Ohio State reported Tim Tebow-Clifton Garrett phone conversation as violation

Urban-Meyer-Jets-should-unleash-Tim-TebowThe Ohio State football program committed four violations that the school self-reported to the NCAA in 2013, including one that involved Tim Tebow.

According to the Buckeyes’ self report to the NCAA, 2014 linebacker recruit Clifton Garrett, who ultimately signed with LSU, called Ohio State coach Urban Meyer on the phone. Meyer told Garrett that he was on vacation in Florida and happened to be dining with Tim Tebow, among others. Garrett asked to speak with Tebow to wish him luck on the upcoming season, and Meyer complied.

Meyer says the conversation between Garrett and Tebow lasted about eight seconds and that Tebow did not recruit Garrett. Regardless, the conversation was considered a secondary violation.

You’re probably wondering how this even became an issue. The call was publicized after Garrett tweeted about it last year:

Poor Urban Meyer. Always the victim of just making innocent moves. And he didn’t even get Garrett after all that!

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Ohio State would be favored over Auburn

Urban Meyer Ohio State

Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Saturday caused a ton of confusion in the BCS National Championship Game picture and opened up a spot that most figured was going to be claimed by the Crimson Tide. Florida State currently holds the top spot in the BCS, while the Ohio State Buckeyes are second followed by one-loss Auburn and Alabama.

Knowing that his school would be fighting with Ohio State for the second spot, Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said after Saturday’s win that it would be “a disservice to college football” not to have a one-loss SEC champion in the BCS title game over Ohio State. Las Vegas oddsmakers feel otherwise.

According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, the consensus opinion from oddsmakers is that Ohio State would be favored by about 2.5 points over Auburn. On Saturday, Bell tweeted that Jay Kornegay of the Las Vegas Hilton would have listed the Buckeyes as 1.5-point favorites over Auburn. Bell said Johnny Avello at the Wynn had Ohio State as a 3-point favorite.

What does this all mean? Ohio State is considered a better team than Auburn and deserves to be in the title game assuming they win their next game. Auburn still has to beat Missouri in the SEC Championship Game first. Ohio State has to beat Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. And 12-0 Florida State needs to beat Duke in the ACC Championship Game.

Also of note: Florida State would be around a 10-point favorite against Ohio State, so they are clearly considered the top team in the trio. But despite their loss to Auburn, Alabama would still be favored over Florida State and every other team in the country.

Ohio State players go crazy on bus as Auburn beats Alabama (Video)

Ohio-State-reacts-to-Alabama-lossThe Ohio State Buckeyes are the only college football team in the nation that may be more ecstatic about Auburn’s incredible win over Alabama than the Tigers are. Now that Alabama has lost, undefeated Ohio State is all but certain to be in control of its own destiny for a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Shortly after the Iron Bowl ended on one of the most amazing plays you will ever see, Ohio State wide receiver Frank Epitropoulos shared a video of his team’s reaction on Instagram.

When next week’s BCS rankings come out, Florida State will likely be No. 1 in the nation and Ohio State will be No. 2. The Seminoles will take on Duke in the ACC Championship next weekend and the Buckeyes will face Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. If both teams win, they will face one another for the national championship.

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Ohio State stops Michigan on 2-point conversion to win game (Video)

Ohio State beat Michigan 42-41 on Saturday by stopping a 2-point conversion attempt with 32 seconds left to keep their perfect season alive.

The Buckeyes went ahead 42-35 on a touchdown run by Carlos Hyde with 2:20 left, but the game wasn’t over. Michigan drove down the field and punched it in on a 2-yard touchdown pass from Devin Gardner to Devin Funchess. Instead of kicking the extra point and going to overtime, Michigan tried to beat their rival by going for two. They stacked three players out to the right and attempted a short slant to Drew Dileo, but Tyvis Powell saw it coming and jumped in front for the interception.

I don’t have a problem with Michigan going for two to try winning the game, but I would have rather seen Gardner run it than pass. It was so obvious when they stacked three to the right that that’s where he was going. There was no fake, no deception, nothing. Just a straight pass everyone saw coming, including Powell.

The 12-0 Buckeyes now will face Michigan State next weekend. The 7-5 Wolverines will wait to see what bowl game they play in.

