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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll denies leaving USC because of sanctions

Pete Carroll left USC for the NFL roughly five months before the NCAA dropped the hammer on the Trojans, slapping them with a two-year bowl ban, the loss of 30 scholarships and a forfeiture of victories from their 2004 championship season. The assumption has always been that Carroll knew what was coming and got out…Read More

Did Pete Carroll leak news of Phil Jackson taking Knicks job?

There have been plenty of rumors and reports indicating that Phil Jackson will take a front office job with the New York Knicks by the end of the week, but nothing has been as concrete as this congratulatory tweet from Pete Carroll. Congrats to Phil Jackson on his new role with the Knicks! It's good…Read More

Pete Carroll wanted Steve Sarkisian to take over for him at USC

Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin were both Pete Carroll’s understudies during the USC football dynasty of the 2000s. Kiffin already got his shot as the program’s head coach, and we all know how that turned out. Sarkisian now has a chance to prove he can rescue USC’s program from years of NCAA sanctions. While discussing…Read More

Pete Carroll gets top hat, cane and monocle in great GIF

Take a look at this GIF and tell me you’re not dying. I went to UCLA during the dark years when Cheaty took over USC and hate the guy’s guts, but even I have to laugh at that. This dude on Twitter summed it up the best: @DarrenPage15 I want a smug asshole coach like…Read More

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