LSU DT Trey Lealaimatafao suffers serious injury after punching glass window

Trey-LealaimatafaoLSU freshman defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao reportedly suffered a serious arm injury on Monday after he put his fist through a glass window in the team’s weight room. According to Ross Dellenger of the Baton Rouge Advocate, Lealaimatafao was rushed to the hospital after he tore muscles “down to the bone.”

Lealaimatafao allegedly punched through the window after he got into an argument with another LSU football player. Sources told Dellenger he had a “big cut” on his arm that required stitches. The injury was so bad that another person in the weight room reportedly passed out.

Lealaimatafao is likely going to need surgery and could wind up missing his freshman season. The incoming freshman was ranked one of the top 40 defensive lineman in the high school class of 2014.

The gash on Lealaimatafao’s arm was so bad that a source felt the need to tell Dellenger the injury is not career or life threatening. If this was just a minor cut that required a few stitches, I’m guessing no one would be wondering if the arm injury was going to be career-ending.

Lealaimatafao tweeted a photo from the hospital on Tuesday morning and said he is doing well.

Haven’t we learned anything from Amar’e Stoudemire and the brutal hand injury he suffered a couple years ago by punching something? If you’re that angry, just scream. Putting your hand through glass never ends well.

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Recruit Jamal Adams commits to ‘University of LSU’ (Video)

Jamal Adams babyTop high school football recruit Jamal Adams announced on Thursday where he would be playing college football, and he received plenty of attention for using a baby as a prop to announce his commitment. But it’s not his unique prop that we care about. Oh no. It’s that Adams got the freaking name of his school so wrong.

Adams announced that he would be committing to the “University of LSU,” apparently not realizing that LSU stands for “Louisiana State University.” Either that, or Adams was so focused on his prop that he just said “University of …” out of habit and then filled in the blank with LSU.

Whatever the case, that was one of the most embarrassing announcements we have ever heard, though ULSU has a funny ring to it.

Adams, by the way, is a 6-foot, 199-pound safety from Lewisville, Texas. Rivals has him as a four-star recruit. You can watch a highlight video of him below:

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Top 2014 recruit Cameron Robinson chooses Alabama over home-state LSU

Cameron-RobinsonCameron Robinson is a five-star recruit who is considered the best overall offensive lineman in the class of 2014. Many consider him to be one of the top-three players in the class at any position, which is why it is no surprise that he verbally committed to Alabama on Wednesday. Or is it?

Robinson plays for West Monroe High School in Louisiana. Yes, the same Louisiana that calls itself the home of Alabama’s biggest rival. Robinson had narrowed his choice down to LSU and Alabama in late May and said he had no favorite between the two earlier this summer.

“Neither school has really separated themselves from each other,” he told Rivals.com back in July, via College Football Talk. “People are talking and don’t know what they’re talking about. Neither school has led for me. I don’t have a lead school other than those two. If I had to make a choice tomorrow I don’t know if I could because I actually don’t know where I want to go.”

The commitment is only a verbal, which means Robinson can change his mind between now and the time he intends to enroll at Alabama in January. Another Louisiana high school star, wide receiver Cameron Sims, also committed to Bama a little over a week ago. He and Robinson are friends.

Stealing Louisiana recruits from LSU is nothing new for Nick Saban. As you may remember, a five-star defensive back’s mother made it known on national television that she did not agree with her son’s decision to commit to Alabama over LSU last year. But from the player’s perspective, it’s hard to turn down a team that has won three national championships in the last four years.

Alabama, LSU have both offered a scholarship to 8th-grader Dylan Moses

Dylan-Moses-AlabamaEventually, doctors in the maternity ward are going to be asking college coaches like Nick Saban and Les Miles to give mothers a little space when their sons are coming out of the womb. Yes, that’s an exaggeration. But how young is too young for an athlete to be recruited to play a sport in college? For many coaches, the answer to that question is younger than 13 years old.

