Matt Barnes deletes tweet calling teammates ni–as

Matt Barnes Serge IbakaMatt Barnes sent an emotional tweet shortly after being ejected from the Los Angeles Clippers’ 111-103 win over the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.

Barnes was ejected after pushing Serge Ibaka, who got tangled up with Blake Griffin just before halftime. Not long after clearing off the court and heading to the locker room, Barnes sent a tweet where he vented his frustration for being ejected.

Barnes said he would no longer be coming to the aid of his teammates because it always gets him in trouble. He later deleted the tweet, likely because of the questionable language he used:

Matt Barnes tweet

That tweet was a bad idea for all sorts of reasons. First, he sent an in-game tweet, which could subject him to a fine. Secondly, he fails to realize that there are other ways of backing your teammates without getting into trouble. Lastly, I just don’t understand why he has to call his teammates by that word. There are so many other words he could use instead.

Barnes’ teammates expressed their support for him after the game, with Griffin calling him a “great teammate” and Chris Paul saying he’s one of the best teammates he’s ever had. Doc Rivers might feel the same way about Barnes being a great teammate, but the coach didn’t appreciate his player’s language on the tweet.

“I think he’s very emotional and down that he got thrown out,” Rivers said after the game. “I get that part but the choice of words obviously, that’s not a word I’m a fan of in all venues.”

I can’t understand why Ibaka was ejected. Barnes is the one who deserved it. He’ll probably receive a nice fine for his language in the tweet and for sending it during the game.

Serge Ibaka, Matt Barnes ejected for shoving match (Video)

Serge Ibaka Matt BarnesSerge Ibaka and Matt Barnes were ejected late in the second quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers game on Wednesday night for their roles in a minor skirmish, while Blake Griffin received a technical foul.

The incident began after Griffin and Ibaka got tied up as Ibaka tried to block Griffin’s putback of a Chris Paul miss. Ibaka tossed Griffin aside because Griffin was holding on to him. Then Matt Barnes got into it by giving a hard shove to Ibaka. A few more shoves were exchanged back-and-forth, but nothing else happened because the referees separated things.

“This is nothing,” announcer Jeff Van Gundy exclaimed.

The referees saw things differently. They tossed Ibaka, who could be heard complaining to the refs about his fate, and they rightfully tossed Barnes.

Recall that Griffin and Ibaka have a history going back to March when Serge punched Blake in the groin. Between their past and Barnes’, refs probably felt they had to act.

LeBron James, Matt Barnes complain about lack of suspension for Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka Blake GriffinSerge Ibaka avoided suspension for his chop to Blake Griffin’s groin region during Sunday’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers game, and his seemingly light penalty has left players like LeBron James and Matt Barnes complaining about what they believe is inconsistency from the league office.

Ibaka’s foul was upgraded from a flagrant one to a Flagrant-2 foul, which means he should have been automatically ejected from the game. He also was fined $25,000. LeBron James felt Ibaka’s punishment was light and expressed his thoughts over Twitter Tuesday:

James was referring to teammate Dwyane Wade, who was suspended a game for kicking Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions in the groin.

Wade later chimed in as well:

Clippers player Matt Barnes, whose teammate was on the receiving end of the chop, feels there is a double-standard for the NBA depending on who commits the infraction:

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Matt Barnes ejected for pushing Greg Stiemsma in neck; Stiemsma retaliates on Grant Hill

matt barnes greg stiemsmaLos Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes was ejected from the team’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves Wednesday after violently pushing Greg Stiemsma in the neck during the second quarter.

Barnes may have been upset with a screen from Stiemsma and reacted by pushing the center. He was ejected immediately after being assessed with a flagrant 2 foul.

Stiemsma must have still been upset over the uncalled for shove from Barnes, because he retaliated a minute later.

Stiemsma pushed Grant Hill to the ground while Hill was attempting to rebound an Alexey Shved miss. Stiemsma dangerously timed his push, waiting until Hill was in the air and unable to protect himself. He was assessed a flagrant 1 foul for the act.

greg stiemsma grant hill

Matt Barnes captured using homophobic slur in profanity-laced arrest video

Matt Barnes was caught on video using profanity and a homophobic slur during a July arrest, and he has apologized for his language.

Barnes was arrested on July 30 for an outstanding traffic warrant and for threatening an officer. The Clippers forward was released on $51,000 bail later that night, and now we have video that shows his alleged uncooperative behavior from that evening.

TMZ obtained and published video from the arrest, and it shows Barnes and his wife, Gloria Govan, appearing to give the officers a difficult time while resisting arrest.

The video shows an officer telling Govan, who was standing next to Barnes, to “turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

“For what?” she responds.

Govan continues to refuse to move away from her husband and complains that another officer wouldn’t tell them why Barnes was being arrested. She suggests the officers “pow-wow” and then let them know why the arrest is being made.

“And why don’t you ask [the] officer how he found Matt in the first place?” she asks one officer.

“Yeah, by f—ing stalking me, which is probably illegal,” Barnes chimes in.

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Jason Terry: Matt Barnes Is ‘Soft as Toilet Paper’, the Charminator

Jason Terry caused a skirmish between the Mavs and Lakers on Thursday night when he shoved Steve Blake in the fourth quarter (watch the video). Five players wound up being suspended including Matt Barnes who decided to rip Mavs assistant coach Terry Stotts off of him. Well the bad blood between the teams did not cool off there.

On Friday, Terry was a guest on the radio with Colin Cowherd and traded a few shots. He was asked about Matt Barnes and whether or not he feels Barnes is an enforcer type guy for the Lakers. Suffice it to say, Terry highly disagreed.

“I call Barnes the Charminator. You know what that is? That is a guy that’s soft as toilet paper. It’s not only that he’s a Pac-10er and he’s a Bruin, and so you know we hate those guys — us Wildcats we hate Bruins. Whenever you don that uniform, I can’t stand you, other than Reggie Miller. Some guys put on that Laker uniform and you turn into Jerry West, Kareem, and Worthy, and Magic. Those are the real Lakers, not Barnes.

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Matt Barnes, Snoop Dogg, and a Bong

Lakers forward Matt Barnes has been out nearly two months with a knee injury. On Thursday, he tweeted that he was hoping to be back on the court soon for the Lakers. He even shared a picture of himself with Snoop Dogg because he plans to wear Snoop’s Adidas shoes (which we previously profiled). Here’s the picture, and take notice of the tall, narrow glass item on the left:

I’m sure there’s a thousand good reasons why a water pipe is in the room, just like there was a good reason for the water pipe in Michael Phelps’ hands. I’m just saying it’s not the look you want, particularly coming from your own twitter account. Oh wait, I get it — Barnes’ account was hacked and the bong was photoshopped into the picture. Has to be it!