Lenny Dykstra: Charlie Sheen is not as wild as he seems

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen developed a reputation for being one of the wildest and craziest celebrities of the 21st century, but Lenny Dykstra says the actor’s public image does not reflect reality.

Nails was on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia as a guest during the All-Star Thursday show and talked about Sheen at one point. Nails was quick to set the record straight on the Hollywood bad boy.

“Charlie Sheen is a very, very good person. A generous … (the party reputation) is way overblown. Way overblown,” said Dykstra.

Dykstra then revealed his secret to judging people.

“The eyes tell everything. You can look at someone’s eyes and tell if they’re a weird, perverted dude. The guy is a rock-solid, cast-iron generous, great friend.

“The perception of him is waaayyyyy wrong.”

Well, if there’s anyone whose instincts we should trust, it’s a guy who went bankrupt, was convicted of fraud and money laundering, bounced a check to a prostitute, was accused of having housekeepers give him oral sex on Saturdays and a guy who was accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old girl. When Lenny Dykstra speaks, you listen, because that guy knows what he’s talking about. And I’m sure Sheen appreciates the character endorsement from Nails.

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Delusional Lenny Dykstra Files for Restraining Order Against Ex-Manager He Claims Sent Anti-Semitic Tweets

Crazy Lenny Dykstra is so upset that his ex-business manager Dan Herman withdrew bail, he’s filed for a restraining order against him in a desperate attempt to distort the truth, and possibly extort money.

In the restraining order, Dykstra claims that Herman approached him as an enamored fan, and began overseeing his Twitter account.

“He is now threatening me, my business relations – sabotaging my name and reputation and threatening to continue the harm,” Dykstra claims.

Dykstra is accusing Herman of speaking with an FBI attorney and providing him with false information. Dykstra also falsely claimed that Herman has threatened him with violence, and that Herman is trying to incite violence by posting “racist and malicious Twitter messages” on Dykstra’s account. The ex-ballplayer says he fears for his family.

Save your LOLs.

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Lenny Dykstra Could be Headed Back to Jail After Ex-Manager Withdraws Bail, Worried He Could Leave for Mexico

Lenny Dykstra could be headed back to jail after his former manager withdrew the $30,000 bail he posted on behalf of Dykstra earlier this year, LBS has learned.

Dan Herman, who owns Chinga Chang Records, quit as Dykstra’s business manager two weeks ago. He tells LBS that Dykstra is a liar who cannot be trusted, and he is withdrawing the bail because he is worried Dykstra could flee to Mexico.

“He’s that type of guy,” Herman says.

Herman says he was first contacted by Dykstra after the former ballplayer and his accountant heard him doing a radio. In that interview, Herman mentioned how growing up in Philadelphia, he idolized Dykstra. When Dykstra and his accountant, Robert Hymers, first reached out to Herman, they wanted $20,000. Herman says he offered to become Lenny’s business manager instead.

After Dykstra was arrested earlier this year on state and federal charges, Herman attempted to rehab the image of his childhood hero. He set up an interview with a Philadelphia newspaper, and had Dykstra write an open letter to the New York Post. He also set up various autograph signings to help Dykstra generate some income.

Herman posted $30,000 to help bail Dykstra out of jail on federal charges earlier this year. Dykstra was indicted on state charges shortly thereafter and was in the county’s control because nobody was willing to pay his $500,000 bail. He was in county control until last month when he accepted a plea bargain. Now that he’s out, Herman is fearful that the pathological liar may flee the country, so he’s filed to withdraw the bail from federal court.

“He never tells the truth,” Herman says. “He doesn’t tell the truth about anything. I don’t want to risk a penny of my money on a liar.”

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Lenny Dykstra Proudly Adds Anti-Semite to His Growing List of Offenses

Lenny Dykstra, we really didn’t expect any less from you. The disgraced former ballplayer went off in a Twitter tirade Friday directed at Dan Herman, his manager.

Dykstra is on house arrest since being arrested for allegedly embezzling money from his bankrupt estate. He has been out on bail, but he complained Wednesday and Thursday that Herman is going to revoke his bond. He claims he needs $30,000 for his bond otherwise he’s going back to jail. Dykstra’s anger towards Herman resulted in a few choice anti-Semitic phrases.