Here’s the reaction from Gardner after seeing how close they came to the win but realizing they fell short:

Devin Gardner

Ohio State, Michigan fight during rivalry game (Video)

Ohio State vs. Michigan is one of the greatest rivalries in college football history, and we were reminded of why on Saturday. During the second quarter, a massive fight broke out that resulted in three players being ejected.

Michigan took a 21-14 lead early in the second quarter, and the melee started after the ensuing kickoff. Punches were thrown as flags rained all over the field. Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone was given the boot for his involvement, as were Ohio State players Marcus Hall and Dontre Wilson.


After being ejected, Hall went ballistic on the Buckeyes sideline. He smashed his helmet and kicked a few things before flipping Michigan fans the double-bird as he strolled toward the tunnel area. You can see a video of Hall’s meltdown here. Here’s a clip of the haymaker that got Wilson tossed:

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Brent Musburger shouts out gamblers after Ohio State covers spread on miracle touchdown

Ohio State covered the spread against Northwestern on Saturday night in Evanston on a miracle touchdown on the last play of the game, making for one of the most memorable bad beats in sports betting history. And of course the most point spread savvy broadcaster in the business (save for Al Michaels), Brent Musburger, was there to call it all. Naturally, Musburger gave a shoutout to all the gamblers who won or lost on the fluke play.

Let’s set the scene for what took place.

Northwestern was down 34-30 and had the ball at their 8-yard line for a 3rd and 18 with five seconds left. They essentially had one last play to try scoring a touchdown to give them the win. They decided to run a hook and lateral play, but it was busted up by the Buckeyes and the ball ended up loose after a few attempted laterals. The Buckeyes dove for the ball in the end zone and recovered with no time left on the clock to give them a touchdown and a 40-30 victory.

Ohio State was favored by anywhere from 6-7 points at most books, so the last-second defensive touchdown gave them the cover.

“And you know what? There are some folks who are celebrating and others who are saying ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,'” Musburger said immediately.

“There are some numbers crunchers … oh ho ho,” Musburger said with a laugh.

“Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness,” he said in disbelief.

Kirk Herbstreit knew what Musburger was talking about, but he avoided the subject. Brent was all over it.

According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, 80 percent of bets were on Ohio State for the game, so that touchdown turned a ton of losers into winners. If you’re an LBS fan, hopefully you were on the winning side.

And if you liked that video, you’ll love this one from Al Michaels two years ago.

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Terrelle Pryor disappointed Ohio State banned him from program

Terrelle Pryor Jim TresselTerrelle Pryor still supports Ohio State’s athletics teams, but he seems disappointed that the school banned him from associating with the football program for five years.

Pryor watched his school compete against Cal on Saturday night, but he had to miss the second half of the game because of Oakland Raiders team meetings. The Cal-Ohio State game presented a rare opportunity for him to watch the Buckeyes in person (the Raiders had a home game last weekend), but he would not have been able to attend the game on Ohio State’s sidelines the way most alumnus do. Why? Because Pryor was banned from being associated with the football program for five years because of his role in the tattoo/benefits scandal.

“That’s my school, but they don’t really accept me,” Pryor told The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday. “I’ve moved on to what I have now, and that’s just football.”

“Those guys kicked me out of school after all those things I did for them,” Pryor said.

Ohio State may have banned Pryor from being connected with the program, but he is still a prominent figure in the area. Why else would The Dispatch send a reporter to Oakland to cover his second start of the NFL season?

Pryor and a number of other Buckeyes screwed up by accepting benefits such as cars, tattoos and money for autographs. But he is right — he did do a lot for the school. Pryor entered Ohio State as one of the most-hyped recruits in the country. He started at quarterback for three seasons, leading the team to a 33-6 record and three BCS bowl games. Because of the scandal, he had to leave school and declare himself for the NFL’s supplemental draft, where the Raiders selected him in the third round.

The truth is Pryor, Reggie Bush, and Johnny Manziel are not doing anything different from many other college football stars. The only difference is a few of them got caught while most players are not. It’s just easier for a program to cut off a few players fin order to avoid big trouble. It really stinks that schools disassociate themselves from athletes they once revered, all because the athlete got caught accepting benefits everyone in the program was accepting. Hopefully Ohio State ends the ban soon, because it is pretty ridiculous to not recognize Pryor and everything he did for the program.

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