Iman Shumpert called for questionable foul on Paul George (Video)

The New York Knicks looked like they were going to pull off an impressive home win over the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday until a questionable foul was called in the final 10 seconds.

The Knicks were up 89-86 with just under 10 seconds left and the Pacers inbounding the ball. Paul George threw in the pass then got the ball back and attempted a tying three. His shot was an airball well off the mark, but the referees called Iman Shumpert for fouling him on the shot. That gave George three free-throw attempts, which he made to tie the game.

On the next possession, Carmelo Anthony went 1-on-1 against George and did not get a foul call as he missed a jumper in the paint, sending the game to OT. The Pacers went on to win the game easily in OT 103-96.

Here’s a close-up look at the amount of contact made by Shump on George:

Iman Shumpert Paul George

Photo via @cjzero
Video via Beyond the Buzzer

Paul George buys all remaining tickets to Fresno State home opener to give them away

Paul-George-PacersMany professional athletes make an effort to give back to their alma maters. Indiana Pacers forward Paul George found a very unique way to do so earlier this week.

George, a former Fresno State star, bought all of the remaining tickets to the Bulldogs’ regular season home opener against Cal State Northridge on Nov. 16. According to The Fresno Business Journal, George’s generous gesture has assured a sellout for Fresno State’s 15,596-seat arena. Fans who wish to attend the game can print off a voucher to pick up their free ticket at the Save Mart Center ticket office.

Candace Buckner of the Indianapolis Star estimated that purchasing every ticket to the game would cost around $260,000. There are some season ticket holders, so those seats can be subtracted from the overall cost. Still, George easily had to have spent six figures.

The 23-year-old can probably afford it, as he recently signed a contract extension with the Pacers that should pay him more than $90 million. Hopefully the Fresno State students and fans take advantage of the opportunity and pack the house.

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Paul George: Larry Bird has still got it

Larry-Bird-calls-Pacers-softBoston Celtics legend Larry Bird was one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, but he is 56 years old now. Most men in their 50s have to start thinking about things like reading glasses and blood pressure medication. Bird could be tending to needs like those, but apparently he has not entirely lost his shooting ability.

During an interview with SLAM Online last week (via NBA.com’s All Ball), Indiana Pacers forward Paul George told a story about how Bird blew him away one day in practice when he picked up a ball and began shooting.

“He picked a ball up that had rolled over,” George said. “He rolled up his sleeves and made about 15 in a row and just walked out like nothing just happened. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen. … We were speechless. We didn’t know whether to keep shooting or just to end practice. It was sweet, man.”

Celtics fans who watched Bird dominate in the 1980s probably aren’t surprised. There’s a reason Kobe Bryant recently noted that Larry Legend is one of the most underrated players to ever play when he listed his all-time starting five. Either he hasn’t lost the touch, or he still throws up plenty of jumpshots in his spare time.

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Paul George to Mario Chalmers: ‘stop flopping’ (Video)

Paul George stop floppingPaul George had a message for Mario Chalmers after the Miami Heat guard tried flopping on him during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals.

The Indiana Pacers forward was dribbling beyond the 3-point line and deciding what he would do. As he backed up into Chalmers, Chalmers flopped, giving George a wide open look. George took the three and made it to put Indiana up 17-15 in the first quarter. Chalmers didn’t get the call from the refs, but he heard it from George on the Heat’s trip up the floor.

“Stop flopping!” George barked at Chalmers. “Stop flopping! Flopping a– n—–.”

Flopping has been a huge issue throughout the series. Lance Stephenson flopped on Ray Allen in Game 4, and then LeBron James and David West were fined for flopping on the same play in Game 4. And in Game 6, LeBron James, who said in the past that he doesn’t flop, flopped on George. This time it was James’ teammate flopping on George. Maybe the players will be less inclined to flop if they’re not getting the calls.

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LeBron James facing fine after flop on Paul George (Video)

LeBron flop Paul GeorgeLeBron James was already fined once for flopping during the Eastern Conference finals, and he’s likely facing another fine after flopping again.

LeBron was trying to defend Paul George, who was coming off a screen in the third quarter. James cut in front of the screen and ran into George, and then flopped after the two made contact. George was called for an offensive foul because of LeBron’s acting, but replays showed James completely faked being hit.

James and Indiana’s David West were each fined $5,000 for flopping on this play during Game 4. Since flopping has been a big issue between these teams, James was asked for his thoughts on the matter. He defended the practice by saying he’d do anything to give his team an advantage. In this case, the flop worked, though he will likely be fined $10,000 for it.

Here’s a multi-angle look at the flop in GIF form:

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Paul George dunks on Chris Bosh, serves up a facial (Video)

Paul George dunk Chris BoshPaul George continues to make a name for himself during the playoffs. The Indiana Pacers forward threw down a sick dunk on Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh during the second quarter of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday in Indiana. Every bit as great as the dunk was TNT’s Marv Albert’s call, where he said George was “in the face of Bosh, serving up a facial!”

Bosh shouldn’t feel too badly about being on the wrong end of a dunk from George; it also happened to his teammate Chris Birdman Andersen last week. He also reacted well to it by getting an inbounds pass in quickly, resulting in a LeBron James 3-pointer while George was busy celebrating.

The video below shows the dunk with two replay angles:

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Paul George dunked on Birdman, put him on a poster (Video)

Paul George absolutely annihilated Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen with a dunk late in the third quarter of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals on Friday night.

The Indiana Pacers forward was being guarded by LeBron James with about 10 seconds left in the quarter. He went left, blew by James, and then took off and dunked over Birdman with a spectacular throwdown.

Here’s the image for your poster:

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