Fu herman! I don’t need your jew gold, go ahead take away my bail! I didn’t get stupid over night,” he wrote.

20 something year old thinks he has power over me! Herman and his kind are greedy born spies

herman is a penny pinching jew gold hoarding kid trying to put me back in the cooler bro #danherman

Yup, this Dykstra guy is messed in the head and a confirmed anti-Semite. I’m sure Jim Cramer, who vigorously endorsed Dykstra as a winning stock picker, will love to hear about Dykstra’s anti-Jew blasts. This guy is a loose cannon with no regard for others. Any doubt he dropped his pants for some housekeepers? None here. Jail seems like the perfect place for him.

UPDATE: Dykstra’s manager has withdrawn his bail and Dykstra could end up back in jail.

Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra to Fight in Celebrity Boxing Match

If I asked you to name the two biggest former MLB All-Stars turned disaster in retirement, your answer would inevitably be Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra.

Jose wrote a book and exposed the steroids problem in MLB. He tried to get into reality television, made a second career in celebrity boxing, got evicted, and became an independent league baseball coach.

Dykstra was heralded as an investing genius during the stock market’s peak. When the market collapsed, so did he. He lost his house, his car wash business, and he was accused of sexually harassing women.

If you could pick two sports figures to fight in a boxing match, this would be it. Dykstra and Canseco are scheduled to fight in Hollywood on Saturday, November 5th. They’ll be part of a celebrity boxing event shown on FilmOn.com. The entire fight card for the night is actually pretty enticing, if not pathetic:

    Jose Canseco Vs Lenny Dykstra
    Joey Buttafuco Vs Lou Ballera
    Nadya “Octomom” Suleman Vs Amy Fisher
    Coolio Vs Jeremy Jackson
    Tareq Salahi Vs Kato Kaelin
    Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Vs Violet Kowal
    Tila Tequila Vs TBA

I’ve never hit a girl in my life, but if they don’t fill that TBA spot, I’d be happy to step in.

Lenny Dykstra Investigated for Allegedly Getting Naked in Housekeeper Interview

You really just can’t make this stuff up when it comes to Lenny Dykstra anymore. The idiot formerly known as “Nails” has seen his life go up in flames over the past several years. Back in ’07, we were led to believe (by reputable sources) that Dykstra was some sort of stock picking genius. Then we found out he was a fraud, and then he went broke. He had to sell his house and he had to sell his car washes, and now he’s getting gross with women.

TMZ reports that Dykstra is being investigated by LAPD for allegedly stripping down to the nude and exposing himself to a woman he was interviewing for a housekeeping job. According to TMZ, a woman who responded to an ad Dykstra posted on Craigslist seeking a housekeeper went over for an interview. Dykstra supposedly told the woman she would have to give him massages as part of the job, so he allegedly stripped off his clothes to ask for a sample. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t forget, this is the same dude who supposedly bounced a $1,000 check to a stripper, lost all his money, and ripped out the sink in his previous home. At this point, there’s nothing I would put past Lenny. My only question is how this dude is still living freely and within a five-mile radius of me.

Car Wash Proof: Lenny Dykstra Has Officially Gone Out of Business

Not more than two years ago, we asked the question here at LBS: Would you let Lenny Dykstra give you stock tips? Turns out the best answer would have been “no,” considering Nails filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, citing $50,000 in assets and several millions in liabilities. Dykstra’s house was put up for sale, and I’m guessing the bank seized most of his possessions. This reality was officially confirmed for me when I found myself at the car wash formerly owned by Lenny Dykstra. There was a big sign confirming the new ownership and title of “Simi Auto Spa,” but the remnants of Nails were plentiful. Check out some of the pics:


It may only be Simi Auto Spa now, but you can still order a single, double, triple, or home run car wash package, and you can receive “All-Star” status as a customer. Inside of the car wash, they still have baseball memorabilia including Dykstra jerseys hanging on the walls. Yes, you have things right: the new owners are profiting off Dykstra’s name and legacy while promoting their “new ownership.” Didn’t seem that way to me. As for a review, it was a little pricey for my taste but had an upscale feel and appeal.