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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Pittsburgh Pirates

Andrew McCutchen Gives Pirates Fans Hope for the Future

The Pittsburgh Pirates are rarely talked about. It’s been years since they’ve had anything to be excited about because they keep trading away all their decent or better players. ┬áBut now they have center fielder Andrew McCutchen, a young outfielder who last year said he was “just a step away from reaching his dreams.” Now…Read More

Pirates in the Market to Trade Bat Boy

The Pirates have been an easy target for my derision lately, and that of MLB in general since ’92 — their last winning season. They haven’t even won 80 games in that 17 year span and they seem to be content with their bottom-dwelling status as the farm team for everyone else. Their GM Neal…Read More

Pirates Looking to Channel Indian Fan Base, Sign Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel

I guess when you haven’t had a winning record since the days Terry Bradshaw was quarterbacking the Steelers, you’re bound to start thinking outside the box. Not only have the Pirates thought outside the box, GM Neal Huntington has swooped in on Taj Mahal, snatching up two potential pitchers with non-draftee free agent contracts. Now…Read More

Matt Morris Is Why Players Have No-Trade Clauses

You’ve probably sat there a few times wondering exactly what no-trade clauses are, rather, why players have them in their contracts. Well, the long answer is, so the player can decide to what teams he’d allow himself to be dealt, or to ensure he’s not dealt at all. The short answer is, Matt Morris. Matt…Read More

Pirates Fans Planning a Walkout

Last year it was Orioles fans, this year, Pirates fans. Apparently. Following the third inning of Saturday’s game against the Nationals, Pirates fans are expected to walk out of the stadium to express their displeasure with the organization. Team leaders Jason Bay and Jack Wilson didn’t have much of a comment in response, but the…Read More

Baseball Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates

A Spring Training preview of the Pittsburgh Pirates including a list of what fans should and shouldn’t be excited about, how the off-season went, and where the club will finish

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