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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra suing police for $15 million, claims he has brain damage

Former MLB outfielder Lenny Dykstra is suing Los Angeles County after he claims he was savagely beaten by several deputies during his stint in L.A. County jail. TMZ reports that Dysktra is suing for $15 million, alleging that he suffered brain damage and was beaten so badly “his teeth were broken out of his skull.”…Read More

Lenny Dykstra: Charlie Sheen is not as wild as he seems

Charlie Sheen developed a reputation for being one of the wildest and craziest celebrities of the 21st century, but Lenny Dykstra says the actor’s public image does not reflect reality. Nails was on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia as a guest during the All-Star Thursday show and talked about Sheen at one point. Nails was…Read More

Lenny Dykstra Proudly Adds Anti-Semite to His Growing List of Offenses

Lenny Dykstra, we really didn’t expect any less from you. The disgraced former ballplayer went off in a Twitter tirade Friday directed at Dan Herman, his manager. Dykstra is on house arrest since being arrested for allegedly embezzling money from his bankrupt estate. He has been out on bail, but he complained Wednesday and Thursday…Read More

Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra to Fight in Celebrity Boxing Match

If I asked you to name the two biggest former MLB All-Stars turned disaster in retirement, your answer would inevitably be Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra. Jose wrote a book and exposed the steroids problem in MLB. He tried to get into reality television, made a second career in celebrity boxing, got evicted, and became…Read More

Car Wash Proof: Lenny Dykstra Has Officially Gone Out of Business

Not more than two years ago, we asked the question here at LBS: Would you let Lenny Dykstra give you stock tips? Turns out the best answer would have been “no,” considering Nails filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, citing $50,000 in assets and several millions in liabilities. Dykstra’s house was put up for…Read More

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