees from penalizing Kansas City 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct, which gave Pittsburgh a first down at the 41.

That’s the sort of thing that really only happens to 1-7 teams. On the bright side, Kansas City finally claimed its first lead during regulation of a game. It only took them until Week 10. Congrats fellas!

And on a previous play in the third quarter, Dwayne Bowe took a pass to the end zone and showed the ball to the defender in a taunting move. That play came back because of a holding call, but could have easily been penalized as well.

The Kansas City Chiefs: much better at celebrations than actually getting the ball into the end zone.

Chiefs apologize on Twitter for ripping frustrated fan…on Twitter

By creating their own Twitter accounts, professional sports teams are accepting that the benefits of using social media outweigh the negatives of having to listen to fans air out their grievances. Twitter makes it easy for fans to voice their frustrations directly to the team after a tough loss, and that’s exactly what Missouri resident Travis Wright chose to do after the team’s loss to to Atlanta.

“I’m not much of a @kcchiefs fan anymore,” he wrote. “(Chiefs owner) Clark Hunt’s yearly 30m under the cap bulls*** is unethical. Greedy (expletive) owners can (expletive) off cc @nfl.”

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