On Saturday, the defending national champion Crimson Tide extended a scholarship offer to an eight-grader from Baton Rouge named Dylan Moses. If you feel as though Saban should not be offering children who are that young a scholarship, you have an even bigger bone to pick with Miles. Moses received an offer from LSU last summer.

“For Dylan, excitement spilled over,” the boy’s father, Edward Moses Jr., said according to ESPN.com. “When he heard those words from Coach [Nick] Saban, ‘We’re offering you,’ you could see him light up. It was shocking because we were going in thinking we were just going to get a tour of what Alabama has to offer.

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Les Miles gets raise, extension from LSU, confirms interest from Arkansas

LSU announced on Wednesday that Les Miles will remain at the school as head coach of the football team, and that he will receive a raise and contract extension.

The new contract and raise comes a day after it was reported that Arkansas was heavily pursuing Miles to be their next head coach, offering him $27.5 million over five years. LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva confirmed that the interest from Arkansas played a role in the timing of the extension and raise.

“Our intent was to address his contract following this year’s bowl game, but speculation about other job opportunities accelerated our process a little,” Alleva said in a press release. “I think we have accomplished the important step of securing Les Miles as our head coach for the long-term good of the program.”

Miles confirmed in a news conference on Wednesday that he did speak with Arkansas.

“Our conversation were very preliminary and fell short of any major major interest,” Miles said. “I kind of recommended other candidates. I spoke with [athletic director Jeff Long]. I did not speak to Jerry Jones.”

Miles also said the reported $27.5 million figure Arkansas reportedly was offering him was incorrect.

“I’m an LSU head coach and will be an LSU head coach as long as I can be.”

Terms of the contract extension and pay raise are still being negotiated, and will be announced at a later date, the schools says.

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Bobby Hebert reportedly ejected from press box for loudly cheering for LSU

Saturday night’s game between Alabama and LSU was everything it was hyped up to be and more, as Nick Saban’s team further proved that they are the best team in the nation by pulling off a fourth quarter comeback on the road. The game had fans on the edge of their seats, but none more than radio host and notorious LSU supporter Bobby Hebert.

According to Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune, Hebert was ejected from the press box for cheering LSU too enthusiastically.

“An LSU spokesman said Hebert was warned repeatedly that his cheering was creating a disturbance,” Duncan wrote on Twitter Saturday night. “He was removed by security in the (fourth quarter).”

Those of us who are familiar with Hebert’s history are not even a tiny bit surprised by this news. The former Saints and Falcons quarterback is a huge LSU fan. His son, center T. Bob Hebert, played for the Tigers last season. He has a history of acting unprofessionally and not being able to remain objective, as evidenced by this epic rant he went on during Les Miles’ press conference after the BCS National Championship Game last season.

Those who sit in the press box are supposed to make an effort to remain neutral. Some cheering, moaning and groaning is to be expected, but I’m sure Hebert took it to the next level.

Tyrann Mathieu ‘permanently ineligible’ to play football for LSU

Tyrann Mathieu reportedly had interest in returning to LSU’s football team next year after being dismissed from the team last week, but that will not happen. The Heisman Trophy candidate is permanently ineligible to play football for the school.

Mathieu, aka the “Honey Badger,” was kicked off the team last week for reportedly repeatedly testing positive for marijuana. Though Mathieu was exploring his transfer options, a report from ESPN said the defensive back was considering sitting out the season and enrolling in classes in hopes of being reinstated for the 2013 season. But that won’t be happening.

“He’s permanently ineligible to play football at LSU,” LSU senior associate athletic director for NCAA compliance Bo Bahnsen told USA Today Sports. “That’s definite. That’s what was said Friday.”

LSU’s substance abuse policy reportedly states that a third violation of drug use will result in “permanent ineligibility to participate at LSU.”

Mathieu can continue as a student at LSU, but he has lost his scholarship. It looks more and more like transferring is his only option if he wants to continue his collegiate playing career.

Some may think LSU’s actions are an overreaction to a minor problem, but it sounds like Mathieu was given many opportunities to change and he didn’t. Maybe this sort of punishment will teach him some discipline and respect for rules.